Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekend Movie Marathon

More bonding time with my daughter!

Watching movies on her days off from homeschooling is one of her favorite thing.
We can finish at least three to four movies on saturdays and at least 2 movies on sundays because we usually attend Sunday worship service in the morning. 

I can still remember her very first favorite was UP when she was like 8 mos. old. 
She can finish the the movie without getting distracted.  Good thing, she's not only interested in cartoons, I am happy that she can also appreciate some old movies from my fave list. See the list of movies that we're able to watch together:

Let's start with her favorite old ones:
1.As Good As It Gets - repeated 4x as per her request
2.The Bucket List - the movie made her come up with her own list
3.I'm in love with a Church Girl
4. Love Happens
5. Legally Blonde
6. Forest Gump
7. Evan Almighty
8. Sweet Home Alabama
9. Just Like Heaven
10. Zohan
11. Spy Kids

Our Movies:
2.Stuck in Love
3. IRobot
4. Heaven is for Real
6. Anger Management
7. Click
8. The Wedding Singer
9. 50 First Dates
10. Angels Sings
11. Alice through the Looking Glass
10. So this is Christmas
11. Hercules( cartoon)
12. Despicable Me 1& 2
13. Maya the Bee
and more movies to watch soon!

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