Wednesday, August 26, 2015

MISISPI:The Oatmeal Cookie That Melts in Your Mouth

The Best Oatmeal Cookie in Town! 

The Crunchy Cookies That Melts Your Mouth!

Ber months is just a few days away... I can smell Christmas! I can also smell gifts! 
And here's one of the best gifts you can give to your family and friends!

Try MISISPI crunchy oatmeal cookies. They are home made.
  Once you take a bite, get ready to get hooked!

This is your unforgettable crunchy oatmeal cookies! 

Price List

half box of 10pcs           Php 120

single box of 20pcs        Php 230
double box of 40pcs      Php 450
sturdy 15pcs canister    Php 180

        A MUST TRY with the Such Anghang Suka!        

Also available :  Such Anghang Suka! Spicy and habit will be your favorite sawsawan! 

750 ml. bottle     Php220 
half gallon          Php350

If you like dipping your crunchy chicharon or fried fish, you must try this SAS!

It's not just a vinegar, it's Such Anghang Suka.

              Try getting these wonderful OATMEAL COOKIES & SUCH ANGHANG SUKA!, 

** Packaging shown here are subject to change due to availability.
***The decors for the boxes are handmade and designed by MISISPI.
                  You can have this 2 on your list for Christmas gifts and giveaways!

Visit and have a bite of MISISPI at :

Yabang Pinoy Dec 11-13, 2015 Glorietta activity center

Rockwell Tent Nov 21 -22, 2015
Zonta Club Alabang at Filinvest Tent Nov 21-22, 2015

For orders and questions, please call:

(02) 7271233, (0922) 8976743,

(0918)9009631, (02)3476743

                                                     by  Adae Ang
                                                  God Is Good, All The Time                                  instagram:  insta_adae                                               twitter:  AdaeEtc

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