Monday, August 24, 2015

MY PLAN, GOD'S PLAN: Mother's Roller Coaster Emotions

We make plans. We create plans. But Someone up there have better plans for us! 

I am an events host and a party/wedding/event planner.  I do that for clients.  I do that for a living. The irony is that we as family do not do much of partying in our special occasions.

It's still different when yo are doing it for your own. Have you experienced preparing for a big party? Do you know the feeling of different emotions involving in such one? Well, I would like to share my experience.

My daughter is celebrating her 7th birthday in a few days.  We asked her before, what would she like for her big day. She just wanted to stay in a hotel with bath tub or with swimming pool.  I gave her another option, a party or 7 toys of your choice.  Guess what her choice was?  She picked the 7 toys of her own choice plus her hotel stay.  She may be our Unica Hija, but she have never gotten a chance to do any shopping galore in a toy shop.  We only visit toy stores so she can try and play with them but not really buying stuff.  Since she was small, we already agreed that we may go visit shops but would not always mean that we are buying one.  I really thank (
thankful) God for giving us a daughter who understand things in life.

She loves staying in hotels.  She would tell me what she likes about the hotel and gives her suggestion how to make our house to look like one... She would tell me that we can do it  to our New Big House (NBH).  She wishes for a bigger house:).

We originally plan to have a staycation in a hotel nearby.  I already made a booking and all.  Suddenly, an unexpected birthday party package came along the way, so Happy.  So I cancelled the hotel reservation.  I made an ocular visit at the venue and felt a little Sad.  I still have to provide this and that and rent this and that and so on.  My hubby is already giving me a tone that he does not like the idea anymore to spend our daughter's party in the venue.  I continued with the preparation and shared to him the adding expenses for the party.  We honestly do not have allotment for a big party.  To stop the discussion with my husband, I cancelled the party to the venue.  I felt bad, but not really that bad.  He has a point but I am just a mother who's trying to make lemonade out of lemons, if you know what I am saying. 

I woke up this morning with my friend's text messages with her suggestions.  I already thought about it last night and it's good that we have friends who thinks like us.
Real friends are just around! So happy to have friends around!

Again, I booked a new hotel and we are back to our original plan. 

At the end of the the day..God's plan will prevail.

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