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Sharon Cuneta Opens Up About Sensible Investing in Latest InLife Dreamweaver Stories Vlog

Philippine entertainment icon Sharon Cuneta has made sensible investment choices throughout her life and shares the lessons she learned in her financial journey in the latest vlog posted on her YouTube channel.


Focused on providing a secure future for her family, she shared that she does whatever she does now to help her children reach their dreams and give them a happy life. 

“I was recently asked how I manage to stay relevant in showbiz considering that it’s been more than four decades since I started. The answer is to evolve, to change, to grow with the times. How do you do that? For me, I had to keep learning, to keep studying, to constantly reinvent myself. I also need the right motivation, which is to leave a legacy for my fans, my loyal followers, and most of all, my family,” Cuneta said.


She then went on to explain the importance of savings and financial investments.


As an InLife Dreamweaver, I learned that a great way to a better life is through making sound and secure financial investments,” the multi-awarded actress, singer, and TV host said.


Steps to making good investments


1. Identify your reasons for investing.


Cuneta advised that it is best to know why you’re making an investment. Ask yourself what you’re preparing for.


“Is It retirement? Is it for your child’s education? Bagay dapat ang gagawin mong investment sa short-term and long-term goals mo(Your investments should be aligned with your short-term and long-term goals),” she said.


2. Know when you need the results of your investment.


Cuneta pointed out that knowing when you would need the income for your investments helps you narrow down which investments to make.


Kung kailangan mo na ang pera next year (If you need the money next year), you should invest in something that will produce accessible dividends within that period. If you have a substantial amount of resources…, invest in long-term products that will also have a higher yield or profit,” she advised.

3. Let a financial adviser guide you.


When you’re clear on why you’re investing and when you need the income from your investment, you now look for what to invest in. And that is where financial advisers come in. They are the people who can guide you and find an investment that is just right for your needs and your resources,” Cuneta said. She went on to compare a financial adviser to her manager who helps her choose the right movie projects, albums, and concerts.


4. Diversify your portfolio.


There are many types of investments, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and mutual funds -- each with its own risk and returns.


“All investments involve risks. The more risks an investment has, the higher the potential return. However, there is also a higher potential for loss. Kaya it is important to diversify your portfolio, which means investing in a variety of different assets. Gaya nga ng kasabihan nadon’t put your eggs in one basket kasi baka mabasag silang lahat (Like they say in the aphorism, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket because they might all break at the same time.”),” Cuneta emphasized.


5. Having an insurance can help protect your investments.


When investing, having an insurance policy can serve as a safety net or backup plan to mitigate unforeseen problems.


“If you have health insurance, that will cover your medical and other expenses while your money continues to earn in your investments,” Cuneta said.


“Once you’re protected, you can already save, invest for wealth accumulation, which eventually will lead to wealth distribution or leaving a legacy to your family,” she further pointed out.


Cuneta’s latest vlog is part of her InLife Dreamweaver Stories. It can now be viewed via The Megastar, along with her daughter, Miel Pangilinan, became InLife Dreamweavers last year to help amplify the Company’s mission of helping Filipinos lead A Lifetime for Good.


All her InLife Dreamweaver Stories vlogs are now up at





About The Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd.

Insular Life (InLife) is the first and largest Filipino life insurance company in the country with over 113 years of uninterrupted service. We apply over a hundred years of experience in financial protection, risk management, savings, and investment to help you make confident decisions for you and your loved ones.


Our policyholders can be assured of being protected by a company that has an asset base of over P147 billion and net worth of P50.2 billion. We have a nationwide presence through our 56 offices all over the country, and an expanded digital footprint to serve our customers, wherever and whenever they want. Our success is anchored on the well-being and security of our policyholders and beneficiaries, employees and financial advisors, partner companies and institutions, and host communities as we exist to offer A Lifetime for Good for everyone. For more information, visit


Beach Hut Sunscreen Champions Dreams with Historic Beach Football Tournament in Boracay

Beach Hut Sunscreen, the #1 beach sunscreen in the Philippines, continues to make waves as a true outdoor essential, concluding its first-ever Beach Hut Beach Football Festival in Boracay and empowering women one goal at a time.

Seven all-girl football teams from Luzon and Visayas went head-to-head for the top spot, with Manila Digger Team emerging as the Grand Champions, taking home the grand prize of PHP 100,000 in cash. Borongan FC won second place, winning PHP 50,000 in cash, while Beach Hut FC Green came in third and received PHP 25,000 in cash. All winners also received Beach Hut products and sponsored prizes.

The Beach Hut Beach Football Festival championed Filipina footballers from Luzon and Visayas, inviting teams to join a series of multi-destination beach football games across the country’s most popular beach destinations, all under the maximum protection of Beach Hut Sunscreen.

The competition brought together promising young Filipina football talents and provided them with a platform to showcase their skills – something that was rarely seen before. And aside from the beach football competition, local luminaries in the women’s football scene also joined in the fun through an exhibition game.

UP Women’s Football team Field Player, Bethany Talbot, expressed her excitement about the experience and the bright future of women’s football in the Philippines. “I’ve never experienced or ever watched beach football let alone an all-girls beach football tournament so kudos to Beach Hut. This is such an amazing project tournament that they set up,” she said.

Likewise, Women’s National Football team Field Player, Camille Rodriguez congratulated the brand for their efforts, “You are setting the standard for believing in women’s football. You put a girl’s team, we have young girls here, very young promising talent, the ates who are making them better every game, to the coaches who always tirelessly give their time. I have a big belief na this is only the start and I’m so excited to see where Beach Hut goes!” 

Her teammate, Goalkeeper, Inna Palacios, talked about how important it was to have events like these to help build the football community and become a platform to develop talents for the international level. Maybe one day we will see one of these girls represent the country for beach football and it all starts in a small community like this. So hopefully this really goes on every year and we’d be so happy to be back!”

Meanwhile, Team Captain of the Women’s National Football Team, Hali Long, shared a message for aspiring footballers, highlighting the value of believing in the process of improvement, having fun, and teamwork.

“Just be proud of yourself and be better each and every time you come out. It’s also a team sport no matter how old you are” she said. “Always have your teammates back no matter what!”.

Beach Hut: Empowering Filipinas, one goal at a time 

Beach Hut Sunscreen passionately believes in the Filipina talent in sports and is committed to promoting grassroots women’s football, where it serves as a space where girls further develop their skills. Hence, the brand created Beach Hut FC, the country’s first all-girls football club.

Now in its 5th year, the brand continues its mission to positively impact local communities and empower women athletes in the Philippines by providing scholarship opportunities that allow more young women to get into the sport and even paving the way for collegiate scholarship exposure.

Beach Hut FC scholar, Queenie Magno, said that one of the many perks as a scholar aside from the chance to train with seasoned coaches and travel expense-free for tournaments, is being able to develop sportsmanship: “Kapag naglalaro po kami o nagte-training nagkakaroon po kami ng bonding (We bond every time we play or train),” Queenie shared. “Tapos walang hard feelings kapagnagkaka-talunan kami (There’s no hard feelings whenever we compete),” she added.

The journey as a Beach Hut FC scholar was also very rewarding for Joshper Halili, who initially wanted to retire from football, “Before this, I wanted to quit football, but then Beach Hut, they were like ‘Oh you should join, you should join this beach football’ and that brought my sport back.”

She also shared a message for aspiring women football players, "There’s nothing you have to lose if you try. Just try, just go for it. You think the worst thing that could happen is when you lose – but at least you lose with learnings, with experience. So just try,” Halilliaffirmed.

Another Beach Hut FC player, Karia Favis, also expressed her excitement about the Beach Hut initiative and how it helps dismantle stereotypes in football. For her, “football is football” and everyone who enjoys playing should be given a chance to play. “It’s a sport made for everyone,” she added.

Outdoor activities especially in beach settings require an enhanced first line of defense against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, so throughout the event, Beach Hut put up a Sunscreen Station to ensure that players can have maximum protection and maximum fun through its products that provide 99% protection against UV Rays. 

Through its scholarships and Football Festivals, Beach Hut Sunscreen sees a bright future in the local women’s football scene and aims to continue supporting women in the sport by providing opportunities for growth, friendly competition, community, and fun.

For more information on Beach Hut Sunscreen, follow their social media pages at or visit their website

Savor the Flavor at McDonald’s Chicken Flavor Fest!

Get ready to savor the flavor when the first-ever Chicken Flavor Fest hits McDonald’s stores nationwide! Starting June 14, everybody’s favorite Chicken McNuggets can now be enjoyed with three NEW delicioussauce options, including the creamy tang of Classic Ranch, the spicy thrills of Fiery Aioli, and the sweet and savory charm of Sweet Chili Plum! Chicken lovers will also get a thrill when they dive into the subtle flavor notes of the all-new Black Pepper McChicken sandwich! Savory and creamy, punctuated with notes of delicious pepper, everyone will enjoy this new take on their favorite chicken sandwich.


“McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets has always been the gold standard for chicken nuggets in the market,” says McDonald’s Marketing Director Ashley Santillan. “For the first-ever Chicken Flavor Fest, we wanted to show everyone that there’s always more to discover at McDonald’s. Our new dipping sauces will transform customers’ taste experiences, and we can’t wait for everyone to try them.”


As part of the taste transformation, each Chicken Flavor Festproduct is best paired with a refreshing glass of Lipton Cool Berry Iced Tea. Fruity, lively, and bursting with the flavors of summer berries, Lipton Cool Berry Iced Tea will be available to complete every Chicken Flavor Fest meal. Best of all, starting on June 14, McDonald’s App users can avail of the 6pc Chicken McNuggets or Black Pepper Chicken with a small Lipton Cool Berry at Php99, with savings up to Php77!


From new sauces to transform their iconic Chicken McNuggets, to reimagining a classic sandwich, chicken fans will be spoiled for choice at McDonald’s Chicken Flavor Fest!


The McDonald’s Chicken Flavor Fest will run at participating stores nationwide from June 14.




About McDonald’s Philippines


McDonald’s Philippines master franchise holder Dr. George T. Yang -who oversees and sits as chairman for 40 years- founded and brought the first McDonald’s store to the country in 1981. Since then, McDonald’s in the Philippines has been a formidable player in the country’s quick-service restaurant industry, having grown a store network of over 700 nationwide. McDonald’sPhilippines continues to aspire to make a difference in communities where it operates through its charity of Choice, Ronald McDonald House Charities Philippines.

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The wait is finally over for Filipino fans as Bluey toys officially hit the shelves for the first time in the PhilippinesBBC Studios today announces the launch of the toy range licensed by Moose Toys andlocally distributed by Ban Kee, based on the BAFTA and Emmy® award-winning children’s television series produced by Ludo Studio and jointly commissioned by BBC Studios Kids & Family and ABC Children’s.


Bluey is a loveable, inexhaustible, Blue Heeler dog, who lives with her Mum, Dad and her little sister, Bingo. Bluey uses her limitless energy to play games that unfold in unpredictable and hilarious ways, bringing her family and the whole neighbourhood into her world of fun. The series was also recently launched on local Free-To-Air channel TV5 with episodes dubbed in Tagalog for the first time


The collection is set to be available in Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom from May 14 onwards and reach all stores across the Philippines by June 1. Featuring top-selling products, fans can look forward to character plush toys, figurines, the iconic Heeler 4WD familyvehicle from the series and play sets like The Heeler House. Designed for children age 3 years and above, this imagination-inspiring range of products will help local fans fully immerse themselves in Bluey’s fun-filled world in new and exciting ways.


Bluey themed products featured in the launch collection are:



Bluey showcases the joyful simplicity that can be found in families turning everyday events like going to the shops or visiting the doctor into unique adventures, bringing to life how children learn and grow through play. Bluey was the most streamed children’s show last year in the U.S with a viewing time of 43.9 Billion minutes. The series has also enjoyed a plethora of critical success at home and abroad, winning the 2019 International Emmy Kids Award, 2022 British Academy Film & Television Awards (BAFTA)Children & Young People Award in the International category and numerous craft and production awards around the world.


Sophia Spinelli, VP Brands & Marketing, BBC Studios Asia says: “With Bluey now more accessible than ever to audiences at homeon TV5 and Disney+, we are excited to also bring the much-awaited Bluey toy range to Filipino fans for them to play along with Bluey and the Heeler family beyond the screenWe’ve seen such an amazing reaction from fans elsewhere in Asia and can’t wait to see how these wonderful toys resonate in the Philippines. This is just the start of exciting plans we have for Bluey in the region, as we also look forward to introducing more toys and other consumerproducts across Asia, including the Philippines, in the coming months.”  


Chris Van Cabading, Brand Manager of Bluey, Ban Kee Trading, Inc. says “Being one of the leading toy distributors in the Philippines, we are very excited and thrilled to add the Bluey toy range to our product lineup. We know that many parents have been eagerly searching for these toys, thanks to their kids who introduced them to the wonderful world of Bluey and her family. Our excitement matches the enthusiasm of the families who can’t wait to bring home their favorite Bluey characters. Get ready to join the fun and create unforgettable moments with Bluey Toys.”


“We feel very lucky to be part of the awesome team that brings Bluey’s much-loved characters to life for kids around the world,” said Paul Solomon, CEO, of Australian based Moose Toys, global master toy partner for Bluey. “Bluey has become a fixture in millions of homes, celebrating our unique Aussie way of life. From backyard barbies to family adventures. Bluey reminds us to play and not take ourselves too seriously, all things we embrace at Moose. Who better to bring the spirit of Bluey to life around the world than a family-run, Aussie toy company like us.”


BBC Studios is also partnering with Ban Kee to let Filipino fans meet Bluey and Bingo at a series of special meet-and-greet events in toy stores happening across June to August. 


Bluey and Bingo Meet-and-Greet Schedule




Toy Kingdom Mall of Asia

May 25, 2024


Toy Kingdom Megamall

June 1, 2024

First session: 2:00pm


Second session: 4:00pm


Each session will last about 30 mins

Toy Kingdom Pampanga

June 2, 2024


Toys "R" Us Ermita

June 8, 2024


SM Makati 2F Concourse

June 9, 2024


Toy Kingdom Fairview

June 15, 2024


Toy Kingdom North Edsa

June 16, 2024


Toys "R" Us Powerplant Mall

June 22, 2024


SM Makati 2F Concourse

June 23, 2024


Toys "R" Us Manila Bay

June 29, 2024


SM Makati 2F Concourse

June 30, 2024


Toy Kingdom Southmall

July 7, 2024


Toy Kingdom Aura

July 13, 2024


Toy Kingdom North Edsa

July 14, 2024


Toy Kingdom Express North Edsa 

July 27, 2024


Toy Kingdom Expreess Clark

July 28, 2024





About Bluey

Bluey is produced by the Emmy® award-winning Ludo Studio for ABC Kids and is co-commissioned by ABC Children’s and BBC Studios Kids & Family. The animated series is 100% created, written, animated and post-produced in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, receiving production support from the Australian Government through Screen Australia, and Queensland Government through Screen Queensland. 

About BBC Studios

BBC Studios is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC Group with sales of £2.1 billion (2021/22: £1,630 million). Able to take an idea seamlessly from thought to screen and beyond, the business is built on two operating areas: the global Content Studio, which produces, invests and distributes content globally and Channels & Streaming, with BBC branded channels, services and joint ventures in the UK and internationally. Around 2,500 hours of award-winning British programmes are made by the business every year, with over 80% of total BBC Studios revenues coming from non-BBC customers including Discovery, Apple and Netflix.  Its content is internationally recognised across a broad range of genres and specialisms, with brands like Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the StarsTop Gear, the Planet series,Bluey and Doctor Who. is BBC Studios’ global digital news platform, offering up-to-the-minute international news, in-depth analysis and features.

BBC Studios | Website | Press Office | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram


About Ban Kee

Ban Kee Trading, Inc. is a premiere distributor of toy and infant products in the Philippines. With a diverse range of trusted brands, the company has earned its reputation as the country’s leading toy distributor and wholesaler. Committed to excellence, Ban Kee Trading, Inc. is known for its outstanding service and high-quality products, continually bringing joy and satisfaction to families nationwide


About Moose


Moose Toys exists to make kids superhappy. For this revolutionary brand happiness lies at the heart of everything we do. With the trailblazing toy design, development and manufacturing, no wonder our toys consistently scoop the most longed-for awards. Sprinkling some Moose magic across categories including action figures, collectibles, crafts, dolls, games, plush, preschool, vehicles and your electronics, we’ve earned our stripes as one of the most creative companies in the industry. As an energetic bunch, we’re always on the move, developing groundbreaking content, entertainment and worldwide licensing deals to boot. 



This family-run business is proudly built on unshakeable ethical foundations. Our passion for making kids superhappy stretches far beyond our WOW-worthy toys. The Moose Happy Kids Foundation creates moments of happiness and laughter for the children around the world who need it most. We’ve had a BIG impact on the little people, making 4 million kids smile so far… and counting. 


Australia might be our Moose family home, but with a 700-person strong team dotted across the world, we’re committed to sharing our signature superhappy revolution far and wide.






Sharon Cuneta Opens Up About Sensible Investing in Latest InLife Dreamweaver Stories Vlog

Philippine entertainment icon Sharon Cuneta has made sensible investment choices throughout her life and shares the lessons she  learned in ...