Saturday, August 15, 2015

BOOKSALE: Here's our Grab!


It was overwhelming! Books every where, even scattered on the floor! Hahahaha!

   I got my best 5 pick

1.  Life in the Fast Lane

2.  See, I Told You so
3.  Choice making
4.  Liberated Through Submission
5.  Encouraging Young Readers

Here's another set of books to read! 

Remember "after reading , you're not the same person again"

Here's my daughter's 5 pick

She loves stories about Christmas, as you can see she picked 3 Christmas books, 1 Bible story and Bambi. These are preloved books! You don't expect it to be neat and free from dust.  She actually enjoyed scanning the mountain of books around her. Surprised to see that she end up with only 5 books to bring home.

As early as possible, we can encourage our kids to read. Once they see you reading, you'll one day see them sitting beside you and reading too....

Reading is not an old fashion thing. Whenever I give a talk on how to enhance someone else's personality,  I always remind  them that if you wish to know a lot of things and be changed, reading is the best thing to do.  I remember an author said "after you read a book, you are not the same person anymore."  Because whether you like it or not, after reading, it somehow unconsciously sticks to your mind.  You'll see one day, you are doing something that you got from what you have been reading or what you have read in the past.  

Reading can even enhance your personality.  The more you read the more you learn. And all the more you can share!  Reading can also give you confidence in dealing with other people around you. It widens your horizon.  If you'll try to start reading a thin book with a good topic... you'll also start feeling better with yourself after finishing one.  Then it could be the start of your reading journey.

Let's READ! Let's LEARN!

We should never stop reading, we should never stop learning.

Book lovers! Check out the book sales around yah!

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