Friday, September 18, 2015

QUICK RECIPE: Mackerel & Glass Noodles

Early this morning, I woke up hungry, so I went straight to the kitchen and checked the cupboard.  I found this 2 and made my quick mackerel noodles in few minutes.

So easy to prepare! Just heat a small pan, put the mackerel, add 2 cans of water and let it simmer. In few minutes you may add the noodles. Mix it and let it simmer again for at least 5 minutes. Even a grade schooler can do the simple steps.That's eat!

I learned this simple recipe from the egg vendor "my Suki". I always get my fresh eggs from her. She also sells some other food stuff including the glass noodles.

I am not an endorser of these two products. It so happened that I discover this LIGO brand. Their mackerel is not fishy smelling unlike other brands that I have tried before.  Since then, I always include this on my grocery list. 

Let's eat!

HappY TummY

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