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KIDZANIA MANILA: An Awesome Experience!

KidZania is a BIG CITY for our LITTLE ONES! Not a typical playground. It's a very realistic educational venue. An amazing place for kids to explore,  experience, and  enjoy! Kids participation in a role-playing gives them a feel of how adults do their stuff. Let's admit it, most of us also did a lot of pretend games when we were their age.

Thanks to HOP! We had a preview with our Homeschoolers of the Philippines group. A privilege that we got with discounted rate! My husband and I accompanied our daughter, we had fun too!

The concept was amazing! A  pre-taste of what the real world can offer to our future professionals/adults.

They get to discover different roles and learn how to earn KidZos after working.

My daughter enjoyed working and earning at the same time. After finishing one job, still eager to try a new one. She actually earned a lot of KidZos.

There’s around 100 activities and establishment to explore. It was overwhelming in the positive way. I like the city! Looks like a real one!

Here's to start with before entering KidZania World

1. You have to line up, pay and get your boarding pass at the Cebu Pacific Airlines.

2. After registration, the child will receive a security bracelet that they have to wear while inside the premises. The adults wear the same bracelets as well, plus a map and KidZania City Codes that you have to follow to avoid creating scenes...

3. The child will also receive BPI 50 KidZos (instead of peso) that's the KidZania money. They can use it to purchase and to enter some establishment that requires payments.

4. You have the choice to get PaZZport  for your child that cost PhP 250.  With the passport, every time your child joins an activity, they will get extra points. The passport is just a one- time application/payment. They can use the passport until age 4teen!  Not bad :)

After collecting 30 stamps on their passport, the child will become a Distinguished Member Citizen of KiDZania. 

5. That's it!  Very simple! You and your kids will definitely enjoy your day!

Make it sure that you're able get enough sleep and rest before going to KidZania. You'll need energy and patience to spend for your KidZania Day!

My daughter was able to enjoy 11 activities. Here's the list:) with her comments...

"1st perfect place I've ever been".  Abi Ang

We started from the establishments with short lines...hehehe.

1. Her 1st job @ Holiday Inn Hotel as housekeeping and earned her 1st KidZos- how to fix the bed, the room and the bathroom.

2. As a Veterinarian -checked the eyes, ears, nose etc

3. She visited National Bookstore - did some reading

4. Department Store

5. The Farm House Store- putting the vegetables in the right place

6. Aviation Academy as Flight Attendant- served food and how to use the mask, the vest and that's it.

7. Pascual Lab- mixed medicines, I made medicines

8. Mercury Drugs - I mixed up the medicines for cough, allergies and put in the same bottle( I didn't get what she meant by that)

9. Magnolia Ice Cream Factory- they made ice cream and got an ice cream cup after

10. Hospital - operating room, I cut the man's body,  I got the liver out and replace a new one. I used gloves.  Then we put back the skin. We put bandages. The man lost his heart beat but we got the thing to revive then the heart beat gone back.  ( She wants to be a doctor in the future)

11. Penshoppe Fashion Botique - the girl taught us how to do modeling , with the rules 3 accessories allowed. We did ramp modeling afterwards.

Reminders to avoid misunderstanding among parents or guardians and not to create any unnecessary scenes in front of the kids:

1. Let the child queue for himself/herself. Adults are not allowed to stand in queue for the kids.

2. This is very clear if you will read what it says.

Our  KidZania Manila experience last August 6, 2015 was a blast!

We'll keep coming back!

Zanks for reading !

Advanced Birthday Gift to our Young Lady


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