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PHILIPPINES : Experience Albay

Our country, Philippines has so many beautiful provinces we could visit too.  Albay is one province with many hidden and known beauties, it bears beauty that is pure, basic and grand.  Albay has a certain charm that will sweep you off your feet and bring you to the time that was or give you a majestic feeling that is simply indescribable.  With fifteen  15 municipalities and three 3 cities, Albay bears so many things to see and experience. 
Governor Al Francis Bichara was a gracious host as he welcomed us to his place. Hospitality reflected on the people, from the people  and this was reflected by the people of the various local government units (Dept of Tourism and Dept of Agriculture) and that of Human Explore Travel and Tours.  The tour given to us was both informative and time worthy.  Tiring as it may be BUT truly worth every moment. Our gratitude to Ms. Dorothy Colle and her people from the Department of Tourism Provincial Division Region V – Albay, Ms. Che Rebeta of the Provincial Agriculture Department and Ms. Farah Sobremisana – owner partner of Pepperland Hotel.  They truly made our visit such a wonder thru their efforts and time generosity.
Albay is filled with old churches, old craft making, worthy places to go to, old houses, natural beauties and beautiful festivities.  With magnificent places around the majestic Mayon Volcano, if you do a whole 360 tour like the one we did ours, one would get to see this natural wonder in all its beauty.  Try to learn also the story behind this famous volcano and and unconver the Daragang Magayon mystery.
From the ruins of Cagsawa (with a average guest of 150pax per day) to the churches in Camalig, Ligao, Sto. Domingo and Daraga, to the calm Sumlang Lake and the historic Japanese caves in Quituinan Hills, to the traditional way of metal smiting in Tabaco, farms and various beautiful parks and landmarks all over Albay, you will never have a dull moment when you decide to do a full exploration of the province.  It is also filled of noteworthy food places that you could and should try out (story and review in another write-up).  Albay also has spring resorts with water source coming from near the volcano or underneath the ground making it cool or even cold depending on the time of the year – such resort is D’ Hacienda Spring and Nature Resort in Guinobatan, Albay.
For active people, I would highly recommend for you to try out the Japanese tunnels/caves in Quituinan Hills.  The trek is not that stressful but the crawling (should you be adventurous enough) is like having an archeological dig.  For historical buffs, try seeing the various churches of the different municipalities and compare notes in terms of its style and story behind it.  Should you wish to see various craftsmanship of the place, go to Sumlang Lake to see the woven beauties of Albay, the metal smiting of Tabaco, pottery shops in Tiwi and pili delicacy making in Legazpi.  Don’t forget to visit the various farms in the province that show the resiliency of the people as reflected in their farms – some of them are IG worthy too.
Experience Albay and, you get to see this natural beauty in all its grandeur.  With clouds or without, Mayon will surely captivate you may it be morning, noon, mid afternoon or sunset.  With its romantic yet tragic story behind this beauty, you will definitely want to be welcomed by it every time you are in the said province.
Albay is truly beautiful! The people reflect their place and the place live through its people.

Let's go Japanese with YOSHINOYA

Weekend is family day to The ANG FOODIE Family.  Last Sunday after church, we decided to visit Yoshinoya in Glorietta, Makati.  We love different cuisines and we definitely love  Japanese foods. 
Most people thought of Japanese foods as pricey.  No, not with Yoshinoya! We have our favorites here!  Starting from the Little Ang, she's a number 1 fan of Tempura, while Mr. Ang is an avid fan of Gyudon! Of course, Mrs. Ang eats almost everything Japanese!  
Let's start with the appetizer. This healthy Kani Salad is good for sharing. It's a new thing from Yoshinoya!  The fresh crunchy lettuce and everything in it blends well.  A foodaholic's simple choice to start the meal.
Our young foodie also love noodles. And this beef ramen is so good.  The egg noodles were cook to perfection. Why do I have to mention that?  Because I have tasted different kinds of ramen from different places.  Unfortunately, most of them failed me.


A platter good for two or three!  It would actually depend on your appetite.  The beef and the tempura are served with vegetables in the middle and is under the bed of rice.  My Mr. Ang is a heavy eater, he can definitely manage this plate alone.  The tender beef gyudon taste so beefy specially if you'll sprinkle the seven spices.
Yoshinoya's delectable tempura can actually compete with some high end Japanese restaurants.  My young foodie daughter can finish at least two orders of tempura meal.  Definitely fresh shrimp and deep fried to golden brown. She eats it without the dip. That's how good this tempura is.

Next to gyudon, Mrs. Ang's pick is none other than beef stew. You'll never go wrong with the tender beef served with thick sauce. A rice topping good enough for a hungry queen.

I am a mushroom lover. This shitake siomai can make me ask for more. How I wish they can offer an eat-all-you can siomai here.

Aside from tempura, our young foodie's next favorite is Katsudon.  She can finish a bowl of this one.  Katsudon is a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, vegetables, and condiments. The dish takes its name from the Japanese words tonkatsu and donburi, according to Wikipedia.

And here's for dessert! The green tea ice cream for Mrs. Ang and the Tiramisu for Mr. Ang. Yes of course we do share.

The ANG FOODIE Family is a fan of Yoshinoya! We get the value of our money with the quality and satisfying meals of reasonable prices. Try it here too!
"Japanese food doesn't have to be so expensive, it's got to be Yoshinoya!"


Yoshinoya Century Pacific Inc. under the Century Pacific Group tied up with Yoshinoya D&C Co., Ltd. Yoshinoya comes from the root word “Yoshino”, which is a province in Old Tokyo, Japan and “Ya”, which means “house”.

Yoshinoya serves Japan`s famous Beef Bowl known as Gyudon. In 2002, this Japan`s favorite was brought to Manila for the Filipinos to take pleasure. Visit Yoshinoya at any of the branches and try the variety of dishes that have a uniquely appetizing taste with value for money.

Yoshinoya has grown to be one of the most important brands in Japan and boasts of more than 1,000 outlets, making it one of the biggest fast-food chains in Japan. To date, there are more than 1200 outlets around the world, namely Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Century Pacific Group under its retail arm, Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc., entered into Franchise Agreement with Yoshinoya International Co., Ltd in 2001 and started its first store operation in December 2001. 

Stores in Metro Manila: 
Meet The ANG FOODIE Family
you may also visit

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


If there is one thing that frightens us after a series of physical lab test and all, is to find out that we are seriously ill.  Cancer is one of the most dreaded words we all wish not no experience. Looking at Wikipedia, cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Not all tumors are cancerous, benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body. With this definition, I could say that there is always hope.
I remember, just few days ago, a friend of mine texted me that another common friend was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  But earlier than that, I also found out that an old friend of mine is also presently going through chemo therapy due to breast cancer.  The word CANCER is real.
It was so timely that I got an invitation to have an exclusive interview with Dr. Mu Feng. He is the Vise President of FUDA Cancer Hospital.  Dr. Feng is a Thoracic Surgery Expert and a Minimal Invasive Oncologist. He has engaged in cancer treatment for nearly 30 years and has gained rich experience in lung, esophageal and mediastinal tumor.
An Interview with Dr. Mu Feng
 1. Short history of FUDA Cancer Hospital?

2. What are the treatments offered from FCH? 
3. Is there a guarantee of total healing to cancer patients? 
4. What are your future plans, like working with Filipino doctors?
5. Are you doing charity works with FUDA? 

At FUDA Cancer Hospital, there is a strong possibility of prolonging or even extending quality life of cancer patients.  A place where they can enjoy the high technology treatment and facilities. A place of new hope.
I took a picture of this from the from the FCH magazine. It's so amazing how the expert oncologist made a difference in the lives of many patient who almost lose their hope.
Truly, nothing is impossible with the God-given wisdom to these amazing doctors of Fuda.
We all know that numbers of cancer patients are also found here in our country, Philippines.  There's actually an enormous growth in numbers for the past years. And of course the desire to fight against cancer as the patient and as a family member is what most us wish to learn to handle and face with courage.
While on the facebook page of Fuda Cancer Hospital Philippines, I saw this post...
Others said that stage 4 cancer is hopeless, well, take a look at granny! Still fabulous at 81! I remember what Dr. Mu Feng said "Do not quit so early". Lola Conching is a living testimony of FUDA Cancer Hospital.
Now FUDA Cancer Hospital has stretched their arms to the Philippines.  If you know anyone diagnosed with C, you may take this opportunity to visit Centuria Medical Makati. We already have Mr. Segundo Cruz III as a key person to assist us. He is the International Affairs Department Supervisor (International Patient Affair).
Unit 901-A, 9th Floor, Centuria Medical Makati
Century City, Along Kalayaan Avenue, cor Salamangca Street, Makati City 1210
Highlights info row image
507 34 26 / 0917 775 34 26

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ever Bilena : P60,000 worth of cosmetics and prizes await at Make-Up Mania!

Buy more and win big as Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetics brand, invites you to join Make-Up Mania – a raffle contest open to all Ever Bilena customers and ongoing exclusively at all Watsons Stores nationwide. 

Joining is easy! Simply purchase two items or more from any of the following participating Ever Bilena products:
Ever Bilena Matte Two Way Cake
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Palette Pink and Brown
Ever Bilena Matic Brow and Eyeliner
Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks
Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Stain in Splash Red
EB Kleopatra Magic Lipstick
Evera Face Powder
Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick
EB Blend Me Sponge.
Be sure to place all purchases in a single receipt.

Make sure to “like” Ever Bilena’s official Facebook page,, and send them a personal message with a photo of your proof of purchase. Include your name, address, contact number, and Facebook account with the photo. Proof of purchase should be readable and clear.

Once sent, you will receive a notification from an Ever Bilena representative indicating that your entry is valid. The more entries you submit, the more chances you have of winning.

One lucky winner will take home a total of P60,000 worth Ever Bilena products, two nights hotel accommodation at Luxent Hotel, and two domestic roundtrip tickets from Air Asia. Two winners will receive P20,000 worth of Ever Bilena products with two buffet dinner at Luxent Hotel and shopping spree from Jewels. Ten winners will win P3,000 worth of Ever Bilena products.

Entries will only be accepted until July 31, 2017, so start shopping for your favorite Ever Bilena make-up today!

To learn more



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PHILIPS : Join the movement to #BeYourBestYou

Men out there, what comes to your mind when you think about your shaving problem?  Isn't it the word Philips?   I even remember my Dad using the same brand too. Meaning, I grew up knowing Philips as man's best friend.
Here's a good news! Philips, as a global leader for male electric shaving, has made it even easier for Filipino men to look their best by introducing its cutting-edge shavers that delivers the closest shave yet, without compromising on comfort, control or choice. This groundbreaking product is packed with intuitive innovation and designed to empower men to explore different grooming styles and give them the confidence of a close, comfortable shave every day.
Tonight, the brand held an interactive shaving event with its partners in empowering men – Philippe Gadgets & Accessories, Philips official distributor for Personal Care products together with its retail partner Rustan’s, to encouraged consumers to be in best look by trade-in their old traditional and electric shavers.
It was an evening of fun to those who tried the Shave Off game, where some prices were given for finishing the shaving challenge for a very short period of time. To my surprise, this handsome model tried using the shaver to a super sensitive balloon. And guess what, it did not pop. That is how gentle Philips shavers are.
The Country Manager Philips of Philippines, Urasinee Patarasongkram,  said, “For more than 60 years in the Philippines, Philips has been constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide consumers with empowering and innovative solutions that truly matters and redefine the way they live their lives.”
“As an industry leader in male grooming, delivering smart solutions to today’s modern man that offers a close comfortable shaving experience every day without compromising the skin is our forte,” she added.
We thought only women worry a lot about our looks from the moment we wake up.  Guess what, many men are worried too. That shaving every day may cause skin damage. To combat this, Philips offers wide range of shavers to address the root cause of irritation – friction between shavers and the skin. All shavers designed to relieve discomfort and allow men to shave with maximum comfort, every single day.
This is amazing, with the Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric shaver protects your skin while you enjoy a refreshing shave. The MultiPrecision Blade System with rounded profile heads glides smoothly across and its designed to protect your skin. 
While Philips Multigroom series 3000 3-in-1 Beard & Detail trimmer, allows you to try different beard, mustache and sideburn styles. With three (3) attachments, it gives you the possibility to easily try many different looks.
The Business Development Manager of Philips Personal Health, Ms. Pia Umayam,  said, “Philips Shavers  are made with a lot of love and care, undergoing stringent quality assurance and performance testing. Consumers are assured of the best performance and quality, always.”
To find more about Philips Personal Care, log on to

Friday, June 16, 2017

JAM Foods & Co.: Start Your Own Food Business With Low Start-up Capital

Having your own business is something most people would like to have in the future.  After getting savings and claiming some early retirement funds, what usually comes to mind first is to put up and own a small business.  And venturing to food is the one choice of many entrepreneurs.

I recently had a chance to attend the very first food business talk that was hosted by the owners of JAM Foods & Co. It was an evening of feasting with all the premium beef products served to our meeting table.
I got to taste almost everything, and so true that the quality of the meat were really good. See the photos bellow:




JAM Foods  & Co., the group behind the famous U.S.D.A. Angus beef tapa, salpicao and other premium ready -to-cook products is now expanding its brand by accepting distributors or resellers.
Chef John Cu-unjieng and wife Michelle, owners of JAM Foods & Co., believe that with this method, it encourages young entrepreneurs to sell at their own convenience.  "With having the choice to sell from their own homes or their own communities, it makes them more efficient," Stated Chef John.

He then assures us that the ingredients used in his products are the freshest possible produce and have no added MSG.  The unique flavor profile that comes with each products is what makes JAM Foods & Co. different from it's competitors.
Staying true to the company's purpose to diversify and provide value-added meat products, the CU-Unjiengs have gradually added Hot & Spicy Angus tapa.  Premium Lean Angus Tapa, Korean Beef Barbecue, Angus burger patties, Angus Ribeye, top fillet steaks, dips and spice blends to roster of quality products of JAM Foods & Co.,

With Chef John Cu-Unjieng's expert meat-handling and exceptional creativity, Jam Foods has definitely endeared itself to the Filipino foodies through it unparalleled quality of their products, great value and earnest passion in all its endevours.  Theses are the reasons why JAM Foods ha become on of the most discerning homemakers' cohort at the dining table.

Chef John Cu-Unjieng has been in the food industry for over 30 years now. He had his formal training at the Culinary Institute of America. He shot to prominence in the 1990s with his TV show, "How About my Kitchen", and with his first restaurant, Perico's, known for its paellas and thanh kong crabs. He then later on worked as the corporate chef for The Bistro Group and eventually headed McDonald's Philippines' Research and Development Department. Currently, he and his wife are managing the Heaxagon Lounge, the executive dining room of RCBC Plaza while managing JAM Foods & Co.

To be a distributor and to know more about JAM Foods & Co.
JAM Foods Facebook Page: JAM Foods & Co.
Call: 0917.5331371

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rustan’s Supermarket Father's Day Weekend Sale

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—and the same goes for dads! This Father’s Day, a treat for the taste buds could be the perfect way to say thanks to the first and special man in your life.

Luckily, Rustan’s Supermarket has got everything you need to whip up a perfect present just for dad. From June 16 to 18, the supermarket is holding the Dad’s Day Weekend Sale where you can score every father’s favorites at a special discount.
An occasion such as Father’s Day calls for gathering the whole family. Why not hold a big barbecue? Your meat-loving dad will appreciate choosing from Australian steak cuts and assorted sausages, which come at 20% off, and wagyu burgers and lamb chops, which are on a buy 1 take 1 promo.
Have the right accompaniments to your heavy meats at the ready. UK brand Waitrose has a great selection of sauces to slather on while or after grilling. Then, stock the table with healthy Deep River Kettle Chips for a light bite. Get all these at 10% off.
To complete the celebration, score beers, wine, and spirits offered in bundle deals or at a 30% discount.
Continue to show dad your appreciation in the little things—sometimes that’s what people appreciate the most. Make every day more special for dad and show him that you care with a simple gift box of his daily essentials. Choose from coffee and men’s care products that will brighten up his everyday—all at 10% off.
Come to a Rustan’s Supermarket near you and find that special something to give your dad the big thanks he deserves.
For more info, visit, follow and like rustansfresh on Facebook, and @rustansfresh on Instagram and Twitter.
Rustan’s Supermarkets are located at Makati Area: Glorietta, Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Magallanes, Alphaland Makati Place, Paseo Center, Century City Mall.  North Area: Shangri-La Plaza, Gateway Mall, Katipunan, Tomas Morato, P. Guevarra, Corinthian Hills, Village Center Antipolo, The Grove by Rockwell, Ayala Malls The 30th. South Area: Ayala Alabang Village, Evia Lifestyle Center, Uptown Mall BGC. Cebu: Oakridge Business Park, Ayala Center, Arcenas Estate CDO: Ayala Centrio Mall. Also, visit Marketplace by Rustan’s at San Antonio Plaza, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Central Square Bonifacio High Street, and Connecticut San Juan.

Daiso: Make back-to-school Kawaii

I haven't been to Japan but I'm already a fan of their one of a kid products.  From home living to school supplies, recreation, and hobbies, the Japanese find a way to spruce up and Daiso-fy life! Such is the defiant charm of Daiso Japan, the truly Japanese store in the Philippines. The store houses multi-functional items and cool finds, hatched from creative and, sometimes, startling ideas.
The ordinary just won’t fly in Japan—the Land of the Rising Sun sets the standard for imaginative lifestyle, influencing all aspects of life with a hint of fun and a healthy dose of curiosity.
Liven up your workspace and make note-taking more fun with colorful stationery from Daiso.

Cool picks, fresh off Japan
Only Daiso Japan can transform run-of-the-mill desk supplies with added charm and features. While its shelves may be abound with sticky notes, styled paper clips, crepe flowers, calligraphy instruments, and other ubiquitous items, Daiso Japan is still best known for kawaii supplies and surprisingly smart products.
One ingenious item is the water-resistant notepad. Unlike regular notebooks, these are designed to withstand water exposure, with leaves that protect the ink from running, to keep precious notes fully intact, even under heavy showers.
Don’t let your most creative ideas go down the drain with this water-resistant notepad from Daiso.  
Another steal from Daiso Japan’s unconventional stock is the no-dust, rolling eraser. Handy for keeping workspaces looking crisp and spotless, this item is definitely among the store’s most practical finds.
Other items in Daiso Japan’s unique list are colorful compact staplers, mini LED lamps, and animal-shaped erasers. These desk knickknacks and other nifty products are guaranteed to stall shoppers for hours, as they make their way along Daiso Japan’s aisles.  
From unlikely accessories like mini magnetic broom and dustpan sets, creative implements and craft materials,to adventurous beauty and fashion finds, Daiso Japan gives shoppers the lifestyle options that are too kawaii and too brilliant to let go of.
Neat freaks can make sure every nook and cranny is free from dust with this magnetic broom and dustpan set, available at Daiso.
Explore the nearest Daiso Japan store today and take your pick from the curator of all things Japanese in the Philippines. Follow the store on Facebook @DaisoJapanPH and try your hand at making life your own kawaii canvass.

Bounty Fresh : Saucy ToriKaraage grabs the attention Manila Masters

Time is so precious, that most people would rather spend money than waste their time.  As life in the metro becomes even more fast-paced, Filipinos on-the-go are always on the look-out for quicker and more convenient ways to go about their daily chores, including cooking their meals.
Moms like me are always watching out for the new stuff around, not only on Sale items but also on food items as well.
There's a good news from Bounty Fresh Food Inc., one of the country’s biggest suppliers of value‐added chicken products and fresh-chilled chicken, helps make delicious, healthy meals easily available to households and busy young adults by introducing Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage.

It's so amazing that they came up with these two of my favorite foods, the chicken teriyaki and the sweet and sour for my hubby. Now all in frozen chicken with sauce.
Just to let you know, the newest innovation from Bounty Fresh is made from all-natural lean and tender chicken meat and can be cooked in as fast as 8 minutes over medium heat. The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage comes in two different sauces, Teriyaki and Sweet and Sour.
Recently, Bounty Fresh Food Inc. took part in the Manila Masters 2017 eSports Tournament at the MOA Arena to introduce the players to the delicious and mouth-watering Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage.

In between intense and highly-competitive DoTA 2 games for a chance to win US$250,000, local and international pro gamers and other guests were able to sample not just the fried chicken treat but also the exciting and fun games courtesy of Bounty Fresh.

They were also treated to an energetic performance from the SexBomb New Gen dancers who, like the Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage, were simply hard to resist.

The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide for only P179.00 (SRP) per 450-gram pack.

Essential Internet Safety Tips for a Secure Online Experience for Students

The internet has become  a  valuable tool for  students to  conduct school research, communica te  with teachers, friends, and family, stay ...