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Manny Pacquiao and Hidilyn Diaz dared one another at the Alaxan Showdown of the Year, share trusted companion in their triumphs through the years


Notwithstanding difficulties as world-renowned athletes, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz showcased their determination as they challenge one another at the recent Alaxan’s Showdown of the Year held at the Unilab Bayanihan Center.

To celebrate the coming together of Pacquiao and Diaz for Alaxan FR, the duo challenged each other by switching roles—Diaz challenged Pacquiao to lift weights while Pacquiao dared Diaz to a sparring. Aside from the challenges, the top-notch athletes also shared about their recent professional and personal endeavors and reveals their companion in their triumph through the years.

Together with the pain relief medicine brand Alaxan FR, Pacquiao and Diaz, aim to empower hardworking Filipinos–the everyday champions–who continuously persevere and push their limits to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Moreover, as they continue honing their craft to level up with their respective sports, Pacquiao and Diaz, likewise demonstrate the same passion in their other endeavors.

Pacquiao recently unveiled his housing project called “Pacman Village” in Saranggani Province after he was named "ambassador for the homeless and vulnerable" by international organization Spring Rain Global. He is also dedicating his time in supporting young boxers including Mark Magsayo who held the WBC featherweight title in 2022. Pacquiao juggles these social projects with his training as he gears up for an upcoming match this 2023 in Japan.

Hidilyn Diaz, on the other hand, is undergoing rigorous training as she transitions to the 59-kg division for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics in her attempt to defend the gold after snatching it in the last Olympics in 2020. Named the Athlete of the Year by the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA), Hidilyn strives to promote weightlifting and empower young aspiring athletes, especially women, to reach their dreams.

While busy with both professional and personal ventures, Pacquiao and Diaz ensure they are accompanied by their tried and tested pain relief partner which helps them focus on being champions without worrying about body pains and without fear of any serious side effect. 

Since 2001, Pacquiao has been taking Alaxan FR in fighting body pains not only from trainings but also from his non-athletic activities and endeavors. 

“Alaxan FR ang naging kaagapay ko for the past 22 years. Ngayong 44 years old na ako, masasabi kong malusog at malakas pa rin ako, at ‘di ako nangangamba kapag nakararanas ng sakit ng katawan dahil sinusunod ko ang correct dose,” Pacquiao shared.

[Alaxan FR has been a reliable companion for the past 22 years. Now that I am 44 years old, I could say that I am perfectly healthy and have nothing to worry about when experiencing and treating my body pain because I always follow the correct dose.]

“Kilala ang mga Pinoy bilang masisipag kaya talagang isinasabuhay ko ‘to hanggang ngayon. Kapag weightlifter ka, hindi talaga maiiwasan ‘yong sakit ng katawan. I’m sure marami rin sa atin ang nakakaranas ng ganito sa araw-araw kaya importante na mayroong trusted companion gaya ng Alaxan na tumutulong labanan ang body pain at magpatuloy sa laban,” Diaz said.

[Filipinos are known for being hard-working and it is a value that I always keep in mind until now. As a professional weightlifter, body pains are inevitable. I’m sure many of us also experience this in our daily lives so it’s important to have a trusted companion like Alaxan that will help us beat body pains and continue moving forward.]

Trusted by many Filipinos for 50 years, Alaxan has not caused serious side effects with regard to taking this pain relief medicine. That is because it combined a lower level of Ibuprofen & Paracetamol (200mg Ibuprofen and 325mg Paracetamol).  In fact, in a systematic analysis done by Cochrane in 2015, they found that “there were fewer side effects for people taking ibuprofen plus paracetamol than those taking placebo (a pretend treatment).” The study highlighted only Ibuprofen Paracetamol as having a good safety profile among all other common pain medicines that were included in the study.

“Pacquiao and Hidilyn have been icons and testaments that attaining your dreams is possible through determination. We’re very honored to have these champions who are very discerning about their health trust Alaxan, and we’re looking forward to seeing them achieve bigger things in life and in their career without worrying about body pains,” said Valerie Ifurung-Siquian from UNILAB Consumer Health.

For more information about Alaxan FR, visit their Facebook Page at @AlaxanFastRelief or visit their website: more about Alaxan. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Century Tuna kicks off the “Saving Our Seas” Initiative to Combat Plastic Pollution


The Philippines has one of the world's richest marine biodiversity centers, yet we are losing our greatest treasure due to plastic pollution. Century Tuna, the leading canned tuna brand in the Philippines, puts a spotlight on this urgent concern as it launches the “Saving Our Seas” initiative.

Mr. Carlo Endaya, Vice President and General Manager of Branded Tuna Business, Century Pacific Food Inc. talks about the Saving Our Seas Initiative

The program aims to raise awareness on the significance of marine conservation as well as the importance of the involvement of consumers in the fight against plastic pollution and how they can be part of the solution. 

“Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues we have today and as part of Century Tuna’s mission to give back to our planet and our seas, we will be launching the ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative to help the fight against plastic pollution, especially in our Philippine Seas,” said Century Pacific Food Inc. (CPFI) Vice President and General Manager for Branded Tuna Business, Mr. Carlo Endaya. “Let’s make a huge difference for our beaches and continue to enjoy the marine resources we need,” he added.

The initiative started through a Beach and Reef Clean-up activity in several areas in Mabini, Batangas, and was joined by Century Tuna Ambassador Alden Richards and Superbods winners and finalists together with volunteers from the community.

Century Tuna Ambassador Alden Richards talks about his advocacy of saving the seas

“I am so honored to be part of Century Tuna’s ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative and I totally support this project as I believe that we are all connected to nature. We can only remain healthy if we have a healthy environment. It is our responsibility to protect and save our seas,” said Century Tuna Ambassador Mr. Alden Richards.

Century Tuna’s ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative is also in partnership with HOPE’s Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash Program where people in the community can collect their plastic waste and exchange it for cash. Through the Saving Our Seas initiative, Century Tuna reinforces the concept of Plastic Circular Economy–where all plastics collected and recycled are diverted away from nature to ensure that it won’t leak back into the open environment. This is done by bringing it to processors which turn them into something useful and can be used again by the people.

Along the shoreline of Mabini, Batangas, 11 key areas were already deployed with the Aling Tindera waste bins, where people can drop their plastic and convert their trash into cash. Overall, Century Tuna’s Saving Our Seas initiative is aiming to collect at least 10 metric tons of plastics for its pilot year.

Ms. Ilusion Farias shares how Aling Tindera project works


“We are so very excited to partner with Century Tuna for the ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative. This campaign will help grow awareness and encourage more people to join the fight against plastic pollution,” said Friends of HOPE Managing Director Ms. Ilusion Farias. “We hope Filipinos will take this opportunity to exchange their waste for cash and save our seas at the same time,” she added.

The launch of the “Saving Our Seas” initiative also coincides with the celebration of Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, on March 25, 2023. Century Tuna's “Saving our Seas” initiative has a lot of noteworthy activities to save our Philippine Seas, stay tuned to find out more!

For more information, please visit or visit /CenturyTuna on Facebook or @centurytunasuperbods on Instagram for more updates.



Food for Her: Ajinomoto shares recipes for women's health


International Women’s Month is celebrated every March, but every day is an opportunity to celebrate and express our love to the women in our lives. To strongly cap off the month-long celebration, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC Group) shares special recipes to better take care of women's health.


Proper nutrition plays a key role to help keep women’s overall health.  Below are some recipes that women can follow to lead a healthier life:

Asparagus-Mushroom Stir-fry

Asparagus is an excellent source of iron and folate, which is needed for the production and maintenance of healthy red blood cells. It is also rich in bone-building vitamin K.

This recipe features AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, a kitchen staple that brings out the savory-deliciousness of any kind of dish. Good to note that the brand has a new 45g size available in sustainable paper packaging as an option for earth-friendly consumption. Follow the recipe for Asparagus-Mushroom Stir-fry here.

Sweet Potato “Kamote” Nachos

This dish is rich in carbohydrates from sweet potato and protein from beef, beans, and cheese. Carbohydrates are good for energy and physical functions, while protein helps repair the body after injuries.

Sweet potatoes are also perfect for breastfeeding mothers because they are packed with vitamin A, an essential nutrient for infants. It aids newborn development and protects against infections.

The recipe is made ginisarap with AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix that provides meaty gisa deliciousness. See the recipe for Sweet Potato “Kamote” Nachos here.

Mini Spinach and Cheese Pizza

Spinach contains calcium, iron, and vitamin A to maintain bodily functions, including bone and muscle development. Vitamin E also reduces inflammation.

This dish uses PORKSAVOR® All-In-One Seasoning Mix. It is made from real pork extract and is complete with spices and seasonings. Make the Mini Spinach and Cheese Pizza by following the recipe here.


Eat Well, Live Well


“We at Ajinomoto do our best to uphold our Eat Well, Live Well promise.  At the core of our mission is to better take care of our consumers’ health.  Kudos to women who do so much for their families and communities. We hope that through these recipes we help take care of them too so they can continue to be amazing and achieve their goals,” says Roann Co, APC Group General Manager for Corporate Planning and Public Relations. 


For more delicious and healthy recipes, visit Ajinomoto’s Cookmunity website at



The Ajinomoto Group is a global company with specialties in the business of food and amino acids, guided by our leading-edge bioscience

and fine chemical technologies.


Based on the corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well.”, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids in supporting the

healthy lives of people all around the world. We aim for future growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness by creating value

through sustainable and innovative solutions for communities and society.


The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 36 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. In fiscal 2021, sales were 1.1149 trillion yen (8.73 billion U.S. dollars). To learn more, visit


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Payoneer Celebrates International Women's Month with First-Ever WOMENtrepreneurs Meetup in Manila


Payoneer, the world’s leading cross-border payments platform hosted their very first Payoneer WOMENtrepreneurs Meetup: Connect with women leading the Philippines outsourcing sector event at WeWork Menarco Tower in Bonifacio Global City as part of the International Women’s Month celebration.


The Payoneer WOMENtrepreneurs Meetup kicked-off through an announcement of the company’s new Country Manager for the Philippines, Monique Avila. "I am honored to take on this new role and lead Payoneer's growth in the Philippines. This is a milestone for the team here in the country; a testament to the contributions of Filipino women in the workplace and how our local BPO industry continues to thrive, especially with women at the helm,” shared Monique.


The event was filled with in-depth learnings as it featured female BPO leaders who shared their experiences and offered valuable advice on how women can continue to thrive in the outsourcing sector. It also became an excellent opportunity for women entrepreneurs to network, learn from each other, and gain valuable insights into how to overcome challenges and succeed in the industry.


Gina Romero, Founder of Connected Women, stared off as she shared insights on how technology and social responsibility can create opportunities for women. "Connected Women is committed to providing equal access and opportunities for Filipino women freelancers in the dynamic AI industry. Through our community-as-a-service model and commitment to inclusive innovation, we're making this vision a reality." Romero said as she wanted to highlight that the people from the BPO sector also benefited from these new technologies as it provided employment through a flexible environment.


“To be able to build trust within our companies, we need to create a culture where we give utmost importance to honesty and sincerity in the feedback that we deliver. In addition, as employers we need to learn how to acknowledge the hard work that they exert through timely recognition - this is the kind of environment that our workplace should exhibit as trust coincides with relationships,” Tonichi Achurra-Parekh answered when she was asked on how to build trust within the work-environment by one of the audience after her talk. Tonichi is the Vice President of Delivery of Concentrix.


The panel discussion was led by Marge Aviso, CEO of Telework Philippines, Vanessa Janssen who is the President of Guerilla Staffing Solutions, and the founder and CEO of ScaleExperts, Pam Baluyo. All of them were able to address how they became the female leaders they are today and they discussed the importance of taking space and thriving as a woman in the business industry.


“Payoneer has long been an advocate of helping women business owners go beyond and experience boundless growth. We recognize the significant role that women play in the global economy and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential. This is why we had the Payoneer WOMENtrepreneurs Meetup as we’re creating spaces where entrepreneurs and leaders can learn and thrive,” Jen San Antonio, Marketing Lead for Emerging Markets, APAC shared in her closing remarks.


About Payoneer

Payoneer is the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce, everywhere. From borderless payments to boundless growth, Payoneer promises any business, in any market, the technology, connections and confidence to participate and flourish in the new global economy. Powering growth for customers ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets to the world’s leading digital brands.


From over 5M customers, Payoneer is trusted by the World’s leading digital brands serving over 2,000 top marketplaces & digital platforms, sending tens of billions of dollars a year to SMBs worldwide. For 15 years, Payoneer has pioneered this new reality that pushes frontiers, making connections, unifying and creating global ecosystems.

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COMCO Marks Epic 7 Years with the Launch of TARO AOX Digital + Integrated Communications


In just seven years, COMCO Southeast Asia, from being a trailblazing and disruptive PR Agency start-up, has transformed into COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, a global award-winning powerhouse group of communication companies and is now marking its seventh year with the official launch of TARO AOX Digital + Integrated Communications.


TARO AOX Digital + Integrated Communications is the newest addition to the COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, alongside COMCO Southeast Asia (SEA), COMCO Middle East and Africa (MEA), and SEA Wave Pop Culture Studio, among others, and it specializes on digital marketing, integrated communications, and technology and digital PR. It also offers social media management, influencer marketing, content marketing, digital activation, media planning and buying, video storytelling, multimedia arts, virtual event staging, and website and platform development.

TARO AOX is already in full swing and has been servicing clients such as Samsung Mobile, Sun Life Asia Service Center Philippines, Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Anti Head Lice Shampoo, and APLGO.

COMCO Southeast Asia’s Epic 7th Year

COMCO SEA, the PR and events company of COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, continues to champion New PR and Smart Social and also offers services such as Events and Activation, Branding, and Special Advertising Executions. The multi-awarded agency continues to make waves in the region as it recently won inter-agency pitches and acquired accounts such as Sony Philippines, Uratex Mattress, Uratex Monoblock, Alaxan, Century Tuna, and LaLiga. COMCO SEA also continues to manage a portfolio of highly regarded brands and organizations like Jobstreet, Remy Martin, Teleperformance, AXA, European Union, Eastern Communications, ASEANA City, Philusa Corporation, Babyflo Cotton, RHEA Generics, RHEA Vitamins, World Vision, and WWF-Philippines.

COMCO Southeast Asia is also gearing up for the prestigious and much coveted PRCA APAC (Public Relation and Communications Association Asia-Pacific) Awards as it has been cited as a regional finalist for the Medium Consultancy of the Year Award; the PR / Communications Leader Award for Ferdinand L. Bondoy, the COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel / Partner and Co-Founder; the Media Relations Award for the Agency’s Meaningful Storytelling with COMCOmigos initiative; and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award for COMCO’s long-time client/brand partner Teleperformance.

The Growth of the COMCO Brand in Middle East and Africa

Established in 2021, COMCO Middle East and Africa led by its Managing Director / Partner and Co-Founder, Tricia Cusi-Jimenea, has successfully brought the COMCO brand into this market and has been regarded as among the major players in the region’s PR and marketing industry.

In a span of two years, the Agency has serviced a total of 30 brands which includes Empire Entertainment, Middle East Film & Comic Con, Metacon, Central Park, Dubai London Hospital, Shop Electric Pawn, Ezra, Hyde and The Wizarding World in the Mall of Emirates, to name a few.

An Industry Leader

COMCO has a major role in the PR and Communications industry here in the Philippines, in Asia-Pacific and across the globe. COMCO Mundo’s Ferdinand L. Bondoy is currently serving as the Corporate Secretary and PR and Digital Committee Head of the International Association of Business Communications (IABC) Philippines, Regional Board Member as well as Workplace and Culture Committee Member of the Public Relations & Communications Association Asia Pacific (PRCA APAC) based in Singapore, and Online Events Head and Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) International headquartered in the United Kingdom.

“In just 7 years, we have already garnered 100 brands and 150 metals and have produced 110 graduates from our long-running and award-winning Camp COMCO Mentorship Program. We thought we’ve already done it all, but as they say, we’re just getting ready for the most exciting part. We are empowered to do more and bigger things for the industry and with my great team beside me, we are definitely up for the challenge. Our 10-year master plan is just in its second phase and there’s still a lot of bigger things in the pipeline, to be unveiled very soon,” stated Ferdinand L. Bondoy, COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel / Partner and Co-Founder.

“As COMCO grows exponentially in its seventh year, its success also means the growth of its people, a value that inspired the company to create a benefits and compensation program upgrading for its team which includes health benefits extended to dependents, wellness allowance, leave conversion and acquired leaves for critical illness or long-term hospitalization, group insurance, retirement fund, overseas team travel, stock options, and partnership leadership opportunities, among others, which can be considered as the most comprehensive in the industry,” shared Joan Icotanim-Maslang, COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises Corporate Services Director and Comptroller / Partner.

To learn more about COMCO Southeast Asia, visit Follow them on social media: on Facebook,, and @comco_sea on both Instagram and Twitter.

To learn more about COMCO Mundo, go to Follow them on social media: on Facebook,, and @comco_mundo on Instagram.


About COMCO Southeast Asia

COMCO Southeast Asia, based in the Philippines and with affiliate network presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, Malaysia, is a powerhouse and global award-winning integrated communications agency. With the unique brand of Meaningful Storytelling, the Agency has done groundbreaking works for more than 100 local, regional, and international brands including reputable development and humanitarian organizations. COMCO SEA has been awarded twice as Agency of the Year 2nd Runner-up at the IABC Quill Awards; Agency of the Year – Silver Award at the ASEAN PR Excellence Awards; Finalist for Boutique PR Consultancy of the Year at Campaign Asia Pacific’s PR Awards Asia, PRCA APAC Awards, Marketing Interactive’s PR Awards Asia-Pacific, and the global CIPR Excellence Awards; and 145 metals from various local and international award-giving bodies.

About COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises

COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises is the parent company and umbrella group for all of COMCO’s existing and upcoming ventures and initiatives, a collective of agencies and programs dedicated to advancing the communications profession and related disciplines such as digital, media, advocacy, training and education, and entrepreneurship, among others; to being a force for social change; to nurturing talent growth and workplace community culture; and to championing borderless collaboration. The COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises is comprised of COMCO Southeast Asia, COMCO Middle East and Africa, TARO AOX Digital + Integrated Communications, SEA Wave Pop Culture Studio, Camp COMCO Mentorship Program and Alumni Society, and Citizen COMCO Advocacy Program.

SM scholar-alumna takes the road less travelled

 Teaching surpasses the realms of jobs or professions–it encompasses service, vocation, and life mission. 

Proving this day and night are millions of Filipino teachers who stand as second mothers to students. One of them is Rosalie Macaspac, an SM scholar alumna who chose to pursue a career in Special Education (SPED).

Life’s work

Choosing to teach, especially pursue SPED, is a path less travelled. Out of over 800,000 public school teachers, only about 4,000 are in SPED, and Rosalie is one of the few who took the path. For 21 years now, the SM scholar alumna has dedicated her life to teaching SPED students. She wanted to empower and give special children a voice by advocating the welfare of deaf learners.

Rosalie Macaspac (left) interprets the contents of the program for her students.

With much dedication and determination to have the right skills for her students, she pursued graduate studies in special education and Filipino sign language at the Philippine National University and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, respectively. 

She currently teaches at the Philippine School for the Deaf in Pasay, the only government-owned institution for the deaf in the country. Here, she spearheaded the numeracy skills training program for deaf learners.

Embedding grit, greatness

Her journey to becoming an educator was not easy. Her parents separated when she was three years old, and her mother became the breadwinner. 

“In the early years of my life as a three year old, awareness of how hard life is became a part of my growing up. I grew up with a mindset that whatever happens, I will not abandon my studies. Sensing my determination, my mother earned a living by washing and ironing clothes of our neighbors. I came to realize my mom had to wash and press thousands and thousands of clothes so I could finish my studies. But I did not pity myself. Instead, I kept a strong determination to battle on and promised my mother that she will not grow old and die as a laundry woman,” she said.

The weight on their shoulder became heavier when her mother became bedridden for half a year. Instead of slowing her down, it did the opposite. She continued her studies with much determination. With the help of her uncle, the Missionaries of Charity, and the puto bigas she sold, they could get by. 

She finished primary school with good grades, and was a consistent honor student in high school, despite having one centavo allowance and rice and coffee as meals. With good standing, she had her mind set on her next goal: going to college.

“Giving up or surrendering wasn’t in my vocabulary. The strong heart of my mother was passed on to me as she was my inspiration to strive to get us out of the predicament we were in,” she stressed.

“When I was in fourth year high school, I was deep in thought of what to do to support my college education.  Then, God in all His goodness, stepped in again. The Guidance Office in our school announced that the SM Foundation was offering scholarships for qualified students. I knew at that very moment that He was with me. All I had to do is to apply for the scholarship,” she recalled.

Rosalie (fifth from left) and her fellow scholar alumni take a photo with SMIC Executive Director Harley Sy (third from left)

She vividly remembers sending her SM College Scholarship program application at the Customer Service of the SM in Quiapo and how she learned on May 9, 1995 that she would be interviewed for the scholarship in room 214 of the MSE Bldg. The three-digit number has since become unforgettable for her. By June 1995, Macaspac was among the SM scholars who had started their college education under the scholarship program.

According to her, the scholarship helped her become a well-rounded individual. It was the key to the realization of her dreams and paved the way to success. The activities provided by SM Foundation, such as the scholars’ assembly, the orientation, leadership training, sports fest and annual retreat, were very memorable for her.

“Looking back, the retreats, monthly meetings and being able to work in SM as an employee, followed up by our project director boosted my self-esteem and opened my world to service,” she said.

Rosalie at the Philippine School for the Deaf

Before teaching, she first worked as a Merchandise and Planning Control-Clerk at the SM Head Office, which was then located in Calle Echague, Manila. She was hired immediately after college.

Working in DepEd has always been her dream, and she is proud of where she is today: “Since day one of my college days, I aimed to be a public-school teacher. I am happy with my work now as a High School Teacher for Deaf learners. I am so privileged that I am in this community and my heart is entwined with my students.”  

“I am not ashamed to tell my colleagues that I had a humble beginning and I thank SM Foundation for putting me where I am now. I owe these blessings to SM, Henry “Tatang” Sy, SM Foundation, Ma’am Nilda Bernaldez, and my fellow SM-Scholars, most especially, my mother. They are all the instruments to why I chose to give back to a special community and dedicate my life to being an effective SPED teacher.”

Daughter of former flower farmers lives a vibrant life through the SM Scholarship grant

Stability is the foundation of a well-lived life. With basic needs fulfilled, people have the opportunity to develop themselves, explore various facets of life, and contribute to the welfare of the community.

When aspiring youth, especially those from low-income households, are given the chance to stand on solid ground, they readily take the chance. They utilize it as a seedbed where they can cultivate their dreams and aspirations.

One testament to this is SM scholar alumna Jonnah Jane Sacamay, who grew up in a family where stability seemed like an uncharted territory. Years back, Jonnah’s family’s main source of living was flower farming. This made them walk on a thin line as the demand for flowers was seasonal, and they were also often affected by unpredictable weather disturbances. 

But while they had journeyed through life with uncertainty, they had always planted in her mind the power of education.

“Given that the nature of farming is very seasonal, our income is not stable. Aside from augmenting our daily needs, we also had to ensure that my education is secured,” Jonnah recalled. 

Holding on to the power of education

And so, to help her family, she studied hard in grade school as soon as she learned about others who had the opportunity to pursue college through the SM College Scholarship Program. With her whole heart dedicated to learning and her eyes set on the SM scholarship, she finished high school as the class valedictorian. Once the forms were available, she immediately processed her application at the SM Store in Cebu.

“I was informed that I got accepted as an SM Scholar. From then on, a huge weight was lifted off my parents' shoulders. I could pursue my chosen degree in my chosen university,” she added.

Through the scholarship offered by the SM group through SM Foundation, she was able to focus on the development of her skills and knowledge not only in accountancy but especially in life. She became a Magna Cum Laude graduate of BS Accountancy at the University of San Carlos.

Jonnah Sacamay serves as a Senior Accounting Manager at the SM Store in Cebu.

“The SM Scholarship helped me reach my dream of becoming a CPA, and this opened doors for me, enabling me to land a job that empowered me to help my family,” she said. 

“My experience in retail has given me wide knowledge in different areas. With this, I always make sure that my family makes informed decisions in all aspects of life. One thing that has become a tradition among SM Cebu scholars during my time was to have an outreach program. In our own way, we were able to pay forward the help that we received from SM. It was a fulfilling experience that we could share our blessings in our own little way,” she added.

Jonnah currently serves as a Senior Accounting Manager at the SM Store, Cebu. Aside from financial security, she currently takes care of her parents’ medical expenses and lets them enjoy vibrant life experiences after retiring as flower farmers.

“Having a degree enabled me and my family to experience more in life. It paved the way for me to secure a stable job, which allowed me to travel, treat my family to a nice meal, take them shopping on special occasions, and most importantly, support my parents and their medical expenses. Aside from providing me with a scholarship grant, working in SM has provided a sense of security for me and my family,” she shared.

Opening doors to more

SM Foundation made it its goal to help create an environment where low-income families can thrive and achieve stability, just like how the SM College Scholarship Program paved ways for Jonnah and her family.

For the school year 2023-2024, the application period is open from February 1-March 31, 2023. The selected scholars may specialize in accounting, information technology, engineering, and education with full tuition and monthly allowance, including enrichment programs and activities. 

For more information about the SM College Scholarship program, visit

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Manny Pacquiao and Hidilyn Diaz dared one another at the Alaxan Showdown of the Year, share trusted companion in their triumphs through the years

  Notwithstanding difficulties as world-renowned athletes, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz showcased th...