Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Quest for the Adarna is a must-see Magical Musical

The story of the Ibong Adarna has captivated children across the Philippines for generations. Now, Repertory Philippines is bringing the colorful tale to life for families everywhere with a new English version called The Quest for the Adarna.

Produced through RTYA (REP’s Theater for Young Audiences), the vibrant original musical will be running from September 14 to January 26 at Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1.

The play takes place in the peaceable and prosperous kingdom of Berbania, which is ruled by the beloved King Fernando and his equally loved wife, Queen Valeriana. They are blessed with three sons–all mighty warriors. The eldest and heir to the throne is the pompous Prince Pedro; the second son is the dashing Prince Diego; and, the youngest, the kind-hearted Prince Juan.

Their idyllic life is shattered when King Fernando is struck by a mysterious sickness and can only be healed by the song of the mythical bird, Adarna. Anyone wanting to capture the bird must travel to its home on Mount Tabor, a journey that is difficult and froth with danger. After his first two brothers fail on their quest, Prince Juan bravely takes on the task to save his father.

An enduring epic that remains one of our great cultural treasures, the Ibong Adarna story is reborn as an entertaining play with original music. Suitable for children of all ages, The Quest for the Adarna is an original RTYA Production under Creative Director Joy Virata, assisted by co-directors Jamie Wilson and Naths Everett, with music by Rony Fortich and book and lyrics by Luna GriƱo-Inocian.

A wonderful cast completes this production, featuring both stage veterans and fresh faces. The titular Adarna will be played by Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Shiela Valderrama-Martinez, Andrea Monique Alvarado, and Cara Barredo. Joining them are Arion Sanchez, Jim Andrew Ferrer, Ade Valenzona as Prince Pedro, Vinni Todd, Luis Marcelo, and Sean Nolasco as Prince Diego, and Leo John Guinid, Diego Aranda, and Neo Rivera as Prince Juan.

The Quest for the Adarna is a must-see for its bright, colorful costumes, fun, child-friendly music, and its new English translation of a Filipino classic. The final play in REP’s illustrious 2019 season, Adarna teaches kids unforgettable lessons about family, courage, forgiveness, and love, all wrapped in an entertaining stage production.

With great ticket prices, families have every reason to bring their kids to see this magical musical. Orchestra center seats cost P800, orchestra side is priced at P600, while balcony seats go for P500.

For show-buying, block-buying, and ticket inquiries, contact REP at 451-1474 or 0966-905-4013. You may also purchase tickets by calling Ticketworld at 891 9999, or through

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Allianz Receives Top Honors at IABC’s 17th Quill Awards

Allianz representatives receiving the Award of Excellence for Project Sanlahi under the Corporate Social Responsibility category (L-R) Patricia Ansay, Communications Specialist; Marjowyn Vito, Business Development Officer; Chris Cabognason, Chief Distribution Officer; Gae Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer; Atty. Amor Datinguinoo, General Counsel and Data Protection Officer;  and Ej Salazar, Customer Strategy Officer 

Allianz Philippines’ efforts at employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, and special and experiential events were honored at the 17th Philippine Quill Awards.

The Philippine Quill is a prestigious awards program that honors the most reputable organizations and corporations for their “excellent communication to achieve business goals, and to make a difference in society.”

“These awards show our commitment to empowering our workforce and the communities we serve to overcome the challenges that come their way. We at Allianz are very honored that our efforts have been recognized,” said Allianz Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez.

Allianz received top honors for its Dare 2 Be Fit in the Employee Engagement category, Project Sanlahi for the Corporate Social Responsibility category, and Day of Courage for the Special and Experiential Events category.

Through its Dare 2 Be Fit project, Allianz encouraged its employees to participate in physical and mental challenges that included CSR activities. Its main objective is to help enhance their health and wellbeing and, at the same time, promote team spirit and create an overall positive impact in society.

Through the project, Allianz emphasized that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. At the same time, it showed that a socially conscious workforce is not just beneficial for the company, but to society as a whole. While it started out as fitness challenge among employees, it eventually became a company-wide program that encouraged employees to be good to their overall health and well-being and, and likewise make worthwhile contributions to the community.

Its Project Sanlahi, meanwhile, celebrated the strength of indigenous peoples, particularly the Aetas of Porac, Pampanga, by introducing them to the rising sport of obstacle course racing (OCR) and giving them the opportunity to learn about financial literacy.

As most of the Aetas expressed interest in pursuing professions outside their community, the OCR and financial literacy activities showed that they can move forward and have a better life for themselves and their family. Through Project Sanlahi, Allianz likewise showed the importance of social inclusion, that one can pursue one’s dream no matter what his or her present circumstances are.

The Day of Courage project involved the holding of three different events on the same day with the unified message of encouraging people to have a better life by living it with courage. These included the Heart Run in partnership with the Philippine Heart Association; The Allianz Conquer Challenge, an obstacle course racing activity in partnership with Conquer Challenge Philippines; and the Bayanihan Walk for Filipinos in Singapore.

Allianz received top honors for its Dare 2 Be Fit in the Employee Engagement category, Project Sanlahi in the Corporate Social Responsibility category, and Day of Courage in the Special and Experiential Events category 

“As our tagline goes, ‘We dare you to, because we’re with you.’ We came up with these activities with this in mind, and we’ll continue to create more projects like these that would benefit society at large,” Martinez said.

About Allianz in Asia
Asia is one of the core growth regions for Allianz, characterized by a rich diversity of cultures, languages and customs. Allianz has been present in the region since 1910, when it first provided fire and marine insurance in the coastal cities of China. Today, Allianz is active in 14 markets in the region, offering its core businesses of property and casualty insurance, life, protection and health solutions, as well as asset management. With its more than 32,000 staff, Allianz serves the needs of over 18 million customers in the region across multiple distribution channels and digital platforms.

About Allianz
The Allianz Group is one of the world's leading insurers and asset managers with more than 92 million retail and corporate customers. Allianz customers benefit from a broad range of personal and corporate insurance services, ranging from property, life and health insurance to assistance services to credit insurance and global business insurance. Allianz is one of the world’s largest investors, managing around 673 billion euros on behalf of its insurance customers. Furthermore, our asset managers PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors manage more than 1.4 trillion euros of third-party assets. Thanks to our systematic integration of ecological and social criteria in our business processes and investment decisions, we hold the leading position for insurers in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In 2018, over 142,000 employees in more than 80 countries achieved total revenues of 131 billion euros and an operating profit of 11.5 billion euros for the group. These assessments are, as always, subject to the disclaimer provided below.

Cautionary note regarding forward-looking statements
The statements contained herein may include prospects, statements of future expectations and other forward-looking statements that are based on management's current views and assumptions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results, performance or events may differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements.

Such deviations may arise due to, without limitation, (i) changes of the general economic conditions and competitive situation, particularly in the Allianz Group's core business and core markets, (ii) performance of financial markets (particularly market volatility, liquidity and credit events), (iii) frequency and severity of insured loss events, including from natural catastrophes, and the development of loss expenses, (iv) mortality and morbidity levels and trends, (v) persistency levels, (vi) particularly in the banking business, the extent of credit defaults, (vii) interest rate levels, (viii) currency exchange rates including the EUR/USD  exchange rate, (ix) changes in laws and regulations, including tax regulations, (x) the impact of acquisitions, including related integration issues, and reorganization measures, and (xi) general competitive factors, in each case on a local, regional, national and/or global basis. Many of these factors may be more likely to occur, or more pronounced, as a result of terrorist activities and their consequences.

No duty to update
The company assumes no obligation to update any information or forward-looking statement contained herein, save for any information required to be disclosed by law.

Privacy Note
Allianz SE is committed to protecting your personal data. Find out more in our Privacy Statement

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

OPPO Set to Unveil the All-New A Series Made for Pure Entertainment

September 2019 - PHILIPPINES – OPPO is excited to announce the upcoming Philippine launch of the upgraded A Series this September, with the reveal of the A9 2020 and A5 2020. OPPO’s latest offering under the already highly successful series feature high-level photography, audio and gaming capabilities, long-lasting battery, and stunning design. Overall, the new OPPO A Series will provide a unique value to a wide range of users - especially to the modern and multi-hyphenated Filipino millennials of today.

OPPO has been active in overseas markets for the past ten years, including the Philippines, and the OPPO A Series has been well-loved locally and globally. Recently, Canalys reported that OPPO is now the leading smartphone brand in the country in terms of market share at 28% in Q2 of 2019.

A Series: An all-around entertainment smartphone

The new A Series gives Filipinos who are always on the go the ultimate advantage in achieving the fullest of their potential. With a smartphone that they can depend on to capture the most out of their days, the new OPPO A Series offers more possibilities than ever before.

Promising a full-entertainment experience, the A9 2020 is packed with the premium 48MP Ultra Wide Quad Camera, Dolby Atmos Dual Stereo Speakers, 8GB RAM with up to 128GB internal storage that runs on Snapdragon 665 chipset, and a 5,000mAh Ultra Battery; freeing users from the need to compromise when they play.

The smartphone’s 48MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Quad Camera satisfies users’ needs for all shooting angles and  scenarios. It also supports Ultra Night Mode 2.0, Ultra-Wide photography, and a whole range of artistic portrait styles. Shooting video is also better than never before with 4K video technology that offers better overall effects by creating clearer videos with more vivid colors and less latency. This is also combined with Video Stability technology that promises more stable, professional videos.

On the other hand, A5 2020 comes with specifications that suit users looking for a smartphone that meet their basic smartphone needs. It is powered with 12MP Ultra Wide Quad Camera plus 8MP Front Camera, 4GB RAM with up to 128GB internal storage, and with the same Snapdragon 665 chipset and 5,000mAh Ultra Battery.

Welcoming The New Face of A Series

The new A Series is the perfect representation of the modern Filipino millennial who lives a highly digital and mobile lifestyle that inspired the innovation of the A9 2020 and A5 2020.  The OPPO A Series Philippine launch will be on September 19, 2019. Additionally, to complete the celebration of the upgraded A series, OPPO will be unveiling the first ever endorser for the best-selling A series who perfectly embodies the all-new A series offering. 

About OPPO
OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its first smartphone - “Smiley Face” - in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology, Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers worldwide and an international design center in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Loyal Child Sponsors Honored for their Faithful Support and Generosity

With over 62 years of unwavering support, World Vision honors its relentless sup in the annual Loyal Donor Appreciation Night.

Poverty remains a reality in the Philippines where the poorest of the poor are not able to access opportunities to live with quality, if not decent lives. Families living below the poverty line become highly vulnerable, especially the children who are likely to most suffer due to risks such as disrupted education, illiteracy, inadequate health and nutrition among others. This is why caring organizations such as World Vision focuses its efforts to improve the well-being of children through its long-running initiative called Child Sponsorship. 

With the help of sponsors in the Philippines and from around the world, thousands of children have been assisted alongside World Vision through its sustainable community-based programs for children.

Thanks to the faithful and relentless support of loyal donors and supporters, children are was able to benefit from programs for education, child protection, health and nutrition, economic development, disaster risk reduction, and emergency response.

World Vision held its Loyal Donors Appreciation Night at the Meralco Multipurpose Hall in Pasig City to recognize generous individuals who have invested almost two decades of sponsoring children. The Loyal Donors Appreciation Night gathered at least 380 sponsors and guests.

The decision of sponsoring a child was a memorable yet an ironic journey for Jess Santelices. After losing his job as a telecom engineer, Jess incurred a lot of debts that left him bankrupt because of gambling. He suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks that lasted for five years, declaring it as the lowest point of his life. On October 2008, he stepped foot in a mall broke and alone and found himself in front of the World Vision booth, where he put out his hand and offered to sponsor a child, not knowing how a small act of kindness can greatly impact two lives at once. For years, he stayed true to his obligation and, during those years, God’s blessings overflowed. He was able to find a job in Qatar as a telecom engineer, where he worked for 9 years. His sponsorship has been lasting for almost 11 years and he is currently sponsoring 25 children and continues to support them, even though he has been unemployed for over a year.

“Never give up on them,” Jess encourages the donors, “Because God has never given up on you [financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically].”

Being a loyal donor is not a chore, but a blessing. Jess’s belief in giving has kept him faithful to serve and help others even in the toughest of circumstances.

Among the other highlights of the evening was the presence of successful sponsored children marching on stage wearing their graduation gowns for finishing senior high school.

One of the graduate sponsored children was May Ann, an 18-year-old sponsored child from Baseco in Tondo, Manila. A daughter of a construction worker who raises a brood of 8. With the help of World Vision and her sponsor, May Ann’s life changed for the better.

For Michael San Diego, a former World Vision sponsored child from Cavite, his story of being a “last chance” kid motivated him to strive for his best. Years ago, after stumbling upon World Vision in his local barangay, he became a college scholar which enabled him to graduate on time and earn a degree in Accountancy in flying colors -- Cum Laude no less! Today, Mike is now a Chief Finance Officer of JK Capital Finance, Inc. and has paid forward sponsoring children for 17 years now, and even offering his time and influence to tell his story and engage others to support World Vision.

“Our God works in mysterious ways. We are blessed when we’re willing to give,” Mike shared during the dinner, inspiring the loyal dinners to carry on what they are doing for children.

World Vision is strong because we have a God we can depend on, but also because we have loyal donors and sponsors to work with,” said Rommel Fuerte, Executive Director of World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. Our combined loyalty and faithfulness are unstoppable,” he added. In 2018 alone, World Vision has reached more than 2.9 Million children through its child-focused programs and interventions.

The number is still growing and one of the reasons could be you.

To know more about World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program, visit or call (02) 374-76-18 loc. 214.

About World Vision
World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The SM Store’s Share Shoes Campaign helps children take steps in achieving their dreams

Students of Balditan Elementary School in Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro celebrating their new pair of shoes.

Shoes are essential in one’s journey through life. For less fortunate families and their children, a new pair of shoes will allow them to perform their daily chores in comfort and walk to and back to school in safety. Good shoes can also inspire them to work hard – because with a new pair of shoes, they are not only able to fulfill their daily tasks but are also taking little steps to achieve their dreams.    

Since 2015, The SM Store Share Movement has collected over 900,000 donations composed of shoes, clothing, footwear, book and school kits, disaster kits and toys, which were given to children and families all over the country. This year’s Share Shoes Campaign was able to collect over 40,000 pairs of shoes, with close to 2-million pesos worth of shoes donated by The SM Store and their generous counterpart benefactors, allowing them to reach more kids and inspire these children to take those important steps toward achieving their goals.

Young girls choosing which pair of shoes they’ll get.

The Share Shoes campaign invited shoppers to donate their pre-loved or brand-new shoes to children in need. In partnership with Caritas Philippines and other NGOs, the shoes collected were distributed to Oriental Mindoro and other far-flung communities nationwide.

The SM Store saw how important shoes were to lives of the children. In one of their previous donation turnovers: Rich, 11 years old, took a pair of sandals for his elder sister instead. When asked why, “I still have a pair of shoes,” Rich said, “my sister needs it more.”

These are the kind of stories that inspire The SM Store Share Movement to double their efforts in reaching out to those who are in need of assistance. SM founder Henry Sy envisioned that every Filipino should have their own pair of shoes. It is a passion that blossomed to what is SM today, a company that takes every step to make this vision a reality.

According to The SM Store, this project reminded them of their humble beginnings, milestones, legacy, and promise to help communities be better. After all, The SM Store started out with shoes and they hope to be a part of people’s journeys through life through the gift of shoes.

Students takes their pick on the shoes they want.

Over the years, The SM Store has conducted its quarterly donation drive from shoes, to books, toys and hygiene kits for identified poor communities and areas impacted by calamities, through its #SMShareMovement Project. 

A child from Mangyan Elementary School in Bulalacao Town, Oriental Mindoro walking home with her new pair of shoes from the SM Store’s Share Shoes Campaign (Photo courtesy of Caritas Philippines)

Find out more about these quarterly donation drives and know how to contribute to upcoming projects, by liking The SM Store Facebook page and by following @TheSMStore on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Monday, September 2, 2019

ComCo Southeast Asia Hits 3rd year with Big Wins in IABC Quill Awards, PR Awards Asia and New Business

ComCo Southeast Asia at the 17th Philippine Quill Awards represented by (from left): AC Recio, Digital and Multimedia Arts Officer; Jam Bufi, Senior Brand Communications Associate; Rachel Syfargo, Brand Communications and Operations Director; Ferdinand Bondoy, Regional Integration and Chief Executive Director; Joan Icotanim, Brand Communications and Administration Director; Queenie Resmundo, Senior Brand Communications Associate; and Harvey Llamosa, Executive Initiatives Officer.

As ComCo Southeast Asia marked its 3rd year in the industry, the new communications powerhouse won 9 Excellence and Merit Awards and emerged as Agency of Year 2nd Runner-up at the prestigious 17th Philippine Quill Awards, represented the country in PR Awards Asia in Hong Kong, and celebrated major account wins.

Local and International Recognition

Aside from winning Agency of the Year 2nd Runner-up, ComCo Southeast Asia also reaped IABC Quill Awards for “Eastern @ 140: A Celebration of 140 Years of Strong Connections” in the  Communication Management Division: Marketing, Advertising and Brand Communication Category; “Where Movies Come Alive and Move You - The SM Cinema Reel to Real Campaign” for both the Communications Management Division: Customer Relations Category and Communication Skills Division: Special And Experiential Events Category; and “Be A Play Champion – Unilab Foundation’s Play Advocacy Week Toolkit” in the Communication Skills Division: Publications Category.

ComCo SEA also won for “#AyokoNgPlastik: The WWF-Philippines’ Movement Against Single-Use Plastics”; “#Connect2Earth: The WWF-Philippines Earth Hour 2018”; “Together Possible: the WWF-Philippines Environment Communications Program”; and “Art for a Cause: the WWF’ “Art, Heart, Earth” PR Program”, all under the Communications Management Division: Non-profit Campaigns Category.

The Agency’s mentorship program for communication students and young professionals, the Camp ComCo Mentorship Program, also won a Quill Award in the Communication Training and Education Division.

Organized by the International Association of Business Communications (IABC), the Quill Award is the world’s most prestigious awards program in the field of business communication. It has been bestowing the seal of approval to the most reputable organizations and corporations in the nation for almost two decades, emphasizing the use of excellent communication to achieve business goals, and to make a difference in society. To win a Philippine Quill means being recognized as achieving the highest Global Standard for business communication practices.

ComCo Southeast also earned 2 citations as finalist for Boutique PR Agency of the Year and PR Event of the Year for SM Cinema’s Reel to Real initiative at the equally prestigious PR Awards Asia in Hong Kong. The Agency represented the Philippines in Boutique PR Agency category, and competed against other finalists in Australia, China, Myanmar and Singapore. Organized by Campaigns Asia Pacific, PR Awards Asia celebrates the most outstanding, inspired, and successful communication campaigns in the Asia-Pacific region.

New Business Wins

ComCo SEA also continued to strengthen its client portfolio, winning major accounts in recent agency pitches for SM Retail, Teleperformance, Jobstreet, SMDC, Essilor and World Health Organization. Premier brands Electrolux, SM Cinema, Eastern Communications, Lamoiyan Corporation, Dragonpay, Goodyear as well as reputable global organizations WWF, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and World Vision also renewed its communications partnership with the trailblazing agency.

Ferdinand Bondoy, Partner, Co-Founder and Regional Integration and Chief Executive Director of ComCo Southeast Asia shared, “We are honored with the recognition given to us by our colleagues in the industry, our fellow communication practitioners, not only in the Philippines but also in the Asia-Pacific region. It validates the kind of work we have been doing for our clients - our partner brands and organizations, our industry and our society, and our own people.”

To know more about ComCo Southeast Asia, visit Follow them on social media: on Facebook, and @comco_sea on both Instagram and Twitter.