Saturday, September 12, 2015

JON MANIT: The Balloon Master!



        "jOn MaNit"

We had a staycation in a hotel to celebrate my daughter's birthday.  It was just a small plain room to stay.  My daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday last August. We had the party inside our hotel room. The night before my Abi's big day, my cousin dropped by and made some balloon decorations for the room.

A simple room turned into a party place, just for our princess.  Thanks to Jon for making my daughter's room amazingly beautiful!  She definitely had a blast on her 7th birthday!
All glory to God!

                                                Abi's Party Room

Jon's work of Art!

These are just few photos from his work collections.  His designs from center pieces to ceiling decoration and are all customized according to the clients desire.  He can make a small space look wonderful with his talent.

If you have any upcoming party or celebration,  You may shoot him a message to make your event venue an amazing one.

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