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Teleperformance Philippines launches first high-profile immersive event, gathers reps from world’s top brands


Teleperformance in the Philippines, a leading global digital business services company, recently ran its first high-profile Teleperformance Immersive Experience event in Manila and Boracay.


The event, themed "Dive into Total Experience," brought together Teleperformance executives, industry experts, and representatives from some of the world’s top brands for five days of high-level sessions on digital transformation and workplace advancement. The Immersive Experience event drew participants across various industries, including travel, hospitality, telecommunications, retail, and healthcare.

Hosted by internationally renowned awards host Scott Bloom, the Teleperformance Immersive Experience featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) President & Chief Executive Officer Jack Madrid, Author & Founder of Travelocity and Terry Jones, and Filipino Pride & International Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao. The speakers shared their insights on the future of digital business services, strategic partnerships in the IT-BPM industry, and human ingenuity in AI-powered solutions.


IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) President & CEO Jack Madrid delivers his talk on industry trends


"The Philippine IT-BPM industry stands as one of the top contributors to employment in the country. We have created 260,000 new jobs during the past few challenging years. The work of our 1.7 million employees is becoming more complex across various areas, reflecting their adaptability and skill development,” said IBPAP President & CEO Jack Madrid. “This growth demonstrates our commitment to learning and evolving. Without this continuous learning, we wouldn't have grown to the 1.7 million-strong team we are today.”


Manny Pacquiao surprised the guests during the last day of the TP Immersive Experience event. 


International boxing legend and ‘Pambansang Kamao’ Manny Pacquiao also surprised the audience and congratulated the TP Philippines team for their recent achievements. This remarkable event is not only about the inspiring journey of this respected company, but also about recognizing the remarkable individuals in this organization,” said Pacquiao. “Within the halls of Teleperformance, over 60,000 Filipinos shine brightly, showcasing their excellence to the world. They set the gold standard, proving that the Filipino spirit knows no bounds.


Teleperformance Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer Rahul Jolly delivers his welcome speech at the event.


“Teleperformance Philippines’ commitment to digital transformation in the workplace has been a game-changer,” said Teleperformance Philippines’ CEO Rahul Jolly. “As we continue to evolve, initiatives like our Cloud Campus have created opportunities for diverse talents across the Philippines. This revolutionary remote work solution supports persons with disabilities, stay-at-home parents, and employees who live far from the techno hubs.”


Chief People Officer Jeffrey Johnson also delivered his talk on brand identity, stating, "I firmly believe that the 'why' matters more than the 'what.' When your brand's purpose is clear, you have a compass to show you what's feasible, what's engaging, and what's impactful."

Teleperformance Philippines Executives and IT-BPM leaders share a happy moment

during the Boracay leg of the TP Immersive Experience event.


Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in panel discussions, networking socials, and interactive sessions focused on enhancing client and employee experience. TP Infinity CEO Sid Mukherjee also shared exciting news about Teleperformance’s global expansion. “TP now spans 500,000 people across 100 countries, with TP Infinity as its digital consulting arm,” Mukherjee announced. “Our focus: consulting, technology, data analytics, and digital marketing. We are aligning our employees’ skills with client needs amidst AI-driven transformations.” 


In March, Teleperformance Philippines was named as one of the Philippines Best Workplaces™. The organization also celebrated its sixth Great Place to Work recertification and Philippines Best Workplaces™ in IT-BPM award in 2023. 


For more information about Teleperformance and its future events, visit






Teleperformance in the Philippines is part of the Teleperformance Group, Teleperformance began operations in the Philippines in 1996 and has grown to become a preferred offshore contact center outsourcing option. The company employs over 60,000 people in the country and operates 45,000 workstations in 26 business sites located across Metro Manila, Antipolo, Cavite, Baguio, Metro Laoag, Clark, Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and General Santos City. 


In 2018, Teleperformance in the Philippines was certified Great Place to Work® and became the first organization to receive the recognition. It also holds the distinction of being the largest employer and the first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in the country to receive certification consistently up to the present from the Great Place to Work® institute.  


The organization has garnered recognition from various entities, including the Philippines Best Workplaces™, Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Public Relations Society of the Philippines, International Association of Business Communicators, the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), SGS, and International Organization for Standardization. 

 Teleperformance remains dedicated to delivering the best employment experience for Filipinos, supporting the nation's IT-BPM sector, and engaging in meaningful socio-civic initiatives to positively impact the Philippine community through the Citizen of the World (COTW) Foundation, the company’s official corporate social responsibility arm. 

For further information about Teleperformance in the Philippines, visit   

Visit the Group at


Infinix Soars to New Heights with Exceptional Global Market Share Growth in Q1 2024

Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, reports exceptional growth in Q1 2024. According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Infinix achieved the highest year-on-year global market share growth amongst all major smartphone brands worldwide. Infinix's year-on-year market share growth increased from 1.7% to 3.7% in Q1 2024, and its global smartphone shipments surged by a remarkable 150.6% year-on-year, achieving four consecutive quarters of rapid and sustained growth.

"We are absolutely thrilled with our exceptional performance in the first quarter of 2024," said Tony Zhao, General Manager at Infinix. "Our entire dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring young, tech-savvy consumers around the world the very best products at attainable price points. The launch of our highly acclaimed Infinix NOTE 40 Series and Infinix GT 20 Pro this year has been instrumental in our success, as we have strategically focused on addressing key consumer pain points, particularly in areas of charging capabilities and gaming performance. This has helped Infinix earn widespread positive acclaim and cement our position as a leading innovator in the global smartphone market."

Infinix's parent company, Transsion Holdings, has also benefited from the brand's success, now ranking 4th in global smartphone shipments with an estimated 10% market share. Infinix's exceptional performance has been pronounced in key markets such as Africa and Southeast Asia, and the brand has secured top 5 positions in smartphone market share in over 20 countries around the world and recorded impressive year-over-year growth rates. This remarkable achievement underscores Infinix's unwavering commitment to making advanced technology accessible to a broader global audience.

Strong Regional Performance

Infinix's exceptional performance has been pronounced in key markets such as Africa and Southeast Asia, and the brand has secured top 5 positions in over 20 countries around the world and recorded impressive year-over-year growth rates. In the Philippines, a key market in Southeast Asia, Infinix achieved a remarkable 27.1% market share in Q1 2024, ranking first amongst all the smartphone brands. This is a significant increase of 19.7 percentage points year-on-year. The brand's success is driven by its active engagement in creative marketing, celebrity endorsements, and cross-industry collaborations, bringing new energy and competitiveness to the smartphone market.

Leading the Market with Q1 2024 Triumphs

In 2023, Infinix earned a spot in Kantar and Google's Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders Report. Additionally, Fast Company ranked Infinix sixth in the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2024 within the Asia-Pacific sector, making it the only smartphone brand on this prestigious list.

Behind Infinix's robust global market share performance lies its alignment with the preferences of young individuals, evidenced by its innovative products and creative marketing. During the first half of 2024, Infinix captured significant attention from young people and gaming enthusiasts worldwide with the launch of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series and the GT 20 Pro.

These offerings included the introduction of the All-Round FastCharge 2.0, which aimed to address consumers' demands when it comes to charging capabilities. Some of these remarkable features include 100W Multi-Speed FastCharge, Wireless MagCharge, and the Cheetah X1 chip supporting multi-functioning charging modes. Infinix GT 20 Pro, being the only smartphone in its price segment that offers a dedicated gaming display chip, strives to offer users an immersive gaming experience.

Looking Forward

Infinix's remarkable achievements in Q1 2024 reflect its commitment to delivering innovative and affordable products, leveraging a multi-faceted marketing approach, and driving technological advancements. The brand's diversified and youth-oriented marketing strategies have contributed to its excellent global performance and reputation. Moving forward, Infinix aims to provide users with superior products and services, setting new benchmarks and striving for even greater success in the coming quarters. Coming soon also is the Infinix GT 20 Pro features a vivid 144Hz display for smooth gameplay and stunning visuals, the best affordable choice for gamers of all levels.

For more updates on the Infinix Series, check out Infinix’s Facebook page and Facebook Community.

About Infinix:

Infinix Mobility is a rapidly emerging technology brand that designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of smart devices worldwide under the Infinix brand, which was founded in 2013.

Targeting today’s youth with first in class technology, Infinix creates trendy, powerful and attainably priced smart devices that bring the latest technology on the market to users around the world at a time when they need it at a price that they want.

For more information, please visit:

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From itchy skin to heart disease: How kidney disease causes a chain reaction of health woes


The kidneys are small, bean-shaped organs only about 5 inches big, but don’t let their small size fool you. Sitting just below the rib cage, they are a complex filter system that processes around 200 liters of blood, removes impurities, regulates blood pressure, maintains electrolyte balance, and produces hormones crucial for red blood cell production and bone health. Whew, what a fantastic job they do every single day.


In other words, these fist-sized hardworking organs play a powerful role in maintaining our well-being, that having kidney problems can set off a domino effect of other health problems.


Given all the work the kidneys must do, developing kidney issues like chronic kidney disease or CKD which affects one Filipino every hour puts you at risk of complications that affect other areas of your body like your skin and your heart,” explains Eladio Miguel M. Peñaranda Jr., MD Chief of the Section of Nephrology of the top hospital in the Philippines Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed).


Some people with malfunctioning kidneys do complain about itchy skin that can range from mildly bothersome to unbearably life-disrupting, and gout too. “There are many possible reasons why people with kidney problems experience this, and it could be because there’s an accumulation of toxins in the body,” shares Dr. Peñaranda. “The same excess waste buildup also leads to uric acid building up in your blood that triggers gout. Having too much uric acid creates small urate crystals, which settle in your joints and cause sudden attacks of pain and swelling.”    


With the kidney controlling the balance of minerals like phosphorus, calcium, and potassium in the body, problems in these organs may also affect bone and heart health. “Healthy kidneys can easily get rid of excess phosphorus. Otherwise, high levels of this mineral can also decrease the calcium levels in bone, making you more at risk of fractures and osteoporosis,” says Dr. Peñaranda. “Moreover, potassium controls the electrical signals of your myocardium or the muscular layer of the heart controlling your heartbeat. When there’s too much potassium it can result in an irregular heartbeat.”


Similarly, kidney damage increases risk for more serious health issues like heart disease, which remains the leading cause of death among Filipinos. “This is because kidney disease can lead to increased strain on the heart as it works harder to supply blood to the kidneys,” notes Dr. Peñaranda.


Considering their impact and influence on the rest of the body, these small organs should always be factored into our proactive approach to maintaining health, MakatiMed reminds. Some people with kidney disease don’t feel its effects until the condition reaches an advanced stage, when treatment only involves alleviating symptoms and slowing down the progression of the disease.


“To keep kidneys healthy, it’s crucial to add more veggies and fruits to your plate, stay hydrated, work out regularly, limit cholesterol and salt intake, reduce alcohol consumption, quit smoking, and control blood sugar and blood pressure,” underlines Dr. Peñaranda. “If you suspect kidney issues, see a doctor immediately and ask if you can get tested. Diagnosis requires blood and urine tests. Taking these steps can preserve your kidneys and prevent a surge of health issues that’ll keep you from living life to the fullest.”


For more information, please contact MakatiMed On-Call at +632.88888 999, email, or visit @IamMakatiMed on Facebook and Twitter.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra First to Achieve DXOMARK Eye Comfort Display Label


OPPO Find X7 Ultra, the Ultimate Camera Phone, has achieved DXOMARK’s Gold Display Label and is the first device to earn the Eye Comfort Display Label for its holistic approach to screen quality and eye comfort.


Combining crisp detail with smooth motion and a vibrant, brilliant picture, OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s display places a firm focus on quality and eye comfort, allowing it to be used for longer while minimizing potential eye strain.


DXOMARK Eye Comfort Display Label


The Eye Comfort Display Label is only awarded to screens that meet four requirements set by DXOMARK’s expert engineering team.


The first requirement is a limit on the amount of flicker that can be perceived. DXOMARK stipulates detection probability should be below 50% in default mode or with anti-flicker mode activated; OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s display flicker perception probability was just 10%.


For optimal eye comfort in dark environments, DXOMARK sets a minimum brightness requirement threshold at 2 nits. OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s minimum brightness dropped as low as 1.57 nits, minimizing harsh light and extreme visual contrast, and making it more comfortable to use in bed, for example.


DXOMARK also requires blue light be limited, with a circadian action factor of less than 0.65. Find X7 Ultra’s display’s circadian action factor was 0.63, reducing potential interference with natural sleep cycles that may be impacted by blue light exposure.


Finally, DXOMARK requires a color consistency of at least 95% when the blue light filter is active, using the P3 color space as a reference, owing to the fact many blue light filters negatively impact color integrity. Find X7 Ultra achieves an impressive 99% color consistency, demonstrating its quality and comfort.


"OPPO Find X7 Ultra is the first device that has received the DXOMARK Eye Comfort Display Label. We particularly appreciated the device's smart feature, Bedtime Mode, which efficiently and continuously adapts blue-light filtering to the time of day. The device's circadian action factor, which indicates the level of disturbance induced by artificial lighting on human sleep cycles, reached an impressive 0.63, below DXOMARK's already challenging recommended maximum threshold of 0.65." - Thibault Cabana, DXOMARK Display Evaluation Director


OPPO Find X7 Ultra: A Quality Display


In addition to achieving DXOMARK’s Eye Comfort Display Label, Find X7 Ultra was also awarded a Gold Display Label. With its crisp QHD+ resolution of 3168 x 1440, resulting in a pixel density of 510 pixels in every inch of screen, it showcases details to perfection.


A smooth 1-120Hz refresh rate ensures content glides across Find X7 Ultra’s LTPO AMOLED screen. And with an overall peak brightness of 1600 nits, and a local peak brightness of 4500 nits, content looks stunning, with inky, endless blacks and mesmerizing highlights.


Find X7 Ultra supports ProXDR for high dynamic range photos, and being compatible with Google’s Ultra HDR standard, whether you capture content on Find X7 Ultra or not, its screen will display it brilliantly. When watching video, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG support ensures its display is also precision tuned for high dynamic range content.


With O-Sync 3.0, OPPO optimizations ensure ultra-low touch latency, and Find X7 Ultra’s super-responsive touch screen even works when wet, so no more accidental screen presses in the rain.


Maximum Comfort meets Incredible Quality


OPPO masterfully balances world-class eye comfort with incredible visuals that bring your content to life. With DXOMARK’s Eye Comfort Display Label, users can use Find X7 Ultra with confidence, knowing they are getting a low flicker, color-accurate experience that limits blue light and is dim enough for comfortable use. And thanks to OPPO’s suite of display optimisations, Find X7 Ultra delivers a picture-perfect view across photos, videos, games and beyond.


Find out more about DXOMARK and the Eye Comfort Display Label at, and for more information about OPPO Find X7 Ultra, visit


Save room for dessert! Burger King partners with Nutella for new dessert series featuring the all-new King Fusion with Nutella

Brace yourselves, dessert lovers! Burger King, the renowned global brand famous for their Whopper, teams up with Nutella, the world’s favorite hazelnut spread, to take dessert cravings to a whole new level as they introduce the all-new King Fusion with Nutella.


Made especially for those who love good desserts, Burger King recently launched its BK Dessert Treats with Nutella featuring three (3) new products that make a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ender to cap a meal, or simply want a sweet treat on a hot summer day, you can’t go wrong with this new dessert series.

The Star of the Show: King Fusion with Nutella

Building on the popularity of the BK Nutella Series, Burger King is upping the dessert game by adding the all-new King Fusion with Nutella to the line-up. This new product combines smooth, creamy soft-serve ice cream generously laced with Nutella spread and delightfully sprinkled with crunchy cookie bits – a sure way to create a textural and flavorful experience like never before!

The BK Nutella Series: A Trio of Delights

While the BK King Fusion with Nutella takes center stage, the BK Dessert Treats with Nutella offers a selection of sweet courses to satisfy everyone, no matter the cravings!

        For the Classic Craver: Craving the beloved BK Sundae but with an extra kick? Get ready for a flavor explosion with BK Sundae with Nutella! This twist on the classic features rich and creamy Nutella swirled into a smooth vanilla soft serve, delivering a delightful hazelnut upgrade you won't forget.



         For the Waffle fanatic: Craving something warm and fluffy? The 2-pc BK Waffles with Nutella are your jam. These heavenly waffles with a soft and fluffy center topped with a generous drizzle of your favorite hazelnut spread, create a perfectly balanced, sweet, and satisfying treat that you can enjoy any time of the day.


         For someone who always wants something extra:  Craving for a textural twist on your BK Sundae? The King Fusion with Nutella is just what you need! This special soft-serve sundae is taken to the next level with the addition of Nutella hazelnut spread and sweet, crispy cookie bits. Combining this mix of textures and nutty flavors, this dessert is simply irresistible. Just a heads up – it's hard to resist once you try it!


Limited Time Offer: Don’t miss out!

Give in to your sweet cravings as this dessert trio is now available in all BK Luzon stores!

Coming soon in all BK Visayas and Mindanao stores:  2-pc BK Waffles with Nutella and King Fusion with Nutella. Get ready to experience the next level of dessert goodness only at Burger King!

Final Boarding Call: Don’t Miss Big Bad Wolf’s Last Few Days at Parqal!


Heads up, Manila Wolfies! The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, the world’s biggest book sale, is leaving Parqal, Aseana City, soon! Catch the book sale on the 3rd floor of Parqal until June 2, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 midnight. Act fast! And who knows, the next stop could be just around the corner!

Don’t miss exclusive discounts and promos that will make customers add amazing titles to their shelves. As a last hurrah for Parqal, Big Bad Wolf is offering a Buy 10 Get 1 Free promo! Get 10 titles and Big Bad Wolf is throwing in 1 book for free! Grab this amazing promo from May 29 to May 30. Metrobank credit cardholders can still avail of the special 0% 3-month installment promotions for single-receipt purchases worth P3,000 and up. Plus, Swedish furnishing brand IKEA is still giving customers a chance to experience their reading nook setup plus a chance to win over P50,000 worth of prizes.

There are still a few days left to be part of the historic “Big Bad Tour: 1 New Million Readers” campaign launched by Big Bad wolf as part of its commitment to make books accessible and to promote literacy and reading in the country.


With a lineup of events and activities, the book sale ensured fun for everyone! Esteemed figures Bro. Bo Sanchez and Bernadette Sembrano held book signings last May 25, 2024. If you missed these exciting activities, fear not, Wolfies! More exciting things are up ahead!


Hurry! You never know when the Wolf is returning to Manila, but here’s a hint: it might be sooner than you think. Drop by the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at the 3rd floor of Parqal, Aseana City, happening until June 2, 2024. Doors are open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 midnight daily. Admission is free! Grab your totes and catch insane deals and promos at the world’s biggest book sale before it wraps up in Parqal. See you there!



For more information regarding Big Bad Wolf’s current and upcoming Book Sales, you can visit their website or check out their social media accounts (Facebook | Instagram


About Big Bad Wolf Books

The Big Bad Wolf Books was founded by Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng in 2009 and first launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the words of the company’s founders, Big Bad Wolf aims to cultivate reading habits, increase English literacy worldwide, and build a new generation of readers by making books more affordable and accessible to everyone.

One of the company’s best highlights is its book sales, which is popular among readers around the world. As a global reading advocacy initiative, the sales aim to encourage people of all ages to discover the joys 

InLife campaigns for an Un-sandwiched Generation


Leave and cleave.


This normally refers to a husband and wife leaving their respective families in order to form their own family. Furthermore, it means prioritizing the new family’s needs over those of their respective families. In the Philippines, however, it is a common practice to support one’s parents and siblings while building one’s own family. This is what the Sandwich Generation is about.

The “Sandwich Generation” is a term that defines a group of individuals who find themselves responsible for looking after their parents, while simultaneously trying to raise their own family. A growing number of Filipinos, between their early 20s to early 50s, now comprises this group, which is estimated to be in the millions.

While this phenomenon is a global issue, the Philippines’ Sandwich Generation finds itself with more pressing challenges.

Due to cultural and societal factors, many Filipinos not only take care of their parents but also family members from the previous generation (grandparents, uncles, and aunts). They are raising their own families and at the same time, helping their extended family. It is common to hear of Pinoys who must financially take care of nephews and nieces and other younger relatives.

InLife: The Un-Sandwiched Generation Campaign

InLife, the country’s first and largest Filipino life insurance company, has taken notice of the Sandwich Generation’s challenges prompting it to launch a campaign to aid the Filipino Sandwich Generation “Un-sandwich” their lives.

Called InLife: The Un-Sandwiched Generation, the new project aims to empower the Pinoy Sandwich Gen with resources and tools for financial planning and management, education planning, caregiving resources, mental health and self-care, and insurance knowledge, among others. Anyone may access these information through different channels, among them, a new microsite within the InLife website, guides, webinars, podcasts, and other forms of content.

According to InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae L. Martinez, this is InLife’s long-term commitment to be there for the Sandwich Generation. It is a massive challenge but something InLife is more than willing to undertake.

“The InLife Sandwich Generation campaign is our way of acknowledging the amazing strength and resilience of these unsung heroes of society who balance the responsibilities of taking care of their elders while also taking care of the younger generation. This initiative is our promise to stand by the millions of Filipinos who are part of the Sandwich Generation. We want to help them un-sandwich themselves and future generations and be able to live A Lifetime for Good.”

The InLife Product Ecosystem

The campaign also seeks to highlight how financial literacy and planning for the future can help Filipinos free themselves from this cycle but still be able to help their elders while ensuring a good future for themselves. One of the solutions is by taking out insurance products designed to address the different challenges a person will likely encounter in the future.

InLife’s Abundance, for instance, is a savings and insurance plan payable in either five or ten years and gives guaranteed cash payouts for 20 years or until the age of 65 regardless of market conditions when they become due. The guaranteed cash payouts are equal to 10% of the sum insured and paid every two years starting at the end of the 7th policy year for the 5-pay, and on the 11th year for the 10-pay variants until the plan matures. These cash payouts may be set up as a nest egg so the insured will have a ready source of funds when they reach retirement age.

InLife’s Resilience is a critical illness plan that provides life insurance and guaranteed lump sum cash upon diagnosis of a critical illness, aside from other additional health benefits. Resilience serves as a cushion against potential huge medical bills that could have a major impact on the family’s finances.

Wealth Assure Plus, on the other hand, provides a versatile and flexible way of combining life protection and investment, allowing them to tailor their financial plans based on their needs and budget.

“InLife’s product ecosystem is designed to address the pivotal financial milestones of Filipinos. We offer a roadmap to navigate this challenging journey. With this approach, we provide a lifeline that will help them un-sandwich themselves and liberate them from the pressures of multi-generational financial responsibilities and give them the financial independence not just for themselves but also their loved ones,” Martinez shared.

Members of the Sandwich Generation may get more information on customizing solutions to their needs by visiting




About The Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd.


Insular Life (InLife) is the first and largest Filipino life insurance company in the country with over 113 years of uninterrupted service. We apply over a hundred years of experience in financial protection, risk management, savings, and investment to help you make confident decisions for you and your loved ones.


Our policyholders can be assured of being protected by a company that has an asset base of over P53 billion and net worth of P47.8 billion. We have a nationwide presence through our 56 offices all over the country, and an expanded digital footprint to serve our customers, wherever and whenever they want. Our success is anchored on the well-being and security of our policyholders and beneficiaries, employees and financial advisors, partner companies and institutions, and host communities as we exist to offer A Lifetime for Good for everyone. For more information, visit


Take Steps to Take Steps Leave Nothing But Footprints: Japanese Nature Walks


Travelers pack their trips with busy agendas, trying to fit as many activities as possible into each day. But sometimes, with our already fast-paced lives, we forget to slow down, take a deep breath, and take in our surroundings. That is what Japan is all about. It’s only when we stop and take the time to observe that we notice the beauty of nature. From majestic landscapes to rustic townscapes, Japan is the perfect spot to stop and smell the flowers.

  1. Shosenkyo Gorge

If you want to take “the scenic route” to a whole new level, stop and admire the views of Shosenkyo Gorge. Located in the Yamanashi Prefecture, the gorge features a hiking trail that takes you through vibrant plants and rock formations that resemble Mt. Fuji and other figures. Speaking of the mountain, you can get a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and the Southern Japan Alps should you take the ropeway.

To get there, you can go to Kofu Station, a 90-minute ride from Shinjuku Station. From Kofu Station, the rest of the trip is a 40-minute bus ride.

  1. Lake Ashinoko

Lake Ashinoko, in Kanagawa Prefecture, is a walk not to be missed. Mt. Fuji towers over the surrounding view and its reflection fills the caldera lake. Coupled with the Hakone Shrine, the scenery is staggering. Few sights in the world are as breathtaking. You can also go for a ride on one of the pirate ships run by Hakone Sightseeing Boats or on swan paddle boats that are available for hire.

From Tokyo, Lake Ashinoko can be reached via the Romancecar train from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station. From there, take a 35-minute bus ride to Motohakone-ko station.



  1. Nagatoro

This small town in Saitama Prefecture is a gem waiting to be discovered. Its rich history is nestled in between mountains and trees. Taking a boat ride down the Arakawa River and riding down through the Nagatoro Gorge can soothe any soul, but there are also more intense river rafting rides for those looking for a thrill. Nagatoro is a town designed for outdoor activities and has something for everyone!

Nagatoro can be reached by car through the Kan-Etsu Expressway, or by train through the Chichibu Railway to Nagatoro station, both ways taking around an hour and a half.

  1. Mt. Horaiji

If you are in the mood for soul-searching, look for the towering Mt. Horaiji. It envelops a forest and lets you experience colors that seem hand-picked by a landscape artist. Found in the Aichi Prefecture, this mountain mixes nature and spirituality, perfect for an introspective walk filled with facts about history and Japanese religion. Only a mountain this majestic can remind us that life is bigger than the things we do and that the beauty of the natural world is unmatched. Horaiji Temple located on the mountain was built in 703 and is believed to have curative powers.

Get to Mt. Horaiji by local bus from Hon-Nagashino Station, or by shinkansen from Nagoya Station to Toyohashi Station, transferring to the JR Iida Line to Hon-Nagashino Station.



  1. Nunobiki Falls

Follow a winding path behind Shin-Kobe Station, pass a few houses and a local or two and you will find Nunobiki Falls. One of Japan’s most famous waterfalls, the view from the top makes the hike worth it.  It is a peaceful place with a herb garden and a few English informational signs. You may take the Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway to the top of the waterfall for an unrivaled view of the surrounding flora.  The area is far away from the usual hustle and bustle of Japan and is a unique way to experience harmony with nature.

To get here from Osaka, you can take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen to reach Shin-Kobe Station in just 12 minutes. From there, the falls are a 20-minute hike away.


While vacations spent rushing through urban jungles are fun, sometimes stopping and taking in the scenery is all we need to enjoy the moment. Japan is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders for those who take the time to look with some planning, a knack for exploration, and a sense of adventure, anyone can make excellent memories and take awesome pictures. To appreciate nature is to seek it out, and in Japan, there’s always more to see in the land of endless discovery.


Sharon Cuneta Opens Up About Sensible Investing in Latest InLife Dreamweaver Stories Vlog

Philippine entertainment icon Sharon Cuneta has made sensible investment choices throughout her life and shares the lessons she  learned in ...