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Repertory Philippines opens the gates to THE SECRET GARDEN as its Christmas season treat for theater goers. It tells the story of a young girl, born and raised in India, who finds herself suddenly orphaned, and goes to live with her uncle in England. She discovers a garden, neglected for years and almost dead, and a young cousin bedridden and miserable. With the help of a housemaid and a friendly young gardener, she brings both the garden and her cousin to life.

Director, Anton Juan’s vision was to focus on the message of the story. “I wanted to articulate that finding the secret garden was to liberate oneself from the feeling of domination,” he shares. He wanted to make clear that THE SECRET GARDEN “ not just a musical about how love forgives, how healing is attained by finding and liberating the truth in us; but also an allegory of liberation of our free spirits.”

Stage productions take months to prepare with numerous songs to rehearse, choreography to be learned, scenes to perfect, a slew of costumes to be made, and elaborate sets to be built. For a period piece like THE SECRET GARDEN, the artistic staff had to do a lot of research on the context of the story and the details that would be needed to translate that era for a modern audience.

“Since the story is set in 1906 in Yorkshire, England, designing the costumes for THE SECRET GARDEN required period research,” shares costume designer Bonsai Cielo. But despite having an overview of historical information to create costumes from that time period, Bonsai said “An understanding of each of the characters and our director’s vision for the play was also required. Not to mention, we had to ensure they all blended well together and still look striking individually.”

Set designer Ohm David said this about his stage design. “As a designer, I had to read the play over and over while listening to the music. I read the play aloud and tried to involve myself as much as possible in the situations of the play.” While doing this, the designer imagined the elaborate environment of each scene. From there, he started to draw. But with the limitations of a modest stage, he had to veer away from the obvious interpretations of the story’s surroundings and instead used elements that would encourage the audience’s imaginations to visualize the entire scenarios. “For me, it is more important to highlight what the play is trying to say beneath” —a takeaway he derived from Director Juan, who is at the head of the entire production.

Daniel Drilon, one of the young actors playing Colin Craven, the bedridden boy, says “For the all Filipino cast, the added challenge was learning the diction of THE SECRET GARDEN’s period and location. We all had to learn a British accent which is kind of difficult. But we all got a hang of it after two months of practice.” The young leading cast had the support of the entire production team led by Director Juan who helped them absorb their roles. Besides Daniel, the other children who play the lead roles of Mary, the orphan girl, and Colin her cousin, are played by Ashlee Factor, Ginger Karganilla, Albert Silos and Noel Comia.

“The music is invigorating, the sets are a departure from the traditional, and it is a moving story of love,” shares Anton. Above all, the play’s message is one that will move the hearts of those who witness it. “I hope this musical will remind us to hold what’s most essential and important; and that’s what is inside of us. Lest we forget, come to my garden.”

THE SECRET GARDEN will be staged from November 20 to December 20, 2015 at Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas. For more details on performance dates and times and ticket prices, call Repertory Philippines at 843-3570. For more information about the play, log on to the Repertory Philippines Facebook page. Tickets may also be purchased through TicketWorld at 8919999 or visit their website at w

LIVERMARIN:Keeps harmful substances away from liver cells

livermarinDo you know that the heaviest and one of the largest organ in our body is our liver?

According to a report by Euromonitor, Filipinos are the 3rd heaviest drinkers in the world. While many Pinoys may think of this as a distinction to be proud of, doctors would disagree. As, excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of liver disease. While it is difficult to avoid alcohol as it is a huge part of our culture, we can protect our livers with the right supplement – LiverMarin.
LiverMarin is a dietary supplement containing 250mg of Silymarin or Milk Thistle, and 100mg of Sodium Ascorbate. Milk Thistle’s active ingredient “flavonoids” break down into two main components, Silydianin and Silychristin, which together form Silymarin – a supplement found in LiverMarin that is known to have the potential to protect your liver by acting as an antioxidant, promoting the growth of new liver cells while preventing liver damage. It also prevents cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver, which is an irreversible damage that causes you to have a weakened immune system.

Regular intake of LiverMarin may also help in digesting fat that aids in the treatment of fatty livers, preventing and treating hepatitis A and B, managing SGPT and SGOT levels and insulin overproduction. However, this is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.
It is recommended to take 1 capsule 3 times a day before meals, or as prescribed by your doctor. Treat your liver right, take LiverMarin every day. At SRP P9.00 a capsule, LiverMarin is an affordable way to protect your liver. 

LiverMarin is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

STRIKE Multi-Insect Killer

Your Line of Defense Against Dengue

Did you know that, according to World Health Organization, half of the world’s population is at risk of developing dengue? In this case, which half do you think you belong? Those who are unknowledgeable about dengue or those who have prepared their undefeatable line of defense against Dengue baring mosquitoes? Did you know that just by reading this alone from being clueless possible victim you can be one of those who’ll be more than prepared against dengue? How you ask? That’s because of Strike Multi-Insect Killer. 

Strike Multi-Insect Killer, is a new line of defense against dengue offered by ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally. ATC Healthcare created Strike Multi-Insect killer an environment-friendly, CFC Free, water based line of insecticide that aims to protect your home against dengue. It comes in different variants which all have unique benefits fit for their uses: 

• Strike Multi-Multi Insect Killer Spray- Easy to use water-based insecticide with fast-killing action that’s safe for you, your kids, for house plants and even for pets. Marketed at SRP P136.75 for the 300 ml and SRP P258.75 for the 600ml. 

• Coil Mosquito Repellents – Easy to use, affordable and economical, and smells good and causes no irritation for an affordable price of SRP P15.00 per box. 

• Strike Mat .– Dengue mosquito killer and repellant, lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use, can cover an area of 12 ft x 12 ft, convenient to use, smells good and causes no irritation because of its mild scent, effective in eliminating mosquitoes in the corners of your home for only SRP P57.75 as starter kit.

• Liquid Electric Mosquito Repellent – Performs steadily, safely, and cleanly, no smoke or disturbing odors, ideal with its no zapping sound. Available at SRP P248.75 for the starter kit. 

• Strike Patch (for kids) – Made of 100% pure and natural oils, each patch can last for 48 hours, 100% Deet free, Convenient to use for only SRP P375.75 per box of 10s.
For just an affordable price, reduce the risk of having dengue and other mosquito-related diseases with the help of Strike. 

Strike is available at SM Supermarkets and other leading Supermarkets nationwide. Basta dengue, Strike Agad! 

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COQ10 : “The Heart Energizer”

How's your heart doing?

co-enzyme q10
Small efforts, leads to success.
Life could be unfair, there are people who are privileged that had a head start in life, but one thing is for sure, there’s no defined formula for one person’s success. Though it might be true in some points, success in life might have come easy for them. In life, you don’t have to start out being the best; you just have to start. You have to evaluate what you really want to do, and what’s in your heart. Love it and do it passionately.
Being productive can develop so many aspects of your life but in order to do so, you have to keep your body and mind healthy. To sustain that hunger for productivity, we have to make sure our heart is pumping all the blood our body needs. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is great for the heart as it helps improve its ability to pump more blood. It also lowers the viscosity of the blood, making it easier for the heart to function properly. 
However, ATC Coenzyme Q10 is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

ATC Coenzyme Q10 is made possible by ATC Healthcare International, Your life ally! ATC Coenzyme Q10 is sold at SRP P 18.00 per soft gel. ATC Coenzyme Q10 is available at Mercury Drugs and all leading drugstores nationwide.

Up&Up Cream: Ladies, it's now here to lift you Up!

Encouraged by the success of Up&Up Skin Lifting Serum by Yuyu Healthcare Inc., Riantique Global Inc. CEO Ria Castrillo brings yet another effective beauty treatment to the Philippines: Up&Up Cream. According to Castrillo, “the demand for an effective beauty treatment that specifically to keep the wrinkles from showing is relatively high.” She said Up&Up Cream, adds to Filipinas’ options for a non-surgical skincare solution “that is both safe and easy on the pocket. Up&Up Cream is one product that you can trust to enhance beauty and restore youthful glow in an instant without the need for surgery.” “Up&Up Cream has been clinically proven safe to use on all skin types by Sae Myung Herbal Biology Industrial Clinic in Korea,” Castrillo said. “This high-potency skin-firming concentrate quickly penetrates the skin’s surface to improve its elasticity. It visibly lifts skin, smoothes its surface, fills up wrinkles, reduces pore size and regenerates skin collagen and elastin. After application, results become visible in seconds. With continued use, skin retains its youthful glow.” “Some women peak early, while others blossom later,” Castrillo noted. “All in all, we should be on a journey of continued growth and exploration. We have in control of our lives at 40. Up&Up is there to keep us confident where most of us are at the peak of attaining our greatest achievements in most areas of our lives, and where we can definitely enjoy the fruits of our labor.” While several beauty products on the market do offer collagen and elastin among their ingredients, Up&Up Cream “is new and unique,” Castrillo said. “I haven't seen any in the market which instantly improves your skin at watching with your own eyes. It has a unique packaging, in the shape of a syringe without the needle.” Up&Up Cream “also contains arbutin and other healthy botanicals known to aid skin rejuvenation like adenosine, green tea extract, ade aluminum overrijissel sumip, trehalos, dynalift, chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract,” Castrillo said. “It is naturally made, to ensure that it is free from parabens, mineral oils, silicon, triethanolamine and artificial coloring.” Model Marina Benipayo has tried Up&Up Cream and said in an interview that it “definitely felt like Up&UP Cream was starting to treat my face to an avalanche of vitamins to improve it.”

“During the second week, I noticed my face was clearer and younger-looking,” Benipayo said. “Now that I've been using Up&Up for a month straight, I noticed my skin is healthier and in much better condition.” “My skin is definitely not the same as it was 20, 10 and five years ago,” Benipayo added. “But I've always believed that proper diet, the right kind of exercise, lifestyle and outlook in life are big contributors to feeling and looking young. At 47, I almost never get too exposed to the sun, I sleep and rest as much as I can and reserve it for only the most important things like family and work. I don't take in alcohol and stay away from negative stresses. I've also been more picky with the products I use on my face.” Based on her experience with the product, Benipayo said: “I think Up&Up Cream will give its competitors a run for their money. It’s an effective product, very suitable for Asian skin, and has absolutely no downtime at all. I can use it any time of the day—in the morning, evening, before I put on makeup. It’s an instant vitamin treatment for the face.” Benipayo dispenses some sage advice, too. “Accept your age and take the best care of yourself that you can by following the basic needs of the skin and body: Proper skincare, diet and exercise.” “I always knew that maintaining a level of beauty and confidence entails a lot of work and love for self,” she said. “Now that I have these Up&Up boosters, I know that my skincare regimen will be easier to maintain. I do not have to use other products like eye creams, skin-lifting serums and moisturizers: Up&Up can replace all of them now.”

ATC Evening Primrose:Goodbye PMS!

Do you suffer PMS a week before your period comes? Isn't it so hassle?

Try this one! No More PMS Worries!

At some point in your life, you will meet a woman who snaps irrationally, craves uncontrollably and shops like mad, once in every month. This usually happens a week or two before their period and the science behind it - premenstrual syndrome or PMS. 

Study suggests that for 1 in 20 women, PMS is intense enough to cause disruption to the quality of their life, resulting to misunderstanding with their loved ones. Though PMS can sometimes be mistaken with anxiety or depression, it can be identified by its symptoms such as mood swings, loss of confidence, being emotional and irritable. What makes this worse is that women also undergo physical struggles such as headaches, migraines, abdominal bloating, breast tenderness and even asthma. PMS may be a monthly battle women learned to live with but you can always look for back up – ATC Evening Primrose.

ATC Evening Primrose relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle. ATC Evening Primrose also helps alleviate hot flashes caused by menopause and reduces symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. Also, be reminded that ATC Evening Primrose is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

My favorite Benefits of Evening Primrose
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - ease breast tenderness and feelings of depression as well as irritability and swelling and bloating from fluid retention.
  • Breast cancer - One study found that women with breast cancer who took GLA had a better response to tamoxifen (a drug used to treat estrogen-sensitive breast cancer) than those who took only tamoxifen.
  • Allergies, cold, flu, and immunity – some folks use it for allergies. And women and children who are prone to allergies appear to have lower levels of GLA in breast milk and blood. Assists the immune system, building resistance to minor upper respiratory conditions including allergies.
  • Nourish nails, scalp, and hair - prevents nail from cracking and also helps to keep them generally healthy. In addition, it nourishes the scalp, making the supplement potentially valuable in treating a variety of hair problems.

And I even have a confession to make... beacuse I have been busy the pass few days and even failed to take my Evening Primrose supplement, I am presently experiencing PMS. My realization, better take it consistently.
Let go of your PMS worries with ATC Evening Primrose. ATC Evening Primrose is recommended to be taken one capsule a day, preferably with warm water. ATC Evening Primrose is available at Mercury Drug and all leading drugstores nationwide for SRP P6.00 per soft gel capsule. ATC Evening Primrose, the supplement for women.

ATC FISH OIL:Protect Your Heart

Do you know how to take care of your HEART?

Our heart represents a lot of beautiful things - affection, love, and even life. Imagining a life without heart, and all the things that it represents, makes us feel useless, more so, dead (literally and metaphorically). Without our hearts, we will not be able to live and even love. And ATC Healthcare is one with you in protecting what guards your life and all its meaning – ATC Fish Oil.
ATC Fish Oil has Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA which are essential nutrients for a healthier heart. This combination helps lower blood pressure, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. 
Aside from that, ATC Fish Oil also boosts the immune system, enhances cognitive function, improves blood circulation and reduces joint inflammation. This is beneficial for athletes as it allows them to train harder and recover faster. 
ATC Fish Oil is also known to slow the development of plaque in the arteries and reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm. EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, and DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, found in ATC Fish Oil are nutrients extracted from cold water fishes and these are also beneficial for the brain and eyes. With ATC Fish Oil, you can protect yourself against life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, stroke and other heart problems.  

Benefits of Fish Oil 
  • Helps lower blood pressure, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol
  • Less Pain and Inflammation
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Protection from Stroke and Heart Attack
  • Better brain function and higher intelligence
  • Helps lower blood pressure triglycerides and LDL cholesterol
  • Known to have omega 3 fatty acids
  • Protection capabilities from stroke and heart attack
  • Known for less pain and inflammation
  • Alleviates depression and other psychological problems
  • Prevents and inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  • Reduces symptoms of breast, colon and prostate cancer
  • Gives shiny and glowing skin
  • Protects retina, improves eyesight 
See the wonders of what Fish Oil can do to our health. We will all and soon realized that our health is the only wealth we could have.

For an affordable price of SRP P6.00 per capsule, protect yourself from the risk of heart disease; arm yourself with ATC Fish Oil every day. ATC Fish Oil is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

CIRCUIT MAKATI BAZAAR: Last Day Tomorrow, November 29! Don't miss it!

See what's happening here at Circuit Makati! You can still spend your family day here tomorrow and see interesting products and foods to make your eyes drool... There are great finds! There's also an ongoing program for you to be entertained while dining out and doing your shopping inside the air-conditioned tent. 

We spotted the Tall Christmas Tree, literally with The Philippine Star logo that surprised me...hahahhaha! They really are a star!

The Venue From A Distance

Don't forget to visit these guys from the ticket booth. As it shows, MasterCard holders and Senior Citizens gets a FREE Entrance that cost P50 only.

From the first tent, upon entrance, you'll see the booth of Ms. Gladys Reyes and Ms. Donita Rose
Skin Care products and RTW
I'll show you some photos of the stores that caught my attention. There are plenty of stuff to check out here. You can see it for your self.

Blouses and Long Dresses
Jumpsuits with different styles


   Here's our FOOD FINDS!

Friendship till business!

These ladies made us taste their generous pasta, extra-ordinary corn, cheese hungarian sausage and pork bar-b-q. They also made us taste their refreshing mangoe/sago drink. What a great meal while strolling around the stalls! I love the cheese flavor of hungarian! Read more on my separate blog about Meals by MAC&RONIE. 

The ISAW that melts in your mouth
 Hot Chili Sauce

You may also grab this Hot Chili Sauce from Triple A store!

I like street foods, but I seldom eat these stuff unless I know who prepared and cooked it. This one is a great find! If you are looking for yummy and clean grilled street food, you may give this one a try. They are called the TRIPLE A.  Read more about them in my upcoming blog.

See other food that can break your diet or perhaps can let you dive in to your cravings...

Tomorrow is their last day! Don't miss to visit Circuit Makati bazaar if you need things to give away for Christmas. Your one stop shopping. Another surprising thing, you'll see a Family Mart store there too. 

FYI, this is not a paid post.

Enjoy your shopping and dining @ Circuit Makati Bazaar!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 : An easier and faster way to shop : “Great Value, Everyday”

Manila, November 24, 2015, Debuts in the Philippines

Christmas season is here! Most of the time, shopping entails visiting a mall and going from store to store to pick out the best gifts for your family, friend, or significant other. This usually takes hours to do which leaves you exhausted at the end of the day and involves additional spending on transportation, parking, food and drinks. Now that Christmas is nearing, shopping for gifts is an even bigger chore than ever. But this should not be a problem because iTrueMart is now here in the country, and it is making shopping a whole lot better.

The good news, works only with authorized distributors of international brands and act as authorized dealer of local brands so customers can be assured that all products on the website are genuine. The current focus of the site is on smartphones and gadgets and it will expand into consumer electronics, computers and laptops, health and beauty and moms and kids in the future. also caters to the Filipinos' love of bargains and offers lower prices with the use of vouchers. Moreover, it provides free delivery and free returns with cash on delivery payment as an option for customers.

Mr. Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa, CEO of Ascend Group, says, “e-commerce will have huge potential when the AEC fully materializes. According to a study by Ystats SE Asia eCommerce, the volume of ASEAN’s mobile Internet users rose 56% in 2015. Up to 56% of the Thai and Vietnamese populations are now accessing the Internet via their smartphones, a figure close to the Philippines’ 50% rate. Recognizing the growing number of mobile-Internet users, we are confident that online shopping in the region will also grow. The AEC is an emerging and interesting market for e-commerce through which entrepreneurs can expand their businesses.

Mr. Vichitkulwongsa adds, “At present, iTrueMart has already been tapping into the AEC market with over 150 million US Dollar investment planned for 2016. The investment will be used for e-commerce optimized fulfillment centers, logistic hubs, expansion of our own fleet, marketing, and ramping up assortment and inventory. We are debuting our operations in the Philippines and that will be followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore later in 2016. We are committed for long-term success in the Philippines and everywhere else that we go to.”

Mr. Seubsakol Sakolsatayadorn, General Manager of the iTrueMart division at Ascend Commerce, says “ is not a newcomer to the market as the team is backed by the strong success of iTrueMart in Thailand. During the past year, the number of visits to has increased by as much as 424%. Since October 2014, the average number of visits recorded was 4.6 million per month. receives 7,000 orders per day on average, with the highest volume of daily orders at 10,000. This marks the highest record in Thailand’s online retail industry, which puts at the forefront of Thailand’s e-commerce sector. Moreover,’s delivery averages at two days throughout Thailand and it enjoys the lowest e-commerce return rate in the country which confirms the trust and shows the high quality of the products offered on the website.”

Mr. Dean Krstevski, Chief Operating Officer E-Commerce of Ascend Group, says, “The decision to launch in the Philippines stemmed from the fact that competition in the e-commerce sector in the Philippines is still considered low. With the market still in its infancy, there are still plenty of opportunities for new players. Now that the e-commerce market is being developed, brands are increasingly looking for partners to sell their products online, which we see as a great advantage that will help us speed up our market entry. We are confident of our success in the Philippines because we have a strong team with extensive experience in both online and offline retail.”

Mr. Krstevski adds, “ is determined to become the dominant e-commerce player by 2017 and the second largest e-commerce player by the end of this year through partnerships with key local brands and authorized distributors, as well as attractive Christmas campaigns, where customers are offered great value and guaranteed delivery before Christmas Eve. Our goals are to be the top-of-mind e-commerce brand, to have great assortment at best prices, to provide the best end-to-end customer experience and to become the most trusted online shipping platform.”

To deliver the best possible end-to-end customer experience, is starting off delivery in the Luzon area and will further expand from the beginning of next year. is targeting to have 100 vehicles in its delivery fleet by the year-end, operating out of its own fulfillment center in Pasig. In addition, with 45% of the traffic coming from mobile devices, has a mobile version while a mobile application will be rolled out by the first quarter of 2016.

A short Question and Answer session after the presentation is the answer to Filipinos' shopping woes, offering various products, easy payment methods, and great deals with just a click of a button. It allows shopping from home or the office, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone - definitely an easier and faster way to shop. Online shopping is the future and is here to stay.

The Blogger with the Handsome Men of
iTrueMart, Thailand’s leading e-commerce retailer, has launched the e-commerce website to serve the Philippine market and bring an unrivaled shopping experience with access to a variety of products, various payment channels, and competitive pricing.

 Philippines, are you ready for the GREAT VALUE, EVERYDAY?

How is OPPO Shaping the Future of 5G-Advanced and Ambient IoT Technology

5G-Advanced (5G-A) represents the next evolution of 5G, ushering in a new era of wireless communications enhanced by AI integration and lays...