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XOXO : Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY!

Love is in the air! And so I am sending you my love, specially to all my readers!
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This giveaway runs from February 1- 14, 11:59pm.
The winner will be announced on February 14, 2018
Anyone in the Philippines can join, as long as you have a METRO MANILA ADDRESS where we can ship the prize.
In case you are interested to join but you live in the province, make it sure you have a relative or friend who lives in Metro Manila and can receive the items. 18 years old and above can join.



Saturday, January 27, 2018

Natural is still best to de-stress your tress

Striking a life balance is no easy task to do. It requires hard work and dedication which sometimes can be strenuous to achieve. Can you imagine how overtaxing it is to juggle between your career and providing for your loved ones?
Studies have shown that stress is commonly caused by interrelationships, such as having to deal with work issues and family-related complications. If left unresolved over time, it could lead to immune deficiency, which later on, might cause other parts of our body to show signs of disruption like hair loss.
Many of us could attest to that. It’s like always autumnal equinox whenever we experience chronic hair fall, most especially at the prime of stress. At its peak, our white blood cells attack no less than the follicles, thus causing alopecia. What’s more, anxiety could drive your mane into a prolonged resting phase, which is called telogen effluvium.

Stress experienced by the body or beyond our coping resources could trigger hair loss symptoms, which, if not addressed properly, could result to early baldness. Worried about this? Fret no more. You can beat it simply by relaxing, eating or flexing some muscles. 
Never underestimate the power of sleep. If you feel that you are over your head in dealing with anxieties, choose to rest it off for a while and recharge.

Let’s get physical to de-stress. It helps release endorphins, or what is known as the happy hormones, that can be beneficial in relieving the tension.

Destress by watching stage plays like the timeless story of Tony and Maria and their fateful love affair as the electrifying classic WEST SIDE STORY. Read more on

Eat more fruits and veggies. Having these as a staple in your diet will bolster your immunity from disease, which in turn, knock out stress. We can all benefit from the vitamins and minerals of the healthy food we consume.

It’s best to complement these simple regimens with a topical solution that’s safe to keep your crowning glory at its robust state. NOVUHAIR, nature's answer to hair loss, is made up of 19 natural ingredients that work in synergy to help remedy stress-related hair loss and promote healthy tress and scalp. 

The challenge in preventing these mane problems is to keep your locks healthy with proper care and let it grow naturally sans subjecting your hair to temporary relief with the use of harmful chemicals. Go natural.

NOVUHAIR contains natural extracts, herbal oils and essences, such as lavender that is also known to relieve stress. It also has a scent that leaves a calming effect. 

NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page, Novuhair Official, and follow on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural. You may also call NOVUHAIR hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online through and


Friday, January 26, 2018

BENCH CAFE : The Glamorous Pinoy Turo-turo Version

Two days before the opening day, we were able to take a sneak peek of the controversial "glamorized turo-turo" as Eric Dee said. Such a brilliant idea to bring in food inside a clothing line establishment.

Honestly, what's the after effect of doing your shopping? Of course, you get hungry! Better yet, what about having some meal first before doing your shopping? This act of innovation is something!

The BENCH Café is situated inside Bench Flagship Store in Bonifacio High Street. Now offering sumptuous Filipino dishes that will surely give you comfort while dining in. 
Now, let me share with you the our BENCH CAFE EXPERIENCE

We started with the healthy choice of salad. Mr. Ang is a suha lover. This salad was served with prawn and pomelo with coriander and calamansi dressing.


We have three choices of soup. Our young foodie picked her favorite Tinola while mommy foodie got her all-time favorite Monggo! Good thing, my uric acid stat is just fine. The mung bean soup goes with pork, prawn and smokedfish finished with Malunggay chicharon, it's divine!

If there's bento with Japanese restos, here we have BENCH/TO meals. Everything is served with side dishes that you will love. The atsara is good, plus the salsa. Also including two ulam (viands). Yes, a complete rice meal! Whatelse can you ask for?

The main dish of  Mr. Ang's choice was the  US Angus Short Ribs Bistek. It goes with inihaw na pusit on the side, spicy ginatang sigarillas or gising gising with Bench salsa, atsara and Ifugao rice.

The Bongamusal is your BONGGANG ALMUSAL! This is good for sharing. You have almost everything from the Silog menu. It has a slice of spam, tocino, daing na bangus, longganisa at U.S. beef tapa. All you need to do is order an extra rice or two if you'll share it. You may also upgrade your rice to Talangka rice, Dilis rice, Bagoong rice Garlic rice or Ifugao rice. It's your call!
If in case you came in not wanting for rice meal, you may also have their Panini version of silog. All Panini is served with egg and camote chips. While all Silog is served with garlic rice, crispy egg, roasted tomato and atsara.
I got my personal favorite. The Sisig Lettuce Cup! With this video I'll show you how to do it... how to eat the sisig with a twist. Almost the same as  Korean style of eating grilled meat wrapped with lettuce. The sisig is given sinful, but the lettuce can give a balance to this. By the way, the utak aioli can even make the sisig creamier. Wondering what the bubble on top was? No, it's not Joy soap, it's the calamsi foam.
Just don't mind how I look with this video, was not able make myself colorful...kidding aside. Just came in with eyebrows because "kilay is Life."


The first drink from the left is the Mindanao Hot Chocolate, our young foodie's personal choice. Since we're eating Filipino food that moment, I decided to go for Sago't Gulaman, the one from the right side on top.
They also have the special beverage called Pandan Latik. See the one with pandan leaf from the handle. Yes, it's a coffee but some kind of extra-ordinary. The aroma was so good as well as its taste. Like each sip can bring me joy. The coffee was just right! Mixture of Robusta and Arabica coffee, if I am not mistaken. It's a perfect mix!
The FLAN B is another sinful agent. However, I was proven wrong. The so smooth texture and its creaminess made me take like three spoons, it's not that really sweet...yet Mr. Ang has to stop me. Chef Carlo Miguel shared to us that he got it from his grandma's recipe and just did some modification. Well, he did a great job!
Now, the UBE Halo-halo, our Pinoy Bingsu is a mus-try too! Ube Bingsu with macapuno, garbanzos, caramelized banana, leche flan, nata de coco and coconut ice cream. Abi, our young foodie need no help to finish a cup of this.

Such a cozy place to spend a relaxing meal with family and friends. High ceilings, gold hanging lights and pastel color of the walls is just cold to the eyes. The plants wall décor on the stairways was so lovely too. 

The ANG Foodie Family
It's another Dae to Remember for TAFF!
Thank you so much KTG for the invite!
With local flavors as its core, Bench Café updates your favorite dishes by fusing Filipino with Filipino, bringing in traditions from all over the islands to create a bold character that is undeniably distinct. Through food, we tell stories of the past, present, and the future by making local traditions accessible to more Filipinos and Filipinos at heart. 
2nd Floor Bench Flagship Store
9th Avenue corner Lane O.
 Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila
Operating Hours
11:00am – 10:00pm (Mon-Fri)
11:00am – 11:00pm (Sat-Sun)
Facebook @BenchCafe
Instagram @BenchCafePh

Thursday, January 25, 2018

BENCH CAFE : The Opening Day Experience

Growing up, Bench clothing & fashion shop has already been doing its business since my teen days. Then comes their salon and barber shop.  And now, they recently opened their café! So enterprising!
Yesterday, BENCH CAFE opened its doors and welcomed more than hundreds of guests on it's first day. Starting with generous act, the first 100 customers received amazing gifts from Bench Café.  The first 10 received 1 year supply of BENCH/TO, the next 20 received 6 months while the next 30 customers received 3 months supply of BENCH/TO.
Marie Manalo, 1st customer in line
To my surprised, the very first customer in line happened to be my cousin who saw my post thru my facebook page Adae To Remember. So happy to see her yesterday with her prize!
The truth is... early morning, she sent me a Facebook message with her photo on top. Thanking me for the post that I made on my page. She decided to go to BENCH Café to line up and try her luck. So blessed, she got there first in line.

By the way, my daughter and I also received our 3 months BENCH/TO supply. We made it to the next 30 customers!

Chef Carlo Miguel, despite his busyness during the day, still managed to strike a pose with us for a documentary shot. Hahahaha!

Good thing, before leaving the café, Mr. Ben Chan, the owner of BENCH arrived. Got a chance to have a photo with him after placing his order for lunch. Been seeing him around, but only took this opportunity to have a picture with him holding our coupons.

With this, we can avail of our FREE BENCH/TO with every purchase of  BENCH/TO meal. Customer is entitled to 1 BENCH/TO of their other choice per week. If not claimed, Freebie will be forfeited.
The time we reached the café, we were already on the 47th and 48th number. That made us included at the last 30 customers to get the 3 months supply of BENCH/TO every week. The next customers after number 50 will still receive coupons too.
We also met these guys ahead from our line. They were supposed to be seated already but two of their friends walked around and they missed their slot earlier. That's the thing with organized system. Because you will be seated once you are complete with your group.
Let's go to our LUNCH!

I ordered Bagnet Kare kare with Bagoong, Tortang Talong with Bench Salsa, Atsara and Ifugao rice. WINNER! I'm a super fan of Kare kare and Bench Café just nailed it! Your complete meal in one tray!

The Tortang Talong may look so simple, but it's so good! Stuffed with savory meat inside. I so love it! Abi, our young foodie also enjoyed it because it's her favorite viand at home. 


Abi's pick for the day was the TOSILOG. Served with generous amount of red meat as how she calls tocino. Guess what, her fork still flew to my bagnet kare kare plate. Her first time to appreciate the Kare kare sauce. Not too strong of peanut taste, I guess that's what made her appreciate the sauce and of course the Bagnet.
What's for dessert? We had White Halo halo Coconut Bingsu with Macapuno, garbanzos, caramelized banana, leche flan, nata de coco and coconut ice cream.

You know, after doing your shopping from the ground floor, you just need to take few steps to the second floor to relax and enjoy a meal or two. Then after your meal, you just need to open the other door to continue your shopping and go straight up to the 3rd floor! Isn't it the kind of life?
BENCH CAFE is like your kind of classy karinderya! No smokes around or vehicles blowing their horns and lots of people walking around while you eat. The ambiance here's so relaxing with not so dim lights and plants wall  décor. Love their concepts!
2nd Floor Bench Flagship Store
9th Avenue corner Lane O.
 Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila
Operating Hours
11:00am – 10:00pm (Mon-Fri)
11:00am – 11:00pm (Sat-Sun)

Happy Australia Day with BYS Cosmetics

Brand Ambassadors Laura Lehmann and Kianna Valenciano

Australians from around the world recently celebrated Australia Day, a commemoration of the fonding of the land down under, and all other thing Australian.  Australian influence, whether earnest or light-hearted, is pervasive around the world, even for us Filipinos, who recognize the roleof aussie awareness in the country, especially in the beauty industry.
BYS, a popular Australian cosmetics brands has been in the country since 2012. Since then, it has changed the beauty game in Philippines, influencing make-up trends in our country.
With the brand’s high-end, on-trend, and transformative cosmetic products, Filipinos are shaped to be confident about themselves as it enhances their natural beauty.

Moreover, BYSis not afraid to play with colors. From nude hues to bright glitters, BYS offers bold and daring make-up for everyday and for partying. With BYS products, you can explore different looks, from simple to soulful up to being dazzling as they can be. Beauty definitely has no limit with BYS.

 (From Left to Right) Brand Ambassadors (3rd) Laura Lehmann, (4th) Kiana Valenciano, and (6th) Tony Chua, President of iFace Philippines, with BYS Australia Team
Half-Filipina and Half-Australian courtside reporter Laura Lehmann and local singer-songwriter Kiana Valenciano are just few of those who enjoy the exciting lifestyle of using BYS cosmetics. Being the BYS Philippines Ambassadors, Kiana and Laura have grown more beautiful, confident, and happy.
To learn more about BYS Philippines
or join the conversation by following BYS PH on Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter at @bysphilippines.

The Center for Aesthetic Studies : ACQUIRE AESTHETIC EXPERTISE

It's never too late to learn new things . As the renowned fashion icon Calvin Klein once said, “the best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” This underscores the reality that looking your best does not “just happen.” Indeed, even professional models, actresses, and beauty professionals have time and tested makeup methods that took years to master and apply. 
“While makeup is considered an artform, there is a very precise technical methodology behind it,” noted celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga. “An eye for beauty and aesthetic detail must be equally balanced with specialized skills and proficiency.”

Through his work at the Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS), Mayuga aims to impart these skills to aspiring makeup artists. Since 2004, CAS has steadily built its reputation as one of the leading schools for professional makeup artistry in the Philippines. Mayuga is a proud graduate of the institute, and currently joins an impressive roster of professors teaching there.
“The entire CAS recently enhanced its full operations, including its corporate structure, student relations and support sytems, faculty members, and an upgraded curriculum,” Mayuga emphasized. “At present, we have the top experts in their respective fields teaching comprehensive programs involving the hair, skin, nails, and face. If you want to turn your passion into a career, then CAS is definitely the right place to be,” he concluded.
The Center for Aesthetic Studies is located at Unit 103 Midland Office Condominium Bldg. 109 Gamboa Legaspi Village, Makati. You may also visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook (centerforaestheticstudiesph) and Instagram (centerforaestheticstudies) []

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FamilyMart : Easy, tasty ways stick to your healthy eating New Year resolutions

The new year signals a fresh start for everyone. This is the perfect time to achieve that better version of yourself -  wiser, braver, and fitter. Always at the top of our resolutions list is to shed off a few pounds or to eat healthier. But sticking to that “become healthier” resolution could be quite the challenge when you’re always tempted to indulge and put off making a trip to the gym.

So, to ring in the new year and help you realistically commit to being healthy, FamilyMart offers you nutritious dishes made specially by the students of Enderun.
Get your dose of protein, fiber, and calcium from a classic Caesar Salad with crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, chicken, and parmesan.

You can also opt for something a little bit richer but still filled with vitamins and minerals like Kani Salad composed of crab meat, mayonnaise, and greens.
For something more filling, go for the Cobb Salad with all that good stuff like cheese and bacon but heavy on the greens to make it guilt-free. Healthy eating can also be easy on the pockets because these salads are only for P89 each. 


FamilyMart is also helping you get fit and fab with special offers from Yoga+. With a minimum purchase worth P150 on Live Light, and Live Right participating items, you can avail of a Trial Drop-In class for only P100. You can also upgrade the offer to an unlimited 2-week package by adding P899. Just visit to find a Yoga+ branch near you and for more details on their rates.

Sticking to that being fit and healthy resolution could really be doable. So, commit to a better you this year by heading over to FamilyMart for light and easy meals plus great offers for your fitness goals.

For updates, exciting products, and awesome deals,
like and follow FamilyMart Philippines on Facebook,
@familymartph on Instagram, and
@FamilyMartPH on Twitter. 
For store locations or more information on FamilyMart Philippines.


FamilyMart is the 2nd largest convenience store chain in the world with over 18,000 stores across Asia. In the Philippines, FamilyMart has branches in Makati, Fort Bonifacio, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Pasay, Alabang and Laguna.



DELGADO CLINIC : FREE Optimal Birth Outcome Program

I was a first-time mom at age 31. Looking back, I remember the experiences I had was truly amazing. I never thought of many things until I became a mother to our wonderful daughter.
If you are planning to have a baby soon or if you are a first-mom too, you would need a lot of help to make things right during your pregnancy period. Just to let you know, Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital, more popularly known as the Delgado Clinic, has been championing mother care for 70 years with a record of more than a hundred thousand babies being delivered to date. From normal births to high-risk complications, the Delgado Clinic has taken an extra measure of love and personalized care as all mothers do to make sure their child not only lives, but flourishes.

Dr. Rolando “Oyie” Balburias, President and General Manager of Delgado Clinic once stated that , “We at Delgado Clinic would like to continue the legacy of our late founder, Dr. Jesus Delgado, his VISION and MISSION, and on being the pioneer advocate of CHAMPION OF MOTHER CARE for the past 70 years.”
True to its legacy, the Delgado Clinic introduces the Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program, a free three-day workshop that serves as the ultimate care, support and education system for moms-to-be designed to minimize or even eliminate congenital defect, premature birth, new-born infections, and other chronic complications for both mothers and children.
An Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) is achieved when there is zero or reduced complications. The OBO program does this by providing added-value services in support of the foundational needs of every individual mother. No matter what level of physical or emotional health they mother comes in with, the goal of the program is to provide the best possible childbearing outcome for each mother and child.
The OBO program focuses on five aspects of health that are scientifically proven to have wide ranging effects for every pregnancy.
•    Nutrition and Wellness- Delgado Clinic has localized the latest scientific nutrition information to support reduced negative birth outcomes, achieve optimum growth and development of the baby and provide a stable environment from which both mother and child may spring from.
•    Biotransformation & Elimination of Toxicants- The advent of urbanization has surrounded mothers with multiple toxic elements that are often missed and unassessed. Pulling from the latest scientific evidence the OBO program equips mothers with the practical knowledge of avoiding and substituting today’s most commonly used harmful chemicals.
•    Stress Management- Stress during pregnancy affects a child’s developing brain, metabolic system and body. Through the OBO stress mangament workshop mothers are taught the multiple ways of managing stress and its link to long term maternal and child diseases.
•    Exercise in Pregnancy - Physical exercise is an activity that improves or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Exercise during pregnancy is important and can help with some common discomforts of pregnancy and support the body for labor, delivery and life after delivery.
• Sleep Management- Establishing good sleep patterns during pregnancy is physically, psychologically and emotionally important. A good sleep pattern plays an important role in the preparation for birth, and protects the baby from the psychological stresses and strains of pregnancy.

Empowered by Johnson & Johnson, the First Time Mom Unit (FTMU) facility that caters to first time moms in their medical and hospital needs, and the Delgado Clinic’s Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program aims to deliver enriching workshops for the mother not only to give birth to a healthy baby, but also to be holistically healthy before, during, and after the pregnancy.


By signing onto the First Time Mom Unit (FTMU) and Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) workshops, moms-to-be also become eligible to join on the “Bet on Your D-Day.” The exclusive contest created by the Delgado Clinic to give OBO participants more than just an educational reward but a chance to win discounts on their maternity packages and other amazing prizes.
The OBO program is scheduled to launch on January 20 followed by the succeeding workshops on January 27 and February 3, 2018 at the Delgado Clinic.

For more information on the OBO program, please visit the First Time Mom Unit of Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital located at 7 Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City, or visit their website,
Instagram: @delgadoclinicph

ICYMI at VivaTech 2024: HONOR Unveils Four-Layer AI Architecture Featuring HONOR 200 Series

  Leading smart devices provider, HONOR,  made its  a significant  debut   at  VivaTech , one of Europe’s largest tech and innovation  showc...