Friday, September 17, 2021

Glowing celebration with Mestiza Philippines & Samantha Bernardo


“I am Samantha Bernardo and I am so honored to be Mestiza Philippines’s newest brand ambassador. I am one with the brand in promoting our message to young Pinays out there na with Mestiza, “Achieve ang Healthy Glowing Skin.” Kaya naman sama-sama nating i-achieve ang healthy glowing skin and together we can be confident and fearless to face the world.” says Filipina beauty queen who exemplified the same glowing confidence from the pageant she joined to this virtual event. 


It was a celebration of unified glow as Mestiza Philippines launched Samantha Bernardo as their new Brand Ambassador in a virtual press conference and a meet & greet with our friends from the media, bloggers, and influencers. Samantha truly showcased her glowing confidence by answering the questions from the guests who happily participated in the program’s games & gimmicks. Everyone had fun, good vibes, and enjoyed special gifts from Mestiza. 


That glowing confidence made her win the first-runner up of Miss Grand International 2020 and the perfect choice to be the face of the brand. Mestiza Philippines passionately advocates for self-confidence and individuality among the new generation of young women in the country.  It was notable for the brand to be represented by their newest “Grand Ambassador” who embodies these attributes backed up by a beautiful story of confidence and perseverance. Martina Salimbangon, Mestiza’s Head of Content hosted the event and welcomed Samantha with pride and joy, “I am proud to introduce to you the new face of our product and the torchbearer of this glowing brand.”


Samantha took the lead in re-introducing the variety of soaps and their benefits to the skin. Its best-selling product “Original” variant is suitable for sensitive skin with 33% extra premium virgin coconut oil while their “Prime” variants are designed to help young Pinays with common skin issues like having oily to dry skin – Earth Brown, Green Serenity, Bountiful Violet, and Scarlet Rose all contain 40% extra premium VCO which makes this variation of soaps a total stand out in the market. Sam was also excited to launch a new line of skincare products with the brand soon.


Get your own Mestiza variant and be part of the glowing community of #MestizaFam, available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

SM Supermalls launches it’s 100 Days ‘til Christmas and it’s all about caring and giving

For the past years have always had us counting down to the most wonderful time of the year when the ‘ber’ months roll in; Christmas carols fill the air, dazzling tree lights dot the streets, shopping for gifts becomes a sport, and everyone else goes on a diet to make way for Christmas feasts.

This year may not be as festive as previous years, but it will most certainly be more meaningful. SM showed us the most uplifting way to best celebrate the season with “100 Days of Caring”;  featuring 100 days of spreading love, thoughtfulness, and care for one another and for the communities surrounding our favorite SM malls. The virtual event showcasing the pledges happened Thursday, Sept 16, 2021 over FB Live and WatchSM on YouTube.

“100 days of Caring”. To kickstart the Christmas countdown, SM pledged to donate to over 10,000 beneficiaries, namely communities in need, hardworking SM employees, medical frontliners and dedicated delivery partners, among others. Some of the beneficiaries and their partner malls are as follows: 

‘Gift’ for your mental health. Aside from our physical health being at risk during a pandemic, our mental health is also affected due to the stress and anxiety these times bring. And since SM believes in the value of taking care of our mental health, Dr Gia Sison, MD DPCOM gave a  ‘Call to Share’ talk during the virtual launch. Dr Gia Sison is a mental health advocate and co-founder of PH Leader Livestrong Foundation. Her talk centered on how to cope during this stressful time and still find hope in a better tomorrow.

100 voices that care. If there’s one thing that binds us all Filipinos together, it’s our passion and love for music. While we may not be allowed to have big gatherings this year, SM entertained the audience with the performance of the 3 Divas – Rahda, Frenchie and Bituin Escalante; later on joined by 100 artists, singers, and SM employees and stakeholders who came together to sing during the virtual launch on Sept 16.

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, times may be tough, and many of us may be physically apart, but let’s not forget what this season truly means. To view the event, go to WatchSM on YouTube.

For more information, bookmark and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Student Fundraiser helps thousands of learners in World Vision’s 5K Campaign Challenge


Students across the Philippines once again showed their support for fellow learners whose education were affected by the pandemic by joining World Vision’s 2020 5K Campaign Challenge, a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the child-focused organization’s COVID-19 emergency response.

Going above and beyond their goals, World Vision’s student ambassadors were able to raise more than PHP 300,000 and the total amount of donations will be used to help over 3,000 learners all over the country

The 5K Campaign Challenge’s objective is to encourage the participating students to fundraise among their peers and relatives to help children receive modules and gadgets to continue their education.

During the pandemic, the common challenge among children have been their education, which was why Abutin Nat10 was selected as the focus of the 2020 5K Campaign Challenge.  Funds raised for Abutin Na10, a program created by World Vision in partnership with DepEd, will contribute to DepEd’s Learning Continuity Plan and its multi modal approaches, so that children can continue to learn and develop their life skills even in these difficult times.

The students who participated in the 5K Campaign Challenge came from schools across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in a Virtual Congratulatory Event hosted by World Vision, the following students were recognized because of their huge contribution to make the initiative a great success.

The Top Advocates or students who encouraged others to join the campaign are Arisha of Brent International School, who invited friends to participate in the fundraising and even partnered with a local business to reach her goals, Carina of Homeschool Global, who also invited 3 other friends to fundraise with her and Bernice of Homeschool Global, who advocated for the cause through a livestream performance.

The First Achievers or students who first achieved the target goal of PHP 5,000 are Paige of Homeschool Global, Imma of Paref Woodrose, and Luisa of De La Salle MHSI.

Meanwhile, the Top Fundraisers of the 5K Campaign Challenge are Kreisha of Homeschool Global, Yashmin of Ateneo De Cebu, and Margau Leanne of Beacon Academy.

“I was reading several articles on how to do volunteer work as a teenager who was being discouraged to go out during the pandemic. I wanted to be useful, to contribute to the success of others and to help.  What do I do to figure out where to start? World Vision happened to teach me how to answer that question. With that, I would love to take this opportunity to thank this organization for giving the youth the chance to contribute and be the change society wishes to see,” said Leanne, the Top Fundraiser from Beacon Academy who was able to raise PHP 92,000 for the initiative.

“Being accepted into the student ambassadorship program will remain a huge blessing to me as it opened me to the path I’ve always wanted to take during the pandemic, which is to be able to help even if I was restricted to the four corners of my bedroom. Being awarded as one of the top fundraisers made me realize a lot of things… in that even during tough times, there are still some people willing to extend their helping hand to those who need it,” Leanne shared.

World Vision Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith led the 5K Campaign Challenge by inspiring everyone to unite and become #OneForChildren especially during this challenging period.

“The reality is that not everyone has access to internet or gadgets. This campaign will provide students with different modes of learning because we believe that their education should not be affected or stopped because of Covid-19. Again, Abutin Na10 sampung piso, sampung araw, sampung milyong Pilipino para sa sampung milyong mag-aaral!” said Curtis-Smith.

Meanwhile, the Perkins Twins Jesse and Christian also congratulated the youth who steps up to help others during these trying times. “What you guys do is such an amazing thing because obviously it helps those in need but also they’re the next generation, they’ll never forget the help you’ve given them,” Jesse said.

Also supporting the 5K Campaign Challenge are World Vision’s corporate partners Promate and Urbanize.

“It’s so inspiring to see students helping and supporting fellow students, especially the ones who need our help. Thank you for sharing joy and hope to them. We find that the times creating anxiety for us, sapping the hope from our hearts, these are the same things that spur us to get out of our comfort zones and try to become the better version of our ourselves in order to reach out and be a blessing to others,” said Jun Godornes, World Vision Resource Development Director.

“We also hope you discovered something new about yourself, what you are most passionate about, how you can do things you thought were impossible...and become the change agents that we need to see more in this world,” Godornes added.

To know more about World Vision’s 5K Campaign Challenge and its initiative against COVID-19, please visit You may also follow /worldvisionph on Facebook and @worldvisionphl on Instagram for updates.

About World Vision

World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.



Social sharing has become an integral part of people’s lives and daily routines. People are turning to social online platforms to provide endless possibilities to reach out to anyone, anywhere across the world! It has become an indispensable part of one’s life.


17LIVE Inc, the operator of the leading live streaming platform 17LIVE in Asia, has announced its expansion in Singapore through its wholly-owned business unit.


“We are proud to announce the launch of 17LIVE in Singapore as we strengthen our commitment by establishing our local operations here. Through our 17LIVE platform, we hope to build connections and interactions amongst the Singapore community in real time to create a new form of entertainment platform that connects our talents and audience,” - Alex Lien, CEO of 17LIVE for Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


17LIVE is launched with a mission to empower human interactions and connections through live technology. With the tagline, Life happens Live, 17LIVE wants to create moments irreplaceable with live streaming technology where users can create a world to connect with anyone to empower expressions and connections to build borderless human connections together!


With 17LIVE, there is no fine line between borders and generations. Anyone and everyone can come together to engage, entertain, educate and most importantly enjoy the experience of watching and the process of producing it.


Each country in Southeast Asia will have their own curated contents to reach out to their users. There will also possibly be some introduction of large-scale domestic events where 17LIVE elevates the experience of large-scale events to enjoy "music" mainly through live distribution with top artists from Japan and overseas.


In addition, many exciting programs will be held in different countries globally, to deepen exchanges with people around the world through 17LIVE. With the launch of 17LIVE in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, 17LIVE. Inc hopes to become the next major entertaining platform with diversified content to enrich people’s lives and elevate the online live streaming experience to a whole new level. 


About 17LIVE

17LIVE (one seven live) is Asia's largest* live streaming platform. With a mission to “Empower Human Connections through Live Technology", it aims to create a world where users can enjoy every moment of their lives on the seven continents — Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia — under one sky. The platform reached 50 million registered users worldwide as of September 2021.


How to Watch Download 17LIVE

Please download 17LIVE app for free** at:


17LIVE Official Website:



Monday, September 6, 2021

World Vision helps empower more children with Chosen™ through partnership with PascualLab


Six months after international non-profit organization World Vision joined hands with
Pascual Laboratories, Inc. (PascualLalb), the organization has been able to help 77 more children to enable themselves to choose their future via the program Chosen™

Chosen™ the campaign which was launched last year in various World Vision offices, has been changing lives around the world by empowering children to contribute to the course of their future by giving them the power to choose their sponsors. 


PascualLab, one of the top-of-mind pharma companies for health and wellness products and manufacturing services, known for its unwavering passion for health and life, shares in World Vision’s belief that every child deserves access to healthcare, nutrition, and quality education.


Roy Gerona from PascualLab’s manufacturing plant shares. “It is emotionally rewarding. We feel so blessed that we are given a chance to sponsor a child.  We were created by God for a mission,” Wife Almerlyn who also works for PascualLab affirms that one of these missions is charity work: “It is a great feeling to be able to help others”. As parents, they are also happy to show their kids the value of education through Child Sponsorship.

Corporate social responsibility has always been a part of PascualLab’s values and the partnership with World Vision allows employees to live out this value. 


“It is an honor for me to be a part of a company that is able to hold on to its commitment for social responsibility despite the pandemic,” testifies Juan dela Cruz (not his real name), one of the employees of PascualLab’s subsidiary Leonie Agri Corp.


Although the pandemic has affected Chosen’s™ launch in early 2020, World Vision was still able to help 255 children find sponsors.  The Chosen™ Campaign created a venue for PascualLab staff to help change the lives of children, even at the height of the spread and challenges of COVID-19.


“When the pandemic broke out, it unveiled the great divide between rich and poor in our country. Many have struggled and many are still struggling. Being able to assist someone in our own little way could impact their lives more than we could ever know,” Brithanie Urquico from PascualLab’s corporate office agrees. “I am content and happy to be able to make a difference, especially now that even the smallest of efforts truly counts,” she adds.

The partnership is also part of PascualLab’s 75th anniversary celebration, wherein the Pascual family and employees were inspired to share some #PascualLove by giving back and doing something meaningful for their hometown, Malabon. Through the partnership with World Vision, PascualLab’s employees experienced being chosen by children from the child-focused, assisted community in Malabon.


The partnership was sealed in a Memorandum of Agreement signed last April, where 125 PascualLab employees committed to sponsoring children. This new and effective way in child sponsorship through Chosen™ is not only transforming the lives of the sponsored children but also of the sponsors.

Giving a child the power to choose is like allowing them to create the future that they want. It’s a critical part of our self-development, and each one of the choices that we make shapes our experiences and brings us to where we want to be in our life,” says Angelie Paje of
Pascual Consumer HealthCare, Corp.

Currently, both World Vision and PascualLab are also endeavoring to make the holiday season more meaningful for the children through letter-writing and other initiatives in the pipeline.

“We at World Vision are grateful to PascualLab for becoming a part of the Chosen™ child sponsorship campaign. This collaboration is a blessing as we achieve hope, joy and justice for all children,” says World Vision National Director Rommel V. Fuerte.

To know how you can change a child’s life by signing up to be Chosen™, you may visit

About World Vision

World Vision is a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, their families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Inspired by its Christian faith and values, it is dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people. It serves and collaborates with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. 

For inquiries about the topic or media interviews, you may contact:


Monday, August 30, 2021

Stop renting and level up to owning your house at Lumina Ozamiz


Living in the comfort of your own home is one of the best feelings ever. And I guess, everyone can relate to that. Having no worries on monthly rent, that’s already a life to celebrate.

The convenience of going home everyday to your own place with security provided in your community, gives you all the reasons to settle in a peaceful place yet with some heritage and stories to tell.

You can decide then to stop wasting your hard-earned money paying for rent but level up from leasing to owning a house and lot. Experience that feel-good milestone in your life as an individual or as a family.  For most people, acquiring your own property is an achievement that makes you feel like a winner.

Because now a days, owning a real estate property is one of the best investments you can start acquiring. The value of properties increases most of the time, and that's a sign.

Check on places like city provinces. I've discovered that Ozamiz is known as the historical, cultural and pilgrimage destination in Mindanao, truly rich in history. 

Lumina Ozamiz is composed of a large scale of land with 10.2 hectares which offers 1,467 units in total. It is located in Brgy. Labo, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental. 4-kilometers away from the City Proper with at least 12 minutes’ drive.   



If you have a family of three and, or like to be independently living alone? This is a great news for you! Lumina Ozamiz offers Aimee Rowhouse, a BARE type and a bungalow type unit in which you can choose to design your own house. 

It has a minimum of 36 square meters with floor area of 22 square meters. With one (1) provision for living and dining area, kitchen, toilet and bath, provision for a bedroom and a service area. 

Aimee RH is composed of plain cement finish floor with a skim coated finish on the interior and a skim coated painted finish on its exterior, steel door on the main and service area, a PVC door on toilet and bath. And, a steel casement windows, with concrete slab and without cabinet door kitchen counter, a flush type water closet. Lastly, a long span roofing on steel frames. 



If you are looking for a bigger house than the previously mentioned one? Then, Lumina Ozamiz gives you Adriana TH. It is a two-storey townhouse with a minimum lot area of 36 square meters with floor area of 44 square meters. With living and dining area, provisions for two (2) bedrooms, a carport and a service area.

Adriana Townhouse is made of a plain cement finish floor and a plastered finish with floor tiles on toilet and bath. Its wall is a skim coated finish on interior wall, a painted plastered finish on exterior wall and with ceramic tiles on toilet and bath. Its doors and windows are the same with Aimee Rowhouse except for the ceramic tiles on toilet and bath wall and the painted fiber cement board on the exterior ceiling.



Lumina Ozamiz offers single firewall unit for your own convenience. Angeli SF is a two-storey single firewall and basic type kind of a unit with minimum lot area of 60 square meters and floor area of 42 square meters. Provision for one (1) living and dining area, kitchen, toilet and bath, provision for two (2) or three (3) bedrooms, with own carport and service area.

When it comes to its floor, wall, doors, windows, kitchen counters and ceiling they have the same specification with Adriana Townhouse except for its flush type water closet and pre-painted ribbed type roof with flashing on steel frames.

There is also, ANGELI DUPLEX, as to specifications and features it is one and the same with Angeli SF. But, it is a duplicate unit attached to each other.



Armina Single Firewall is much bigger than the Angeli model house. If you want to move-in right after without worrying about the house accessories such as floor tiles, wall partition and ceiling. Well, this unit is the best for you. Less hassle and easy moving-in

It’s a two-storey single firewall but a complete package. It has a minimum lot area of 54 square meters and floor area of 42 square meters. With living and dining areas, kitchen, toilet and bath, provision for three (3) bedrooms, with own carport, service area, with ceiling and wall partitions already.

The floor, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, water closet and roof have the same specifications with Angeli Single Firewall except for that of ground floor tiles and kitchen counter with concrete slab with tiles but without cabinet doors.

The same with Angeli SF, Lumina Ozamiz also offers ARMINA DUPLEX.

You and your family will definitely enjoy the amenities available at Lumina Homes.

  • Gazeebo
  • Shuttle Service
  • Playground
  • Basketball Covered Court
  • Guarded entrance with 24 hours roving personnel security

Wonderful Amenities to enjoy with your family!

Lumina Ozamiz is also known for its great establishment nearby. In relation to that, the project is near the Labo Church, just no reason to missed out a great start of your day with our God’s Grace and Wisdom. 

As we, Filipinos are known for our religious traits. Worried about your children’s education? Worry no more, because Labo Central School and Labo National High School, are walking distance to your home location. And with great Universities, just 4-kilometers away to the City Proper and with their shuttle service, you’ll children will be in good hands and will safely arrived their individual schools in time. And lastly, not to be missed out with, Lumina Ozamiz is just 2.2 kilometers away from the City Airport.

Different types of financing scheme

Spot Cash
Deferred Cash 
In-house financing

Their staff will help you in deciding what financing scheme is best suited for you.

If you are traveling from the Eastern part of Misamis Occidental, you’ll reach Lumina Ozamiz through the New Diversion Road via Clarin to Ozamiz City. And, if you are traveling from the Western and Southern part, from Lam-an National Highway. Turn right going to the Airport Road, upon reaching Misamis Union High School and Golden D Inn, turn left. Pass through Brgy. Molicay and enter Barangay Labo with landmark “Welcome to Brgy. Labo”. Upon approaching 7k Wood Ventures, turn left going to the old bridge. Then, straight ahead until you reach the site. And we also have the newly built expansion --- Bacolod-Carangan Diversion Road to Brgy. Labo.  


BBB Project

The Build Build Build Projects aims to increase the country’s lack of infrastructure for the Philippine Economic Development. One of the BBB Projects is the Panguil Bay Bridge which connects the Tangub City, Misamis Occidental to Tubod, Lanao del Norte. Panguil Bay Bridge is a Mega Bridge Masterplan. This bridge will help reduce the traveling time of every individual. Once this bridge is completed, this will become the longest bridge in the Philippines with 3.7-kilometer long. 

Not just the longest but it also provides the most convenient interisland connection between Northern Mindanao. The time reduction of traveling from Ozamiz City to Mukas, Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte will be shorten to 20 minutes compared to Roro transportation. And, from Tangub City to Tubod, Lanao del Norte will be shorten to 10 minutes’ drive along the Mega Bridge. So, owning a property in Lumina Ozamiz with such development will be good investments and a home to stay at. 

If you have a family in Lanao del Norte, and you are current living in Lumina Ozamiz will no longer be of worry for that tiring and long-hour drive to your destinations across the ocean just to visit them in any occasions. Any time, any day you can travel and visit as many places as you can.


Nearby Tourist Location Spotted

If you are you the kind of person who likes traveling a lot to a beautiful sceneries and relaxing places? Then, good news for you! As Lumina Ozamiz is located in a province where which born with jaw dropping tourist destinations that is worth visiting for. And, here are some of those:


It is located in Clarin, Misamis Occidental. Just 14.5 kilometers away from Lumina Ozamiz and it only takes 23 minutes ride via Airport Access Road to reach your destination. House of Suman has gained its reputation as the most visit food destination in the province for having 18 varieties of Filipinos beloved delicacy, Suman, is usually paired with coffee or a hot sikwate. 


It is located in Barangay Hoyohoy, Tangub, City, Misamis Occidental. It is best known as the “Tagaytay of the South”, for its beautiful and fresh air soothing feeling of being at the high ground. You could also enjoy taking great picture as the area around you has a breathtaking view of the mountains and it helps a lot calming your emotional distress. And, if you plan to visit these places, you might want to bring your leather jacket or hoodies because as the sun goes down, the temperature becomes relatively low. 

Hoyohoy View Deck and Hoyohoy Stone Chapel & Theme Park is just 12.7 kilometers away from Lumina Ozamiz. And the must-visit place in the province due to its scenic skyline view.


Is located in Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental and is over 90 kilometers away from Lumina Ozamiz site location. The Shrine is a replica of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer. The giant statue overlooks the Caluya and Murcielagos Bay with over one-hundred-ninety steps to conquer the top of the shrine, it may sounds tiring yet changeling ‘coz as you reached the top, the breathtaking view of the bays and mountains, the fresh air and cool breeze you’d experience is more than enough of a reward.

As we talk about the Caluya Shrine, you might as well visit the ---- COTTA FORT & SHRINE, best known locally as Birhen sa Cotta”. The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is carved in the exterior of the fort, which as time goes by, many believes that it is miraculously guarding and protecting the Ozamiznons at the entrance of the Panguil Bay. There are still many more places you’ve yet to discover and uncover in the province. You just have to breathe and make on your own choice, to where you’d want to stay with the best opportunities offers for you in Lumina Ozamiz.

Festivities & Occurrence in the Province

Festival is a Philippine culture which has been practiced a long time ago and it has been nurtured throughout generations after generations. It offers a chance to every Filipino to exhibits their rich culture and homage to the country’s history and each provinces --- patron saints. They are vibrant, joyous and big events celebrated with lots of show and cultural dances. Here are some festivals celebrated in the Province of Misamis Occidental:

SUBAYAN KEG SUBANEN, it is celebrated every 16th day of July in Ozamiz City. A day full of people participating in a street dancing competition which highlights the lifestyles of every Subanen (as one of the indigenous people in the Philippines) as portrays in songs and dances participated by different school in the province and with the LGU contingents using vibrant costumes and creative props design. It commemorates the Anniversary of the City of Ozamiz being a chartered city in July 16, 1948.

Every December 1st, Tangub City opens its grandest Christmas Village to the public. The city hailed as the “Christmas Symbol of the Philippines”, due to its cheerful celebration, dazzling display of Christmas lights on replicas of various iconic landmarks around the world, and is the most visited city during the month-long Christmas Celebration to witness the extravagant display of delightful shining art forms and the street is filled with enchanted Christmas decors.

Must-try Foods in the Locality 

Are you a foodie? Or do you like to discover new delicacies and amazing foods in just inside your home? Then, let me take you to the most demanded local delicacies in the province, even with the tourists.

Suman or rice-cake is a typical Filipino delicacy served during “merienda” but also during special occasions as such as local feast celebration and ‘simbang gabi’ season. These are made of glutinous rice wrapped with banana or fresh coconut leaves, usually served with hot sikwate or ripe mango as a complement. Also, it is great snack during rainy days.

Next, Ngohoing, is a local version of spring roll filled julienne vegetables (especially turnips, coconut heart palm and carrots), with minced pork, minced shrimps, garlic and onion seasoned with condiments. Everybody just love this new variety of lumpia and is good with ‘Puso’ (rice wrapped in leaves). 

And, Dragon Fruit Flavored Ice Cream, is a mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and of course the dragon fruit itself. If you’re an ice cream lover person, then great! This is for you, the creamiest and sweeties ice cream delights your fully deserved while comfortably in your home in Lumina Ozamiz, in a very sunny day.


For August, homeseekers can simply present their COVID vaccination card to enjoy as much as P1,000 off on reservation fees for all house models from Good JAB, Kabarangay! 

Finally, there’s 9 Years, 9 Wins, a raffle promo featuring 9 special prizes, ranging from home appliances to AllEasy load credits, and grocery packages. For every reservation, homeowners and sellers shall get 1 raffle ticket.

Where to Reserve

Amid pandemic, Lumina strived to make its home offerings and services available to many by launching a series of innovative, digital solutions:

  • Lumina Homes Online - one stop home reservation portal with interactive web map allowing homeowners to view exact unit location within subdivision and reserve through GCash, AllEasy, or credit card

  • Official stores in the e-commerce sites of Shopee and Lazada (1st real estate brand on Shopee)

  • Recently, it also launched its official stores in the social platforms: Viber Store, GLife Store, and Facebook Shopping Cart allowing prospect homebuyers to directly reserve a home through Viber, GCash App, and Facebook Messenger, respectively.


Call To Action

For further information, please contact Lumina Ozamiz at +63917-316-5287 (globe) or +63999-886-4338 (smart). Its office is located at JP Rizal Avenue, Washington Street, 50th Barangay, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental in front of Red Ribbon Ozamiz and beside 2GO Express Ozamiz Branch. 


You may also look for their official Facebook page – @LuminaOzamizOfficialPage. Or visit for more details.

Glowing celebration with Mestiza Philippines & Samantha Bernardo

  “I am Samantha Bernardo and I am so honored to be Mestiza Philippines’s newest brand ambassador. I am one with the brand in promoting our ...