Monday, August 10, 2015

Driving in Metro Manila: An Everyday Challenge - The Lady Driver

A long drive to me can be a stress reliever. But driving in Metro Manila is a total stress-orrrrr !
I want to share with you my driving experiences here...

1. I wonder why some drivers speeds up when they see someone starting to signal, let say going to the left lane for example to gas up? Well in the first place I saw them just moving slow before my signal. Where's the manners? Guess there's should also be a training for Driving Manners. I will volunteer to facilitate the training! 

2. One time, I almost beat the red light, unfortunately, I made a stop on the pedestrian lane. So what I did, I switch to reverse and did a little backing to clear the PL. So happy to see that the car beside me just did the same thing too after seeing what I just did. Sometimes, it encourages others to do the right thing.

3. The signs like No Left  Turn. If you have passed by Vito Cruz Ext. near Shopwise and if you are coming from Pasong Tamo and if you wish to make a Left Turn going to Quirino High Way, you will not be able to see the sign because it's posted on the short stoplight across the street. Before you see it, the traffic enforcer will approach you for violating the No Left Turn thing. It should have been posted on the side of KFC so it can be seen before you make your left turn. Common sense please!

4. Motorbike Lanes please!  The motorists are so out of discipline. Cutting even with the SUV's! Considering that they are small in size compared to cars, vans or buses. No wonder the daily news will not miss a motorbike accident report. Where is discipline? 

5. People crossing the street any time,  any where they feel like. Another cause of accident. Invincible PEDXING?

6. Too bright head lights at night.  As if there are no other drivers on their opposite side.  Maybe it's because of the dark roads? Poor street lights... I really avoid driving here at night. 

7. Talk about TRAFFIC! EDSA, sorry, not my favorite route.

8. Another thing, what's the use of signal lights if not being used:(

9. Honestly, I don't drive when I am hungry, when I lack sleep, when I am not feeling well. I almost fell asleep while driving:( bad experience.  I believe that we should be in our good condition before holding the wheels for our safety first.

10. Let's obey and follow the rules please. So tired of people around abusing the law. 

Driving is fun but not in Metro Manila.

I don't like myself when driving here... It consumes my energy... My patience tested every now and then. I need to be careful with the words I utter specially when my 6 year old daughter's riding with me. There was this incident when I said "ASSSHOLE" while driving because a Wigo over took me. My daughter asked me what it means and I have to admit to her that it's a bad word that I should not say ever again. An embarrassing experience:( 

Before we leave our garage, I always say a prayer to God to help me and guide while on the road driving. I am not scared to drive, I am scared to hurt people around because of their lack of discipline. I pray that we all can start to have discipline anywhere we go. Driving, biking, commuting, or walking...hope we can apply some discipline. 

If you plan to drive around the city make it sure to bring a lot of energy and patience with you.

Happy driving!

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