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SATCHMI Mega Mall:Happy Anniversary!

Satchmi celebrated their special day with free food, coffee, drinks, alcohol, music, and fun!

MANDALUYONG, Manila - September 26, 2015 The Satchmi Store was packed to the brim for their 1st birthday. A celebration of Satchmis love for records, music, and the lifestyle they cultivate together with their community of friends and loyal customers.

Its no surprise when we saw people pouring in from all directions to the store. When you step in, its as if youre in another world separated from the mall itself. There was free food courtesy of Mr. Grahams Sandwich Shop, their highly talked about Cebuano along with chips and dip filled everyones appetite throughout the event. In tandem was Mrs. Grahams macarons straight from her cafe, specially made for the event complete with vinyl record designs and plating. Their Apple Pie Soda was also served during the party as well as Craftpoints Summer Sessions. All free aside from Satchmis esteemed third wave coffee.

People got to experience fun and games throughout the event like spin the wheel with prizes from Satchmis lifestyle brands Happy Socks, Lost Nomad, Gouache Bags, The Green House Project, Sunday Paper Co and more, there was also a sleeve face Photo Booth contest, by the end of the night the most creative photo got to take home a Motorino Mk II. A Satchmi event wouldnt be complete without performances from their favorite artists BP Valenzuela, Reese & Vica, CRWN, and up and coming Coeli. Chip Balbuena a comedian from Comedy Cartels line up was also their to provide some laughs for the night.

The main event was when Satchmi released a video showcasing what was next for them this year. Some of the things announced were that they are opening a 2nd branch in Quezon City (exact location still top secret) early 2016, the Motorino Mk II now comes in the new color Silver bidding goodbye to the Ivory model, a new Satchmi Blend of beans exclusive from EDSA Beverage Design Studio coming soon to the store and most importantly, a new vinyl compilation that is composed of some of their favourite performers from Vinyl Day 2013 to 2015. Some of the artists include Autotelic, Oh, Flamingo!, BP x CRWN collab, Tandems 91, Shes Only Sixteen, Reese & Vica, Imago, Taken by Cars, and more! A total of 12 tracks for a vinyl produced and manufactured entirely by Satchmi. The vinyl, entitled General Assembly (and rightly so) will be released sometime in 2016.

It definitely is hard to believe how far weve come says Edric Chua, co-founder of Satchmi. When we started out with just a couple of records and an online store, we always used to talk about opening a brick and mortar store until eventually the opportunity presented itself to us and we took it. he adds. From an online store to an actual physical store, and now we are not only distributors but producers and manufacturers of actual vinyl records for a couple of vinyl enthusiasts, its amazing to see how far weve come. says Aislinn Chuahiock, another co-founder of Satchmi. When asked what their secret was into getting this far, Ronald Sy - Managing Director and co-founder of Satchmi simply said It was really a collaborative effort. Both within the team and with everyone weve ever worked with. Our loyal customers and everyone who has ever supported us also helped materialize what weve been planning for how many years.

Vinyl records have been around for a while now and although the emergence of technology and digital music has proven to lessen physical music sales, the fact that vinyl is slowly growing and emerging to be the ultimate and most genuine medium shows that a love for the good old days will never go away. Satchmi has been the frontrunner into making vinyl records accessible to everyone and as proven today, they are here to stay and we couldnt be any happier.

Satchmi is a music and lifestyle brand with a love for vinyl records, worldly goods, and everything in between. Visit their online store at or their physical store at the 4F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

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Happy First Year!

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