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Vitabears Chewable Vitamins is Not your typical dietary supplement


As a woman wearing different hats, two of those, as a mom and a wife at age 45, keeping myself healthy for my family is my top priority. Because you cannot give what you do not have, I make it a point to give the best of me as much as possible.

How to do that? Aside from living an active healthy lifestyle, good supplements help a lot. With this pandemic that is causing so much stress and worries to many, staying fit is a must.

For some, taking vitamins or supplements may not be an easy task. It can be the busyness at work or activities or it can be the thought of taking in pills or tablets for a maintenance. Perhaps, swallowing a tablet can also be dreadful at times.

Did you know that in a recent study conducted by many European doctors and dieticians, it is estimated that over 40% of adults cannot take vitamins by pills. And over 90% of children are reluctant to swallow capsules or pills. 

An interesting form of supplement has just surprised the market. This will surely make adults and children to get to take gummies like a fun thing enjoy. Vitabears is a Philippine based brand making waves in the Southeast Asian Market. We are the 1st Vitamin Gummy Bear Brand to introduce a wide range of highly effective and nutritious vitamins in a more acceptable way of ingesting our daily vitamin needs.

Vitabears was born because of the simple notion that - Pill and Capsules are boring and tasteless. Most people forget to drink their vitamins because of it. Vitabears aim to change that. Though, I think I’m also guilty with that one.

I got a chance to try two of the variants from Vitabears vitamins. In two weeks time, I noticed the results. It was my first time to encounter Vitabears and I got curious with it huge bottle of colored gummies.

Vitabears Chewable Fat Buster
works, based on my experience. I tried taking one gummy on an empty stomach in the morning before I start with my workout. While another one at night before bed time. I lost some pounds!  I really sweat during my workout. And that counts a lot!  Meaning, I was able to burn more calories from the time I started taking Fat Buster.  Because as we age, our metabolism slows down. We need some help to reach our health goals.  Fat Buster promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism. Thanks for this invention.

Here's how I look after doing 30 min. hula hoop workout. In 10 minute warmup, I already started sweating like a pig. I even reached the Fat-burning level that made me burn those calories.

With Vitabears Chewable Flawless Glow, my almost tan skin caused of sun exposure due to my gardening hobby, turned lighter again. I'm not fond of applying whitening that is why I'm so happy to discover this yummy chewable supplements. The mango flavor tastes good unlike other tablets or pills.

Noticeable glow can be seen on my skin. I'm loving the flawless me again! Flawless Glow vitamins promotes healthy hair, nails and skin. Now, there's no excuse for me to ignore taking nutritious yummy vitamins.

How to take it?
Just consume two gummies a day, one in the morning and night time with empty stomach.

And here are more reasons why I love Vitabears Chewable Vitamins:

GLUTEN-FREE Since gluten provides no essential nutrients, it's a good news that Vitabears do not contain it.

ORGANIC They said, don't panic it's organic!  No artificial chemicals involved. Who would not love taking in organic stuff in our body? As much as possible, I really wish to have everything I eat organic. 

NON-GMO Product was produced without genetic engineering. It means that any ingredients used to make a product were not derived from  Genetically Modified Organism.

VEGAN I love it that these products exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty. 

Vitabears comes in six variants

Detox Vitamins

  • Supports natural weight management with real apples, vitamin packed, and great taste. It detoxify and cleanse your system the right way.  Boost energy and mood Reduce bloated feeling and aid digestion.

Super-C Booster

You need to keep your immune system strong in order to feel your best. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C protects the body’s cells from oxidative damage.

Hair Vitamins

Vitabear’s hair vitamins are PACKED with the essential vitamin, biotin for hair growth.

Fat Buster

  • Curbs the appetite and enhances fat loss. Increases metabolism for calorie burning. Decreases calorie absorption. Boosts weight management vitamins. Reduce bloated feeling & Aids digestion.

Skin Vitamins

  • Helps with Skin Whitening. Helps Prevent and Reduces Wrinkles. Helps Rejuvenates the Skin. Improves Cellular Growth and Repair. Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells.

  • Flawless Glow

    • Supports Lustrous Hair. Promotes Healthy Scalp. Helps with Faster Hair Growth.

  • Vitabears Chewable Vitamins wide range of variants can address your specific needs for your health goals and improvement. Why not give it a try.

  • Official Website


    Facebook Page

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Level Up Your Shopee Loyalty Tier and Enjoy Unli Free Shipping!

Are you a true Shopee-holic? If you’re waiting for a sign to check out those items in your cart, look no further as Gold and Platinum Shopee Loyalty Tier members can avail of unlimited 

Free Shipping vouchers. Make it a habit to claim those hard-earned vouchers, because you definitely deserve it!

Shopee Loyalty is an in-app program where shoppers can claim exciting rewards every month. The membership is free and consists of four levels: Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum -- each with its own minimum order requirement and corresponding set of exclusive vouchers, discounts, and perks. You can access Shopee Loyalty with a single tap on the Shopee home page and do the following:

Track your Shopee Loyalty tier progress 

Discover various tier milestones and rewards available 

Redeem eligible vouchers that are refreshed monthly, including free shipping vouchers, exclusive brand and partner vouchers and special birthday vouchers

Shoppers can unlock higher tiers and maintain their current standing by completing a certain number of orders every six months before progress is refreshed. Remember, the higher your Shopee Loyalty tier, the bigger the rewards.  

Already a Gold or Platinum member? Here’s how to claim your monthly free shipping vouchers:

Claiming via the Shopee Loyalty Page

Enter the Shopee Loyalty Page through the “Me” Tab.
Click on the Tier Member badge or “Shopee Loyalty” button.
All Gold & Platinum members can find the free shipping vouchers under “Voucher Benefits” and claim them weekly after each refresh.

Claiming via the Homesquare Page

Enter the Loyalty Educational Page through the Shopee Loyalty button.
All Gold & Platinum members can find the free shipping vouchers and claim them weeklyafter each refresh.

Here’s a pro-tip on how to reach Gold and Platinum tiers in no time. Activate your ShopeePay account to enjoy more rewarding shopping perks. Consumers are in for a treat this coming February 28 PayDay Sale with free shipping vouchers at ₱0 minimum spend and 10% off vouchers from your favorite brands. This month-end blowout, it’s your chance to level up your loyalty tier and unlock more rewards. Take advantage of ShopeePay’s free transfers feature when sending money to any bank and any Shopee user. Now is the time to try sending money because ShopeePay is offering free ₱100 on your first transfer until Mar 3.  

Look forward to more promos from ShopeePay such as 50% off on load across all networks and up to 50% cashback on bills. ₱1 deals from ShopeePay’s partner merchants such as Potato Corner, Puregold, National Bookstore, The Generics Pharmacy, Bonchon, Wendy's, Metroil, and SEAOIL are also available for purchase via “ShopeePay Near Me” on the Shopee app.

To know more about the Shopee Loyalty Program and its benefits, visit 

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.


About Shopee 
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee connects shoppers, brands, and sellers across Asia and other fast-growing markets, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere and at any time. 
Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.
Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

Discover the Best Items to Complete Your Wedding Journey at the Shopee Wedding Expo

Getting ready for the big day? Planning weddings can be daunting and exciting for all those involved, made even more complicated by the changing safety protocols in the last two years. If you’re recently engaged and don’t know where to begin, or if you’re one of the trusted friends and family tasked to make things happen, why not try sourcing all your wedding needs on Shopee? Brides and grooms-to-be can enjoy big discounts, coins cashback, and more at the Shopee Wedding Expo happening from February 26-27. 

Shopee offers a very unique shopping experience, especially for couples looking to DIY their weddings and stylists who have to source their materials for the festivities. The Shopee Wedding Expo is packed with awesome deals from a wide assortment of wedding must-haves that’ll cover the preparations before the ceremony all the way to the reception. Be inspired by the stories of our Shopee Fam, newlywed couple George and T-Ann, and renowned event stylist Teddy Manuel, who prove that Shopee is indeed a gold mine for wedding essentials.

George and T-Ann achieve their DIY wedding on a budget with Shopee

Before getting married earlier this month, George and T-Ann faced difficulties canvassing materials for their wedding. The couple, who had been together five years, turned to Shopee to purchase almost everything they needed for their celebration. Although both were busy with their respective schedules (George running their family business and T-Ann just finishing her residency as a physician), they were able to contact and secure a few suppliers for their decorations. Still, they had a lot on their checklist which weren’t readily available. 

With shopping malls and Divisoria being crowded and risky to visit, they opted to buy on Shopee the remaining materials for their arches, scented candles and table toppers, and even their souvenirs for more than 100 guests. Not only did the couple cut down significantly on expenses, but they also enjoyed the process of making the decorations. “Don’t be afraid to DIY. It adds a personal touch to the wedding. Our relatives all came together to help create some of our big decorations. These became priceless moments we’ll treasure together forever.” 

For couples also considering a  DIY wedding, George and T-Ann advise them to focus on affordable, quality raw materials that look premium and professionally put together. The couple also suggests buying a sample first to check the quality before ordering in bulk. Want a fairytale-like wedding? The couple recommends these fairy and geometric lights that spruced up their venue and these personalized scented candles that served as giveaways to the guests. “Shopee really played a big part in our wedding preparations, as most items were already available there at very affordable prices. It was so convenient for us, since we didn’t have to worry about spending money on parking and gas and going to crowded places.”

Teddy Manuel turns to Shopee for his event styling needs 

Teddy Manuel is a popular event stylist who has been making waves in the industry for almost two decades. Widely regarded as one of the pioneers in his craft, Teddy puts in a lot of time and effort in making his clients’ weddings aesthetically pleasing — from entrance decors for the entourage to the backdrop and ceiling works at the reception. When the pandemic hit, he had to adapt accordingly as sourcing materials internationally became a challenge due to stricter protocols and logistical delays. Teddy’s resourcefulness led him to try Shopee as his new go-to supplier.

With more couples opting for intimate weddings, Teddy focuses on the smallest details that can create a big impact at the wedding venue. He shares his most important tip for wedding planning: always be cohesive. “It’s important that everything ties together. Stick to a color scheme and work your way from there. Check Shopee for the specific products that you need and you’ll surely find a lot of options.” Among Teddy’s favorite Shopee finds are these hanging silk flowers and these white parasols, both of which add lush elegance to any event space. He also looks to Shopee for tableware such as this beautifully-crafted, gold-rimmed ceramic Nordic plate for the perfect finishing touch to his set-up. 

“When you’re ordering online, it’s crucial that you read the description and contact the seller to get further information about the product. I’m grateful that I’ve gotten affordable and high-quality products on Shopee — and  since all I have to do is add them to my cart, it’s easier for me to manage other tasks and responsibilities for the wedding too.”


Here are some of the best deals to watch out for in the Shopee Wedding Expo, perfect for the ceremony proper or the reception that follows: a stylish but budget-friendly men’s formal suit, artificial flowers for venue decors, hook drop earrings to glam you up, and thick bottom sandals to complete your outfit.

The Shopee Wedding Expo will happen from February 26 to 27, 2022. You can also enjoy 10% off (minimum spend of ₱1,000, capped at ₱500) on select products and get a more rewarding shopping experience when you checkout using ShopeePay’s free shipping vouchers. Check out a bunch of wedding preparation deals for as low as ₱1 when you pay via ShopeePay at partner merchants such as Resorts World Manila and After the expo, you can proceed with shopping for more wedding needs by maximizing ShopeePay's free transfers feature and sending payments to suppliers that only accept bank transfers as a mode of payment.

Don’t let the stressful wedding preparations ruin the romantic getaway with your better half. You deserve to relax and recharge on your honeymoon. With ShopeePay, you can get great promos at some of the country’s luxurious hotels to make the experience even more special. Get 20% cashback when you book your hotel bookings, including Estacio Uno Boracay, Mithi Resort and Spa Bohol, and White Breeze Palawan on Shopee and pay with ShopeePay.

To know more about the Shopee Wedding Expo, visit 

About Shopee 

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee connects shoppers, brands, and sellers across Asia and other fast-growing markets, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere and at any time. 

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

SHEIN welcomes the summer season with an exclusive Spring-Summer Collection sale


In celebration of the highly-anticipated summer season, SHEIN is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest Spring-Summer Sale collection this March. The exclusive series will be a part of the upcoming 3.3 sale that will feature discounts up to 85% off on select items from a wide selection of stylish designs.


With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan those fun activities like road trips, a day on the beach playing with the sand between your toes, and maybe even an outdoor adventure in the wilderness with friends and family. Regardless of which adventure you choose to go on, global online fashion retailer SHEIN will have you ready in style.


Comfort For The Road

When choosing your outfit for a long road trip, it is important that you feel comfortable all throughout. Pair a puff-sleeve top with lace-patterned shorts to make sure you stay stylish and comfortable no matter the length or distance of your summer outing with friends.


Soak in the Sun Oceanside in Style

A summer getaway isn’t complete without a visit to the beach. Look your absolute best for those stunning beach photos with a floral-patterned summer midi dress in an eye-catching, flowing design that complements the beauty of the ocean and achieves a perfect, carefree look.  

Be One with Nature

There's nothing like exploring the beauty of the outdoors and reconnecting with nature. Make sure you enjoy this experience to the fullest with a chiffon crop top with puff sleeves, featuring a simple yet comfortable texture, perfect for an outdoor picnic. Not to mention a floral print design that will help you feel more connected to nature.

 Don’t Miss SHEIN’s Exclusive Spring Day Collection Sale

To make things even more exciting, SHEIN will be doing a livestream on March 3, 2022, Thursday, hosted by Janeena Chan and Mika Reyes where they will give everyone a glimpse of all the amazing clothing options to spruce up your wardrobe this summer season.


333 lucky viewers who place and complete their orders on the same day will stand a chance to get their orders completely free of charge.


Fill up your shopping carts and make the most out of this sale with these exciting offers from February 28-March 7,2022:


        Up to 85% off on selected items under the Fashion Kick-off Sale

        Buy 3, Get 1 99% off on all Beach-Ready essentials (Swimsuits, Tote Bags, Sandals)

        2 for ₱799 on Dresses and Co-ords

        Free Shipping on all orders made on March 3, 2022.

        Free Gift on all orders above ₱1,200


For more information and updates, check out SHEIN’s official website ( and social media channels (Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube)



Founded in 2012, SHEIN is a leading global online retailer with operations in Guangzhou, Singapore and Los Angeles, along with other key markets. SHEIN reaches consumers across more than 150 countries and regions around the world. We place a premium on choice, delivering more than 6,000 new fashion, beauty and lifestyle products daily with more than 600,000 items available. Our mission is to help people express their individuality through the latest trends that are accessible and affordable.



Wednesday, February 23, 2022

WWF-Philippines asserts support to the UN Environment Assembly in adopting new treaty on plastic pollution


The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one with the Philippines and other United Nations (UN) countries in a push for a new global treaty on plastic pollution, which will be discussed at this year’s UN Environment Assembly or UNEA 5.2.


The Philippines is a co-sponsor of the Peru and Rwanda Resolution which proposes that UNEA establishes an Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) with a mandate to prepare a new legally binding global agreement that would form part of international law.


At UNEA 5.2, happening this February 28 to March 4, 2022 to also coincide with the 10th anniversary of its creation and the 50th anniversary of the UN Environment Programme, UN Member States are expected to adopt a decision to start negotiations on a new treaty on plastic pollution. More than three-fourths of the UN membership publicly support the development of a new global agreement along with more than 2.1 million individuals, 25 financial institutions, and more than 60 companies globally.


WWF takes a stand that the creation of a new treaty on plastic pollution will be beneficial not only to the environment but also to the businesses involved in the cycle, by mainly standardizing compliance. The organization has long been conducting research and forwarding policies that could curb plastic pollution worldwide.


In the Philippines, WWF recently conducted its solid waste management baseline study in Philippine ports. They are also pushing for the implementation of the Extended Producers Responsibility Scheme to make an impact on the worsening plastic problem in the country.


WWF is also working closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and climate and environmental consultancy group Parabukas to discuss the needs and wants of the Philippines for a global treaty.


The groups agreed to support the enhancement of various local cities’ zero waste programs, which when implemented on a national level can be improved by a global treaty. Availability and investment into reusable alternative and reuse systems must also be taken into consideration.


“We would like to work with the global community on how to address the plastic problem as we know that plastic pollution is a transboundary and cross-sectoral problem that cannot be solved through national or regional initiatives alone. We hope that UNEA 5.2 and its member states join us and support the start of negotiations towards a global legally binding agreement on plastic pollution and come up with a lifecycle approach on plastics,” shared Mr. Albert Magalang, Chief of Climate Change Division from the Department of Natural Resources (DENR).

Additionally, WWF-Philippines’ National Youth Council is also encouraging the public, especially the youth, to participate in the country’s various efforts to move towards a sustainable green earth, free from plastic pollution, and more importantly, to support the new proposed treaty it co-sponsored for nature.


“We believe that it is not too late to take action and save our environment. Through this global treaty, we look forward to a united and swift action so that our future generations may live in a better and greener environment,” said Mr. Mirus Ponon, member of WWF-Philippines’ National Youth Council.


WWF Philippines Executive Director, Ms. Katherine Custodio remains optimistic that everyone’s efforts on pushing for the treaty will come to fruition, “It’s high time we demand a treaty for an issue that continues to be a growing problem for the world: plastic pollution. WWF, together with our partners, are united to bring to light a new global treaty to address this and improve our solutions for nature.”


To know more about WWF-Philippines and its initiatives, please visit


About WWF


WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in nearly 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.


WWF-Philippines has been working as a national organization of the WWF network since 1997 and implements various conservation projects to help protect some of the most biologically-significant ecosystems in Asia. WWF-Philippines works to improve Filipino lives by crafting solutions to climate change, providing sustainable livelihood programs, and conserving the country’s richest marine and land habitats.



Monday, February 21, 2022

A Clean Home is a Happy Home!


When your surroundings at home are clean, you feel happy, motivated, and healthy. However, hearing the word ‘cleaning’ turns away eyes to avoid shouldering the responsibility as some may find it tiresome or boring. 


So, fret not as Clorox Philippines, one of the country’s leading providers of cleaning and disinfecting products, provides you a long-term solution to keep your home neat and clean all the time – a cleaning calendar. Why? Because cleaning your household can be fun and meaningful when the cleaning schedule is done right.


To help you decide whether having a cleaning calendar is better or not, here's why it’s important to adopt in your household and encourage your family members or housemates to start doing their part when it comes to cleaning.


Everyone shares responsibility at home

Whether daily or weekly, having a cleaning schedule helps you and everyone in the household share responsibility in keeping your home clean and tidy. You can help them choose a specific task that they will enjoy doing, like sweeping the floor or making sure that they follow proper waste segregation. 


In the long run, you will not nag them anymore to remember since keeping the house well-kept all the time will be second nature to them.


Ensures that all tasks are not falling on one person

From commercials to TV dramas, homemakers tirelessly doing the house chores all by themselves is a familiar scenario. But it doesn't have to be that way. Planning a cleaning calendar puts everyone at work. Someone must be assigned to wash the dishes after eating, vacuum the floors, wipe down the kitchen counters, disinfect doors and walkways, clean the bathroom, and so much more.


Prevents Big Pile of Messes

Most of the time, spending the whole day just scrubbing and cleaning the house is the dragging part of cleaning. However, making a weekly cleaning calendar for every member of the household would designate the tasks equally and avoid chores piling up. Mondays can be for bedrooms, Tuesdays for bathroom, Thursdays for living room, Saturdays for the kitchen, or whatever works with your other activities. 


Builds bonding and relationship 

Who said that cleaning couldn't be fun? Keeping your house clean requires a team effort like how you play in a game to win. A little bit of creativity and a family movie night reward at the end of the day is already a booster. Not to mention, all those funny stories and a few bubbles can make your kids giggle while doing their cleaning task.


You save budget from hiring a professional house cleaner

Whether you have your family, friends, or workmates sharing in one space together, it is vital to take part in picking up a cleaning task. If no one wants to do it, then a professional house cleaner will do it for you, of course, for a fee. But why hire someone if you can do it yourself and save costs? 


Clean your home with Clorox Cleaners

Yes, cleaning can be tiresome and time-consuming, but with the help of suitable cleaning and disinfecting products, your housework efforts can be lessened. So, with superb cleaning power, Clorox provides you with its cleaners that you can use to maintain your home clean and free of germs, especially in the new normal.


To thoroughly clean your bathroom, specifically the walls, floors, and sink, use Clorox Disinfecting Bleach. Not only does it clean every part of your bathroom, but it also disinfects them and kills up to 99.9% of germs, including the COVID-19 virus. And as its partner, apply the Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Its bleaching power destroys tough stains and kills germs, leaving your toilet clean and shiny. With scents ranging from lavender to lemon, it also delivers a refreshing fragrance in your toilet bowl.


The Clorox Disinfecting All-Purpose Cleaner, on the other hand, is your new household partner in the new normal. Perfect to use on various types of surfaces, such as synthetic marble, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, plastic, glazed porcelain, and sealed granite, this bleach-free cleaner with an easy-to-use spray can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and leaves no harsh odor while keeping everything fresh and clean.


Also, make it a habit to wipe down your home’s high-touch surfaces with Clorox Expert Disinfecting Wipes, as it kills 99.9% of germs, including the COVID-19 virus, in just a minute. It is best for quick cleanup wherever you go and can clean and disinfect gadgets and toys.


To top it all off, utilize Clorox Expert Disinfectant Spray for a 30-second sanitization of the soft and hard surfaces in your house. Capable of also removing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungus, you and your family can say goodbye to your home’s germs and odors.


“At Clorox, we encourage everyone to keep their homes neat and clean to prevent bacteria and viruses that could affect our health. We hope that with our cleaners, we can help Filipinos maintain safe and clean surroundings, especially in the new normal,” said Monique Gonzalez, marketing manager for Clorox Southeast Asia.


Thursday, February 17, 2022

PRSP Concludes First-Ever Virtual and Nationwide Students’ PR Con with Grand Prix Hack Sprint Edition


The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) has finally concluded the Grand Prix Hack Sprint Edition, the second leg of this year's Students’ PR Con, the first virtual, interactive, and nationwide edition of the organization’s Students’ PR Congress.

Being the first Hack Sprint edition of PRSP’s annual student event and competition, this year’s Grand Prix was fully virtual wherein to qualify, students from all over the country were invited to submit a position paper about “The Great Resignation”, a current social issue being tackled across the world, provided by the initiative’s Platinum Sponsor JobStreet.

Eight (8) universities successfully advanced as qualifiers for the second phase, the Hack Sprint, where the students were given 24 hours to develop their communications plan. These are De La Salle University - Dasmariñas, Far Eastern University, Holy Angel University in Angeles, Pampanga, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, San Beda University, Saint Louis University in Baguio, University of the Philippines - Los Baños, and University of the Philippines - Manila.

Out of these schools, five (5) outstanding teams were identified to move forward to the final round – the Pitch Proper, where each team presented their plan to a select jury panel comprised of industry thought leaders and experts.

After a thorough evaluation, University of the Philippines (UP) Manila emerged as the grand champion, followed by University of the Philippines Los Baños and De La Salle University – Dasmariñas as first and second runners-up, respectively. San Beda University and Polytechnic University of the Philippines were among the top five finalists.

The winning team from UP Manila, comprised of Jia Jarin, Karmela Amon, and Charlette Inao, expressed their gratitude for the exciting opportunity to be part of this year’s Grand Prix, albeit virtually.

“[Grand Prix] was a very valuable and fulfilling experience for us, especially as communications students. Aside from our win as a team, we learned and realized something that we really want to do—PR for good,” said Charlette Inao, representative of the winning team.

The winners of the Grand Prix Hack Sprint received cash prizes, trophies, and certificates. The champion received Php 30,000 for the team, a trophy for the school, and certificates and gift packs for each member, and three Xiaomi mobile phones sponsored by COMCO Southeast Asia. The 1st and 2nd runners-up have received Php 20,000 and Php 10,000, respectively, plus trophies for the school, and certificates and gift packs for each member. The remaining teams in the Top 5 have also received Php 5,000 for the team, and certificates and gift packs for each member.

The PRSP Grand Prix Hack Sprint is supported by JobStreet as platinum sponsor; Maynilad Water Services, NIVEA and PLDT as gold sponsors; Converge ICT Solutions, GCash, Maya, PayMaya, Smart, Unilab Consumer Health and Unilab Skin Sciences as silver sponsors; and Jollibee Foods Corporation, McDonald’s Philippines (Golden Arches Development Corporation), Meralco, Teleperformance and SM Supermalls as bronze sponsors. COMCO Southeast Asia serves as the event’s staging and creative partner with ABS-CBN, Adobo Magazine, Class A Magazine, and as media partners and Warner Music Philippines and PhilPop Musicfest Foundation as entertainment partners.

The event is also supported by student organization partners – ADPROS from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila, Mass Communication Students’ League from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), PRSSP (Public Relations Student Society of the Philippines) from University of the Philippines Manila, HAU Communicators' League from Holy Angel University in Pampanga, Journalism Guild from Cavite State University, Josenian AdComm Guild and Josenian Communication Society from San Jose Recoletos University in Cebu, Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators from Silliman University in Dumaguete, SWU Junior Communication Designers Guild from Southwestern University in Cebu, The Society of Student Communicators from Negros Oriental State University in Dumaguete, and Junior Marketing Association from Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro.

Mr. Ferdinand Bondoy, Chairman of PRSP Students’ PR Con and Grand Prix, Board Trustee of PRSP and Regional Integration & Chief Executive Director of COMCO Southeast Asia said, “As I've mentioned last year, this work given to me by PRSP is really close to my heart. Back then, I was also a PR academic scholar of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines. And it has come full circle. That's why we made the 2021 Students' PR Con and Grand Prix Hack Sprint truly meaningful and special, even if it's fully digital and virtual. It is with much honor and fulfillment that we've ended this event on a high note. Our sacrifices are all worth it.”

Mr. Bondoy closes this year’s Students’ PR Congress with a challenge to the students: “I’m passing on the torch to you. As soon as you finish school, see you in the real world. And we invite you to join us in doing PR for good and making a difference in society,” Mr. Bondoy said.

Mr. Norman Agatep, President of PRSP and President and Managing Director of Grupo Agatep shared, “PRSP is honored to have this year’s Students’ PR Congress as the platform for students from all over the Philippines to learn new insights and perspectives about where our industry is headed. May everyone use their learnings and experiences from both PR Con and Grand Prix as a tool to create and inspire positive change in more people, especially during this crucial period.”

To learn more about the PRSP 2021 Students’ PR Con and Grand Prix, follow or For inquiries, please email

About PRSP                                                                                                                                                                                         The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) is the country’s premier organization for communication and PR professionals. In its roster are practitioners who represent business and industry, the academe, government, non-profit organizations, and professional services, among others.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Santé Barley : Be C-gurado Every Day

As the Philippines detected the highly infectious Omicron variant, Filipinos have seen a sudden and tremendous surge in the COVID-19 cases. And while the infections in Metro Manila and its nearby provinces are already starting to decrease, the Department of Health (DOH) still recognizes the country, especially NCR, as high risk for the virus.


For that reason, people must be C-gurado amid these uncertain times. It is essential to always keep our health in check with sufficient vitamins and nutrients for doubled-up protection against the invisible enemy even if we’re wearing masks outside and completely vaccinated, along with a booster shot.


Hygiene and health must start at home. And while no supplements can directly cure COVID-19 and its variants, taking vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Zinc can help provide adequate nutrition to double up one’s immunity, lessening severe symptoms.


Benefits of Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost one’s immune system

Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin to take in the new normal. Since it provides added protection, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), this vitamin is vital to maintaining your health. 


Vitamin C also assists a person’s immune system combat sicknesses, making it significant to include in your diet. In addition, a foreign study indicated that regular Vitamin C intake helps reduce the severity of colds.


Other than that, as an essential medicine, it can assist in faster wound healing and minimize the risks of having long-term illnesses like cancer.


Another winning supplement to increase our immune functions is Zinc, a mineral that may have antiviral activity. According to a study, this mineral improves immune cell function that counters viral infections or may reduce the ability of viruses to multiply.


Another study found out that Zinc may not prevent colds, but evidence proves that it plays an essential function in shortening cold symptoms.


No wonder why Vitamin C and Zinc are necessary to be taken this new normal. It’s because of the powerful benefits of these supplements to people’s immune systems.


Doubled-up protection with Santé’s Daily-C Plus

While certain foods can be good sources of these vitamins and minerals, some people have difficulties including them in their daily diet.


That is why Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider, brings you the new and improved Daily-C Plus, helping you get an extra dose of vitamins for doubled-up protection so you can live beyond the limits and confidently care for your family.


“Because of the health scares brought by 2020, everyone must improve their daily health care and lifestyle. The new and improved Daily-C Plus is our way of helping everyone so they can become more C-gurado even amid these uncertain times,” said Joey Marcelo, CEO of Santé.


Daily-C Plus is the doubled-up version of Daily-C, which helps the immune system and decreases Vitamin C deficiency. It also aids in enhancing iron absorption, collagen formation, and wound healing in our bodies.


Packed with non-acidic sodium ascorbate fortified with Zinc, it provides an extra level of protection to you and your family while being gentler on the stomach and safe for daily consumption. It comes in a 500mg natural vegetable capsule, so it’s like eating your greens with just a pill.


“Because of uncertainties at times like this, I always make sure to put effort and work to protect my future, family, and health. And because I’m a certified C-gurista, the best way to guard myself and my loved ones from sickness is with the doubled-up protection of Daily-C Plus,” said Catriona Gray, ambassador of Daily-C Plus.


So, if you are a certified C-gurista, be sure to double up your protection with Santé’s Daily-C Plus and be C-gurado to face each day in this new normal.


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About Santé

Santé is one of the leading global manufacturers of certified barley grass grown and harvested from New Zealand. With its mission to help people live better lives, the company promotes, produces, and distributes premier natural health and wellness products and services. With Santé Barley as its flagship brand, the company has dominated the local market with its barley grass certified organic by BioGro, New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products. With the proven health benefits of Santé Barley, Santé has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. Today, Santé has expanded its offerings, including a fitness and physical rehabilitation center with Santé Fitness Lab, staying true to its thrust in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé has offices worldwide in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, and Cyprus.


To learn more about Sante, visit its website at 



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