Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WORK EFFICIENCY: Forget Multi-tasking , Back to Uni-tasking

Are you a multi-tasker or a uni-tasker?

Multi-tasking could mean more things done or doing  two or more things at the same time.  But the question of " What's the quality of your work?" is what we should try to look at.

Uni-tasking means, doing one thing at a time.

I am a stay- home mom and also doing a lot of side business. I also get stressed out juggling things around the house.  When I wake up in the morning, I do my devotion . Then I'll take my two glasses of water to start my day. Face the laptop to work and at the same cooking meals for breakfast. I usually take brunch with my daughter. In the afternoon starts our homeschooling. This is my daily routine.

In between those routines, unexpected things can happen. While cooking, here comes a call from an old friend that you haven't spoken for a long time. There is when multi-tasking comes in.  Cooking while on the phone. Got so carried away with our conversation and almost forgot there's cooking in the kitchen. Result, burned food.  There was this time,  while doing the laundry and studying with my child, water from the washing machine overflow. And there's a lot more.

What I am trying to share with you is the thought that we need to focus on one thing if we want to get a good outcome from our work. Some studies has also shown that our brain can only handle at least one or two activities at a time. And is now  suggesting to drop multi-tasking from our system and start focussing again in one thing, to uni-task.

If you want to be efficient in what you are doing, you need enought time and energy to handle it. Multitasking can make a  lot of things to be done but most of the time with low quality.  I encourage you to try it again. Try to focus on one thing at a time and see a better result.

It is better to have a routine. With that, you get to know what to do first, second, third and so on. In a way, it can help you focus on things that is needed to be done in order.

This is based on my experience. Just sharing it and hope you'll fine it helpful too.

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