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7 Laundry tips to keep clothes looking good as new by The Electrolux FashionCare Council

Laundry day often spells trouble for a lot of Filipino households especially when it comes to using a washing machine because of the fear it might ruin their clothes. That is why Electrolux Philippines and their FashionCare Council is here with laundry and fabric care tips to help them care for their precious pieces of clothing. 

Check out these hacks from FashionCare Ambassador Rajo Laurel, along with the FashionCare Council members Mommy Mundo Founder and mompreneur Janice Villanueva and executive director and teacher of SoFA Design Institute, and Creative Director of fashion accessories and bag label ARANÁZ Amina Aranaz-Alunan, that will help keep their clothes looking new for longer.

1. Turn Your Clothes Inside-Out

When it came to machine washing, acclaimed fashion designer Rajo Laurel advised women to turn their clothes in reverse and wash them inside out. It not only helps preserve color but also minimizes the risk of damage to stitching or embroidery on the exterior of your clothes. 

2. Pre-wash your store-bought garments

Thinking of wearing your clothes fresh from the store rack? According to Rajo Laurel, this is a don’t as companies treat their clothes to a certain spray to protect them from insects, especially here in the Philippines as our weather is hot and humid. Rajo’s advice was to wash clothes as soon as they’re bought and before they are worn.

3.  Read the Care Instructions

Both Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Rajo Laurel stressed the importance of reading the laundry care instructions on the clothing labels. From using cold vs. hot water in the wash to recommendations on how best to iron or hang clothes, these guidelines are there to help ensure that your clothes remain in the best shape. By reading and following the care instructions, your clothes will definitely last longer.

4. Hang or Fold?

To help keep clothes in the right shape, Amina Aranaz-Alunan also shared that it was important to know whether a certain piece needs to be hung or best to be folded to keep its form. “The best example of this being to fold a sweater instead of hanging it. By hanging a sweater, the fabric used might stretch. In order to keep its form, it’s best to fold it instead,” Aranaz-Alunan said.

5. Protect Delicate Items through an Old Stocking

Rajo also shared that another way to protect clothes with beading or embroidery is to place them inside an old stocking. He further explained that “the stocking is more pino.  The holes basically are able to protect them. The water can penetrate but the beads won’t fly out.”

6. Yellowing? Use Candle Wax

Have you ever opened your closet to put on a white shirt or blouse that you’ve been storing and been surprised by yellow stains? Laurel shared a creative way to keep your whites white – by using candle wax.

“What you do is simple. You get a white candle and you rub it around the collar lalo na if you’re going to store it. What happens there is that like any fabric, the main enemy of the material is sunlight and humidity so light and water. The wax protects it from both humidity and from light,” explained Rajo.

7. Find the Right Machine

When asked about effective and reliable ways of caring for the items we love, both Aranaz-Alunan and Janice Villanueva stressed the importance of a reliable washing machine brand.

When it comes to caring for clothes, Villanueva talked about the investing in the right machine, tools, and technology. “Technology is there for convenience because we live busy lives,” she explained. “Everything is Electrolux in my house it saves time, energy, money, stress, and there are functionalities that are so well thought of such as baby-care, anti-allergen, and vapor-action which helps against amoy kulob.”

Electrolux aims to help moms keep their clothes looking newer for longer with their UltimateCare™ range of washing machines and dryers. These come with UltraMix™ technology that not only promises to clean and remove stains but also help retain the colour, shape, and softness of all types of clothing fabrics and materials.

Other features which helps the Electrolux UltimateCare™ washing machines and dryers care for clothes are Vapour Action which is designed to soften fabric and reduce allergens by up to 99.9% and a Woolmark certified cycle which promises a safe wash for wool garments.

For more information about Electrolux and FashionCare visit and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Milkmaid Epicureum:The first dessert concept lab in the Philippines

  Chef Miko Aspiras

I am a kid from the 90's and I can still clearly remember about this famous condensed milk. Milkmaid, a premium condensed milk brand made with 100% pure cow's milk, wants to change your mind about condensed milk, and desserts for that matter. To do that, it is teaming up with the country's gastronomic thought leaders to create the first dessert concept lab in the Philippines called The Milkmaid Epicureum.

Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Chef Miko Aspiras, and Maggie Wilson-Consunji


Milkmaid is challenging the city's hottest pastry chef, Miko Aspiras, to redefine our concept of indulgence. The multi-awarded chef shares his vision. "Too often we equate indulgence with excessiveness. But indulgence can also be about allowing ourselves to feel, taste or experience something new. This is the reason why I'm so excited to collaborate with Milkmaid, because we're really trying something different in the realm of desserts."

Milkmaid challenged Chef Miko to create new desserts based on the passions of two of the city's most exciting personalities: professional shopper Mika Lagdameo, and travel show host Maggie Wilson. 

Indulgence In Full

The first dessert, called Chai Tea Floral Leches Cake, was inspired by Maggie Wilson’s love for travel. Taking its cue from world cultures, it fuses Italian, Japanese, and Moorish elements. The base is a delicate chiffon cake, trimmed with a tres leches mixture infused with chai tea. Candied pistachios, playfully sweet and spicy with a hint of Japanese togarashi, are carefully added to the cake. Finally, the entire piece is covered with Italian-style mascarpone whipped cream. It is a coy invitation to get lost in layers of sweetness, creaminess, and crunch.

 Chai Tea Floral Leches Cake -inspired by Maggie Wilson-Consunji     

His second dessert is called Tropical Fruit Pastillas Cheesecake, inspired by Mika Lagdameo's exuberant love for shopping. This dessert is built on the same time-honored tradition we see in fashion. It’s classics, reimagined for the season with a handful of standout elements. A bright lemon cheesecake is the base, made rich and luscious with Milkmaid condensed milk. Then, various fresh fruits are topped onto the cheesecake, representing the riot of choices one would make at a shopping spree: The tropical freshness of watermelon and the cool flesh of lychees, accented by pops of green sweetness from mint leaves. Finally, soft buttons of pastillas chantilly, demure in its creaminess, bring cohesiveness to the entire dessert, similar to the contentment one would find after a full day of shopping.

Tropical Fruit Pastillas Cheesecake - inspired by Mika Martinez

Collaborating for the Future

According to Harvey Uong, Marketing and Business Development Director of Alaska Milk Corporation, "When you've got a product as rich and unbelievably delicious as Milkmaid, it really inspires all of us to reimagine what food and desserts can be like. This is the first of many steps that Milkmaid is taking to reinvigorate the very concept of indulgence, so expect more exciting concepts in the near future."

   Chef Miko Aspiras & Joey Mead-King
The intimate event was hosted by Joey Mead-King with her bubbly yet elegant personality. It was a full-house of foodies and dessert lovers who got to taste the two creations of Chef Miko. Milkmaid's collaboration with Chef Miko Aspiras to push the boundaries of confection was a sweet success.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Don't Let The Rainy Season Make You Stink

Rainy season is here. The start of laundry problem again. You may think you already know the real cause of musty malodor in your clothes. No, it’s not from indoor drying. Downy, the leading fabric enhancer brand in the world, recently shared the number one cause of this unpleasant smell in clothes, especially this rainy season.

The root cause is millions of germs. As a generally hygiene conscious culture, Filipinos are particular about keeping our clothes clean from bacteria secreted by our own skin and dirt coming from the environment. The distinct musty malodor is actually caused by germ growth, which may start as early as after washing the clothes, regardless of the laundry means – and not directly because clothes are dried indoors.

For longer lasting freshness, Downy has listed down pro tips to help keep clothes germ-free and malodor-free.

Freshness Tip No. 1: Watch out for high-risk laundry and wash them ASAP. 

The longer clothes remain damp with sweat and other bodily dirt, the more germs will grow. If the items you are washing are susceptible to more germ infestation, they should be washed as soon as possible, and with more attention too.  Soiled gym clothes, your child’s PE uniform, shared towels, lampins, clothes used in food preparation, clothing worn over a wound, and healthcare worker’s uniforms are just some of the high-risk items that one should watch out for.  These should be washed separately from other items. Homemakers can protect themselves from infection by wearing gloves when handling high-risk laundry.

Freshness Tip No. 2: Stop Staphylococcus!

Staphylococcus what!? A study[1] showed that several malodor-causing germs are found to grow in different type of fabrics, including our clothes. Many healthy people normally have staph (short for staphylococcus) on their skin, in their noses, or other body areas. Most of the time, the germ does not cause an infection or symptoms, but when they do, it can make them or others sick. To avoid staph infection: keep your hands clean by thorough handwashing with soap and water; keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered until they heal; and do not share personal items such as towels, underwears or cosmetics.

Freshness Tip No. 3: Detergent is not enough.

Various global research shows that the use of water with temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or higher in laundering can be effective in killing possibly pathogenic bacteria. For the lucky ones who dry their clothes in the sunshine, they are actually killing germs as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for many of us to hang clothes outside due to space limitations and the season’s weather conditions. But there can be a solution that is more accessible and controllable, like use of an ingredient known as Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, found in Downy AntiBac. This ingredient ruptures the bacterial cell wall, thereby preventing germ growth and minimizing bacteria population that can contribute to musty-smelling clothes.  

Downy Philippines Country Marketing Manager Cedric Le Goff states, “To beat the enemy, we have to know the enemy. We need to be particular in treating the root cause of musty malodor to achieve long lasting freshness, not just during the rainy season, but throughout the all-year humid conditions.”

He furthered, “This can only be accomplished by the exhaustive prevention of germ growth in all the clothes that we wear – be it pambahay or panlakad. With Downy AntiBac, we can eliminate the germs that cause malodor in our clothes and provide long-lasting freshness.”

No more worries now! 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Kids Can Watch “Wheely” For Free Only at SM Cinema

SM Cinema brings us the latest Kids Watch for Free movie feature with their exclusive screening of the animated film, Wheely. Directed by Yusry Abd Halim, Wheely will take its audience on a fun and exhilarating ride when it hits SM Cinema theatres this September!

From being a rookie racer, Wheely is demoted to a regular street cabbie after a devastating crash. Life for Wheely seemingly turns optimistic when he meets Bella, a model from the upper echelons of society. But various factors go against his pursuit of the upper-class model courtesy of Bella’s stuck-up boyfriend, Ben. Things get much worse when Bella gets taken by a luxury car-napping global syndicate run by an 18-wheeler truck named Kraiser. Now Wheely must catch the bad guys in order to save his dream girl.

Watching your most anticipated movies with the whole family has never been more fun with SM Cinema’s Kids Watch for Free promo! With every paying adult, one (1) child under four (4) feet will get a free movie ticket to watch Wheely from September 12 – 25, 2018.

Catch Wheely starting this September 12 only at any SM Cinema branches nationwide. Book your tickets through the website, or download the SM Cinema mobile app.  You may also follow /SMCinema on Facebook and @SM Cinema on Instagram for updates!   

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A Nation of Champs, A World of Opportunities:MILO Philippines Launches Road to Barcelona Year 2

MANILA, Philippines, 05 September 2018 MILO Philippines opened year two of Road to Barcelona, the brand’s values-driven program in partnership with globally-renowned football club, FC Barcelona (FCB) during the recent press launch held in the MILO Stadium of Kidzania Manila. Coming from a successful run last year, MILO and FCB will hold this year’s local invitational camp in football hotbed, Cebu City on September 8-9 at the Cebu City Sports Center. Over 160 girls and boys ages 10 to 12 from around the country will participate in the world-class football camp for a chance to join the life-changing champion experience in Spain, the home of FC Barcelona.

MILO and FC Barcelona believe in the shared HEART values (humility, effort, ambition, respect, and teamwork), equipped with a healthy and active lifestyle that are essential in every child’s overall development. The global partnership aims to bring world-class opportunities to nourish ambitions and build a nation of champions through sports. Participants of the program are chosen via a nomination from their coaches who will vouch for both their character and talent.

Asisting MILO in the facilitation of the invitational camp are the Cebu Football Association (CFA), a regional body under the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) and two coaches from the FCB Youth Academy, FC Barcelona’s flagship youth development program. The two-day training camp which features theoretical and practical sessions on how to play the Barca way is free of charge—a privilege for the qualified young players. It will give them the kind of training that only FCB can offer to aid in their continued development, progress Philippine football, and further inspire Filipinos to be champions on and off the field.

One with MILO and FCB’s vision is the local organizer of this year’s invitational, the Cebu Football Association (CFA). CFA Vice President Rico Navarro exclaims, “We warmly welcome this momentous collaboration with two iconic sports brands, MILO and FC Barcelona. Our region has some of the most passionate and talented young players in the country, and we hope that this Road to Barcelona camp can foster the right values and grow their appreciation for the sport and everything they learn from it.”

“Every kid dreams of becoming a champ. That’s why the MILO-FCB Road to Barcelona Philippines Camp is back to provide kids the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with youth coaches from FC Barcelona. We’ve taken this year’s invitational camp to the Visayas to share the program with even more children in the region, because we believe that these experiences can encourage them to pursue their passion for the sport and nourish their ambitions,” said Willy de Ocampo, Vice President, Nestle Philippines, Inc.

The expert panel composed of PFF representatives and FCB coaches will be in charge in shortlisting the most deserving athletes who will fly to Spain, where one slot in the delegation will be all-expense paid by MILO Philippines.

Similar to the maiden program, the 2018 delegation will take part in a nine-day training camp and ultimate experience in FCB’s hallowed grounds in Camp Nou, Barcelona. The Philippine team will be among their peers from other MILO markets which incude Australia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, Tahiti, Thailand, and Vietnam. Their stay will be filled with special activities that will hone their skills, encourage them to make new friends, explore scenic heritage locations, most importantly, learn how to play with HEART—the Barca way.

MILO Philippines Consumer Marketing Manager Robbie de Vera shares his excitement for year two of the four-year partnership, “MILO is very excited and honored to continue its advocacy to get more kids into sports and help advance Philippine football with FC Barcelona. Our goal for this year is to further enrich the ‘Road to Barcelona’ experience  by reaching more Filipino kids and reinforcing the values that encourage more kids to dream big and become champions in life.”

About Nestlé MILO
MILO is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage. Loved and trusted by parents and kids alike, MILO products offer essentials vitamins and minerals that promote the holistic development of children around the world. For more information on MILO Philippines, log on to the official website ( or the MILO Philippines Facebook page ( Follow MILO on Twitter (@MiloPH) and Instagram (@MiloPhilippines).

About FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona was founded on November 29, 1899 through the initiative of a Swiss gentleman named Hans Maximilian Gamper, popularly known as Joan Gamper. Since it was founded, the Club has had 44 different presidents. From Walter Wild to the current President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barça has grown into a massive social phenomenon that reaches far beyond the bounds of mere sport.

The Club has grown along with the city around it, and has come to represent Barcelona and Catalonia all around the world. The Club is now a global brand and a giant in the sports world.

FC Barcelona has one of largest memberships among football clubs worldwide and its achievements have also made it one of the most successful. The many famous victories and the Club’s all-time greats (Kubala, Cruyff, Maradona, Romário, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, and so many more) form an important part of the Barça legacy.

The Magnificent September Auction 2018 at Leon Gallery

León Gallery is pleased to announce The Magnificent September Auction 2018 featuring important works of Philippine art, fine antiques and furniture on the 8th of September 2018, starting at 2PM at Eurovilla 1, Legaspi Street corner Rufino Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City.

This auction is in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design (MCAD) of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, as part of its Funding the Future project in order to raise funds for its academic endeavors in modernizing its programs in terms of research and artistic exchanges in the contemporary visual arts. Works donated by renowned contemporary artists shall be auctioned off, in part, to benefit the programs of the MCAD.

Headlining our sale of Philippine art is an important work by National Artist Carlos “BotongV. Francisco. The Nose Flute (1955) depicting a courtship ritual of two lovers in the context of the Cordilleras. It is considered as one of the finest masterpieces made by the artist in his lifetime and was once owed by Lovina-Palileo family. This work is considered as one of the best and biggest masterpieces of the artist and was painted during his best period. Also, this was last seen by the public in 2012 when it changed ownership and has taken a decade to make its way back to the country.

A major highpoint of the upcoming auction is “Pila sa Bigas (Queuing for Rice)” a mixed-media work by Vicente Manansala. It features 17 ordinary folks all lined up and with tin cans waiting for their turn to buy or maybe even ask for rice. Another fantastic work by the artist is “Mga Sabungero (The Cockfighters)”, all from the collection of the late Ambassador J.V. Cruz.

Another highlight is “Saeta 52” (1958) by the foremost abstractionist Fernando Zóbel y Montojo. This painting has been repatriated back in the Philippines. It was first exhibited at the prominent Philippine Art Gallery (PAG) and is considered as one of the rarest large-scale canvasses of this series by Zóbel. This is considered an exceptional painting because there are only 10 known paingings of this size painted by the artist and most of these are in museums and public collections already.

Cross-Section/Ascension (1956-57) by the modernist Alfonso Ossorio is one of the most riveting symphonies of color that the expatriate Filipino-American artist has ever produced. It is believed that Ossorio painted this for his friend Jackson Pollock since it was done right after the death of the latter who was on his way to Ossorio’s house in the Hamptons when he had a tragic car accident.

Painted by Fernando Amorsolo, “Dalagang Bukid (The Country Lass)” (1927) is considered as one of the earliest known works centered on Amorsolo’s ideal muse in his idyllic rural pastures bathed in sunlight. The work has a stellar provenance and was previously owned by the painter Fernando Zóbel.

Other important works or art include a masterpiece by National Artist Jose Joya, “Carnival” (1964), rediscovered from the Mark and Naheed Houshmand Collection and two important works from the “Stations of the Cross” series by Ang Kiukok.

Commanding pieces from BenCab, Cesar Legaspi, Arturo Luz, H.R. Ocampo, Nena Saguil, Lee Aguinaldo, Juvenal Sanso, Romeo Tabuena, Malang Santos, Pacita Abad, Romulo Olazo and Romulo Galicano, Manuel Ocampo, Ronald Ventura, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Rodel Tapaya, Emmanuel Garibay as well as the works of today’s young guns, Mark Justiniani, Jose John Santos III, Keb Serda, and Louie Cordero are also highlights of the forthcoming auction.

Significant pieces of antique furniture are also featured in this auction, carrying distinguished pedigrees attached to them. Furniture designed and carved by the master Eduardo Ah-Tay and his Binondo workshop, known for their impeccable workmanship and meticulously detailed carvings of Filipino and Chinese motifs are highlights in this sale. A significant piece is a four-poster Ah-Tay bed commissioned by the Pardo de Tavera Family, one of the most affluent families in the 19th century. Also included is a pair of estilo Louis Quinze arm chairs done in the third quarter of the 19th century also done by Ah-Tay.

One of the gems of this auction is a kamagong cabinet crafted in the second quarter of the 19th century from the estate of Dr. José Fernandez Fabella, one of the pioneers of modern Philippine healthcare system and the Secretary of Health in Quezon’s cabinet. This cabinet was carved with fine inlays of carabao bone and actuated on its top with urn-like finials, which have been lined with silver and lanite. Important furniture featured from the collection of Dr. Alejandro Roces Legarda is also on offer. A secretary desk (better known as an escritorio) drawn from the Edwardian-style of the 20th century that has been created from narra.

Noteworthy in this sale are items of fine Philippine objet d’ art, starting with a gilded silver monstrance used in receiving in communion of the Catholic liturgy, made in the second quarter of the 18th century and a set of 19th century ornate silver crowns commissioned to adorn religious images; both have been sourced from the Richard and Sandra Lopez Collection.

Exceedingly rare and historically important documents such as the Decalogueor Ten Commandments of the Katipunan which was handwritten by Andres Bonifacio will also be included in the auction. A letter from Josephine Bracken to El Presidente Emilio Aguinaldo plus a letter from National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal to the Scottish millionaire based in the Philippines, Mr. Alejandro Macleod, whom he personally thanked for giving shelter to his sisters, Lucia and Trinidad.

Once a recruit was inducted into the society, their ranking shall be determined by the “Kataastaasang Sangguinian” (Supreme Council) as represented by a ceremonial medal featuring two crossed bolos. These important documents and artifacts were sourced from the collection of the eminent Philippine scholar Epifanio de los Santos, whose literature and scholarship helped in detailing the true narrative of the Philippine Revolution.

It is fitting that in anticipation of the release of an upcoming film “Goyo” featuring Gregorio del Pilar, military memorabilia from his own regiment will be on the auction block. Two epaulets and hand-drawn designs of the revolutionary uniform created by none other than Juan Luna will go under the hammer. These designs were commissioned by his brother, General Antonio Luna.

The preview of “The Magnificent September Auction 2018” shall run from September 1-7, 2018 at León Gallery located in Eurovilla I, Legaspi Street corner Rufino Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City.  

For more information, visit, call +632 8562781 or email us at

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Get Ready For The TOYS "R" US Flash Sale

The BER months is here and we are all excited to give special gifts to our children. Back in the day, Santa Claus was the source of every toy a kid could ever want, and both naughty and nice had to count down to Christmas to see what goodies lay under the tree courtesy of the Big Man in the Red Suit. Today, children don’t have to wait for Santa or the season of giving to get their toy fix: beloved international toy chain Toys “R” Us offers shelves upon shelves of the latest games and playthings for the young and young at heart. Best of all, they’re available the whole year round!

From September 3 to 5, 2018, Mastercard celebrates Christmas three months early through a tie-up with giant toy retailer Toys “R” Us for the biggest Flash Sale in town.   

The giant toy retailer’s exclusive promo is open to all active consumer credit, debit, and prepaid Mastercard holders at its Robinsons Galleria branch so mark your calendars and plan your early holiday shopping with the kids. Discounts are valid for straight and up to 6-month installment purchase at 0% interest for select existing enrolled products.

Find your child’s dream toy kitchen set, mini race car or baby doll on select discounted items and get up to 50% off while score up to 10% discount on regular priced items exclusive of batteries, confectioneries, and Tech Zone items. Mastercard holders can also get a free P100 Costa Coffee gift certificate for a single receipt minimum purchase of P3,000. The gift certificate will be given automatically at the counter upon receipt of payment and can be availed at any Costa Coffee Branch.

Show some love and make your little ones smile with their desired toys as Mastercard and Toys “R” Us give you the best deal this month.

DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9488 Series of 2018 

About Mastercard

Mastercard (NYSE: MA),, is a technology company in the global payments industry. Our global payments processing network connects consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone. Follow us on Twitter @MastercardAP, join the discussion on the Beyond the Transaction Blog and subscribe for the latest news on the Engagement Bureau.

Pinoy Youth Pride, AJFC Team Pinas Brings Gold, Silver From Munich, Germany

Football is a sport that requires nothing but a field and a ball. The football ground does not exactly  need to be fancy for the purpose of training. It's amazing how Filipino youth are now giving this sport a chance to help with their active lifestyle.

From the recently concluded Allianz Junior Football Camp (AJFC) 2018 that was held in Munich, Germany, our Philippine representatives Juan Miguel Basmayor and Catherine Angelica Bradborn bagged silver and bronze medals in. 

The two were members of the teams that won the silver and bronze medals at a tournament held at Säbener Straße on the last day of the five-day camp attended by 56 young players ages 14 to 16 from 24 different countries.

Basmayor, a former national team player for football, now plays for De La Salle Zobel. Bradborn, on the other hand, a rookie who hails from Pampanga, plays for Luenthai Football Club.

“The kids at the camp were very competitive. They all played to make their country proud. But I had to make sure that despite our cultural differences and the language barrier we understand each other. We speak the same language when it comes to football,” Basmayor said.

For her part, Bradborn showed her determination to continue a career in football and represent the country. “I am only new in the game unlike Basma, but my advantage as a goalkeeper is my height. I have not seen girls who play football with the same height,” said the 16-year old, Filipino-British player who stands at 5’9” tall.

According to Bernadette Pantoja, Allianz PNB Life Vice President for Bancassurance Distribution Partner Head – HSBC, who coached the kids during their stay in the camp, “We are so proud of our AJFC kids, because they were leading their teams in the camp. Their team members were relying on them.”

According to Pantoja, prior to the tournament, the players attended three training sessions in theory and practice, which was led by World Cup winner Klaus Augenthaler, whose 15-year career playing for FC Bayern Munich led to seven Bundesliga titles.

A third representative from the Philippines, Ivy Tapiz from Dipolog joined Basmayor and Bradborn in the Munich camp. Tapiz, an equally talented football player, won the camp’s Robotics activity. The robot designed by Tapiz will be launched in the stratosphere by German astronaut Gerhard Thiele.

The 10th AJFC focused on building ‘confidence’ and ‘trust’ and making a ‘change’.

The camp participants got to see their idols up close during an open training session and meet and greet session, where they landed photos and autographs with the likes of world champion Corentin Tolisso, Thomas Müller and long-serving Bayern captain Oliver Kahn. Other highlights of the camp was a talk by Bastian Schweinsteiger and a live game match at the Allianz Arena, where they watch a live football match between FC Bayern and Chicago Fire.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Repertory Philippines Brings You Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale

Enjoy magic and mirth with the family as REP’s Theater for Young Audiences reinvents the classic, whimsical adventure of Princess Rapunzel in Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale from September 15, 2018 to January 27, 2019 at the OnStage Theater, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

Rediscover a beloved fairytale as REP'S Theater for YOung Audiences. In this musical play, you'll see twists and turns abound retelling of the childhood classic, including delightful new characters with their own mysterious stories, intersecting at just the right comical and heartwarming moments.

Based on the story, music, and lyrics by Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman, the play opens with the beautiful, extremely long-haired Princess Rapunzel (Cara Barredo, Mikkie Bradshaw, Justine Narciso and Alyssa Rosa) being kidnapped and trapped inside a tower as the evil Lady Za Za (Carla Guevara-Laforteza and Liesl Batucan) tries to seize the entire kingdom and place it under her rule.

Hans Eckstein as Sir Roderick

Carla Guevarra-Laforteza as Lady Za Za

Arnel Carrion as old dragon Socrates

Cara Barredo as Rapunzel

Steven Hotchkiss as Edgar the Hair Stylist

While on the quest to find the perfect head of hair, Sir Roderick (Hans Eckstein, Andres Borromeo and Brendon Banares) and his hairstylist friend Edgar (Steven Hotchkiss, Chino Veguillas, and Kenny Isidro) find their way to the tower in the middle of the dark forest to rescue Rapunzel with the help of a slightly neurotic Gypsy Woman (Bituin Escalante and Naths Everett) and witty, old dragon Socrates (Arnel Carrion, Raymund Concepcion and Jamie Wilson).

Joy Virata directs the colorful cast of this magical world, including an evil would-be queen, a handsome prince, a determined hairstylist, a lovable dragon, and the princess with a famous head of hair. 

Interested organizations and schools may now reserve slots for fundraising purposes. For the available show dates and tickets, call REP at 843-3570 or Ticketworld at 891-9999, or log on to

For updates and show schedules, log on to, like and follow repertoryphilippines on Facebook and Instagram, and follow @repphils on Twitter.

Yee leads Likha Collab: An All-Filipino Natural Marketplace launch

Left to right: Abdul Paravengal - Pulse63 Managing Director; Czar Carbonel - Magwai Organics founder; Pinky T. Yee, Likha Collab and Pure Es...