Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Staycation at The Icon Residences!

I am not a big fan of bountiful New Year's Eve celebration or Christmas Eve either.  Since year 2004, the first Christmas and New Year, we spend without my dad.  Things were never the same again.

Good thing, I got a new reason to celebrate each day! The time I had my wonderful daughter! Since her existence, we started with our small family tradition to spend it in a hotel or other place specially on a New Year's eve.  Due to her health issues, we needed to spend our New Year's Eve, away from too much noise and smokes.

We also have this tradition of exploring hotels on her birthdays...Every year, we search for a new place where we can celebrate her birthday. Her standard requirements...must be with a swimming pool or a bath tub. She loves to swim and soak herself in the bath tub. 

See how my princess enjoyed her staycation at The Icon Residences located in the heart of Taguig City. 

Here's the PHOTOBLOG!

The Comfy Bed
The Kitchen and The Cabinet

The Super Comfy Leather Sofa

Good Cable Connection
After swimming session, it's her time to watch-all-she-can because they have their reliable cable.  She took the opportunity to watch her favorite channels, since we do not have cable at home. She had her grand time with her staycation! She even requested to have more nights of stay here at The Icon.

I felt at home, there's the kitchen complete with stuff that I needed. Feels like home to me. This is the prize of staying in a condo unit. It's like your home away from home.

A neat and clean bathroom, and call it comfort room where you can take a seat comfortably...Hot or cold bath to freshen up. We are actually a family who is so particular and obsessed with nice comfort rooms...

Our Future Miss Universe
The Little Mermaid

I also loved the swimming pool! Only 4ft for a non-swimmer like me... Of course, the young lady had a grand time flipping her arms and feet in the cold water.  She stayed in the pool even though it drizzles.
Our Simple New Year's Eve Together!

Getting ready to leave our temporary home:(

We had a wonderful stay here at the D Fort Icon Big Studio of The Icon Residences.  I enjoyed the comfort of being around the area. Just few steps away from Mc Donalds! And nothing compare to an early morning walk around trees and grasses just after stepping out from the building. Fresh air in the city. So sad, I failed to take some photos because it was raining a little.
Goodbye for now D Fort Icon Big Studio
More photos to upload...

To book this Studio unit, jut click this link below:

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