Friday, September 18, 2015

MOMMY DRIVER LIFE: OUR RIDE | A non-living baby

Yesterday,I woke up so early in the the morning to bring my Lander to the hospital (car repair shop)...By the way, Lander is my ride.  I felt like something is wrong with Lander and so I decided not to use him for few days and waited for some budget to have his check up first. Due to old age, he really need extra care.

Lander is like a baby, you should also have to spend some time with him. It's not a joke to maintain a ride. It's also a continues investment, like a relationship.  If you don't pay attention to his illnesses, he can put you into big trouble.

That dent is not my doing. I got this old horse with that damage already.:(
People without car yet are so desperate to have one.  Once you already have it, you would wish the other way.  Well, human nature it is.  At first you love to drive everyone to different destinations.  But time will come that you would wish to have your own driver than driving others or yourself to places.

So true that car is like a baby. You take care of it because it cannot take care of themselves. But I do not like the story I saw in facebook before, a mother sacrificed her child's life just for her new car not to get damage because of an incident. I can't remember where to find the article...but for sure many of us have read it. She's a good mother to her new baby sad.

One thing I can't accept are some men who love their car more than their wife/girlfriend...I heard and still hearing a lot of stories about that.
Car, still material and non-living thing. It cannot replace the value of human beings around us. Yes, we need our car. But not to the extend of worshiping them. That's where idolatry comes...

The Lady Driver & Lander

My Lander is my baby horse. It brings me and my family to places where I/we need to go. But Lander will remain a car in my heart. 

Good news! He is now in good condition again! In fact, I went out this afternoon and he already experienced the 6pm traffic in Ayala Makati. That's the way it goes.

We thank God for providing us Lander. He may not be a brand new handsome guy, but he is our reliable one.

My birthday wish for my 40th birthday next year is to have a new Sportivo, I am an Isuzu fan!

Happy Driving Especially to the 
Lady Drivers!

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