Saturday, September 5, 2015


This is the day!

It was supposed to be a jungle adventure party that turned out to an intimate celebration with few family and friends who made their way despite of the traffic in the city.

After all the roller coaster emotions during the preparation for this special day, it was worth my time and effort. It definitely went well. Our daughter thanked us for the surprised party. It was her 1st time to experience having her own celebration with some guest and having it not in our own place.  She's so thankful! She even told me that night "Mom, you don't have to do this for me,"...

I really wish well for my daughter. She made motherhood a special journey to me.

Well, here are the photos! Words are not enough to describe the lil' girls happiness that day!


I asked my cousin to make a simple balloon decoration in our our room. I asked her and my hubby to step out of the room first. They came back in few minutes, Abi was surprised and so happy to see it! 

1st Batch                       ABI @ 7

2nd Batch                        ABI @ 7

So excited to open her gifts!

She had a blast!

Praise God for giving us a wonder daughter!

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