Sunday, January 3, 2016

100 Christmas Wishes at Glorietta

Christmas is the time of the year where everyone's busy to find gifts for loved ones, office mates, friends, business contacts and almost for everyone we know if possible. Due to Christmas rush and traffic, I missed the whole program of the event. But, still fortunate to see other kids who are enjoying the gifts they have received. Such a heart-melting experience to see these unfortunate children have fun and enjoy

The 100 Christmas Wishes held at the Glorietta Activity Center just marked a difference in the heart of the young children who got to join the program. The joy of sharing and granting 100 wishes of less fortunate kids would be such a treasure to those who have extended their resources. 

See an innocent smile from the kids who got to celebrate with other kids. 100 wishes granted!

Meet The Cheerful i-Volunteer Group

I missed the program but still was able to see the kids while they are waiting for their fetcher. Their BIG SMILES will definitely brighten up your day. Good job to all the sponsors and volunteers who spent their nights and days in preparation for this wonderful and meaningful event.

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