Friday, January 29, 2016


What immediately comes to mind when the word pottery is mentioned? Interestingly, many would say “like in The Ghost!”, alluding to that iconic romantic movie scene. But, to what is “pottery” commonly associated with? A vessel for food to many Artifact jars,.decorative plates, or functional earthenware to others. But to a group of potter-friends, it connotes a web of close friendships aside from the love for the art itself Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn have been teaching pottery since the late 70’s. Through their commitment they have converted many pottery enthusiasts into serious potters, long after their pottery school closed. Their workshop continues to welcome those interested in working with clay. In recent years, many Pettyjohns’ students meet at least once a month in Pansol to get their “clay fix”. During these “pot sessions” they get high from kneading, slabbing, throwing and trimming the clay, as well as in glazing their bisqued pots. Each month they come back with eager anticipation almost akin to parent-to-be’s anxieties on how their glazed pots will finally come out of the kiln. Every Christmas season, they try to get together for Raku firing and “exchange pots”. Food and music are staples during such get-togethers. It is amazing how pottery has generated such close friendships that continue to deepen and broaden. COMRADES IN CLAY is the reunion of potter friends with common mentors Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn. They come from varied backgrounds: Rita Gudiño, Head of Ceramics Studio of the UP College of Fine Arts’; contemporary pottery artist and UP teacher Joey de Castro; noted painter Tensie Bello; Dr. Peppon Rondain, Head of Makati Medical Center’s Nuclear Medicine; Finance Assistant Secretary Didith Tan; Ging Pajaro, founder/owner of Via Venetto; freelance TV commercial producer Sonny Cruz; investment banker Dedette Bautista of ING Bank; ceramics engineer EJ Espiritu; Japanese restaurateur Ritsuko Kikuchi; Kiko Demetillo of St. Luke’s Medical Center’s International Patient Care; entrepreneur Johann Gohoc, and retired public servant Rescy Bhagwani. COMRADES IN CLAY will be at the Gallery of The Globe Tower, 32nd St. cor. 7th Ave. BGC, Taguig the whole month of February 2016. Exhibit is open during workdays until 7pm and by appointment on Saturdays. Also at the Globe Gallery for the same period is AS I SEE IT, a photo exhibit by Paolo Rondain.

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