Sunday, January 10, 2016

ALASKA MILK : You can give thrills on your brekky! Alaska for Breakfast Office Tour!

Thursday early morning on the 7th of January, I got a chance to join the Alaska tour at the office of SYSGEN located in Salcedo St. Makati.  It was a new experience to me! I noticed that the FREE breakfast that was served was also a big surprise to the employees of SYSGEN.

Radio stations Jam 88.3, Mellow 94.7 and Wave 89.1 together Alaska Powdered Milk Drink, Alaska Sweetened Condensed Milk and Alaska Evaporated Filled Milk started the day right when they visited 8 offices in Metro Manila to give its employees the most important meal of the day - breakfast - with milk that provides 20+ nutrients, absolutely free!

Meet Ms. Eunice, the one who took the chance of joining the online contest and was actually able to make it as a winner!

Ms. Eunice Ann Sampana
The Winner
Ms. Eunice received her bag of ALASKA goodies aside from their FREE Breakfast
The contest was so simple, the listeners of these partner radio stations just downloaded a form from the respective radio station website and answered the question, "Why do you think you and your office mates deserve to have FREE breakfast from Alaska, ang Gatas for Breakfast?"

The beautiful morning during the office tour, nutritious Pinoy treats such as chicken sopas, champorado, biko and pandesal were served, all enhanced with one special ingredient - the Alaska Milk. I guess most of us already miss these Filipino traditional breakfast that our grand parents would always prepare for us. Reminds me of my Granny who loves having breakfast with me every time I visit her in the province.

Get hungry with these set of FREE breakfast meal by ALASKA MILK Team!

Creamy Sopas

Chocolate Champorado

Hot Pandesal with Alaska Condensed Milk

Kakanin Biko 
This campaign by Alaska could never have been more timely as it sends a message to our busy office workers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that the best way to jump start each working day is not to skip it but to have a filling and healthy meal.

Aside from the free breakfast, a gift pack was given to the lucky listener and his/her officemates were given Alaska products as treats. Surely, it was one nutritious and fun breakfast bonding moment at the office courtesy of Alaska, ang Gatas for Breakfast. The much needed meal to boost our energy to face the whole day work.

These ladies must have enjoyed their free breakfast!

A Survey Form by ALASKA

A short interview with the winner

I myself can be guilty of not taking my breakfast regularly with my busy schedule. We have to remember that breakfast is so important to be missed because it can even affect our performance at work. Good thing, there are some easy to prepare breakfast meals that can even be much tastier and yummier with the Alaska milk products like condensed, evaporated or even powdered milk.

Wake up each morning with a smile and enjoy your breakfast meal with Alaska milk!

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