Friday, July 7, 2017

Great Finds : Let's Chow! Rice & Noodle Haus

I usually go to Makati Cinema Square for best finds like, mobile phone casing, gadgets accessories and more. This time, I got a new discovery, Let's Chow! An interesting Asian Fusion restaurant located at the heart of Makati, just right in the front area of Makati Cinema Square facing Chino Roces. 
Let’s Chow serves Chinese, Korean, Japanese and some Thai foods.  To my surprise, the prices are surely wallet friendly.  It’s like a one –stop Asian restaurant under one roof.  The brilliant idea to put my favorite cuisines together is the answer to my unpredictable cravings at times. The best part, it’s nearby our place!

Let me show you around!

Upon entering Let’s Chow, you have to visit first the counter, check the menu and place your order. It's a Pay As You Order style.  After completing your order and your payment, you will be given a circle thingy that vibrates when it’s about for you to pick up your order from the Pick-up Station. 

Here's the Pick up station where you can of course pick up your food. But if you do not feel like taking a walk from your comfortable seat, you may ask the friendly crew to serve the food to your table.

See the large space of  Let's Chow!  You can bring your big family or bunch of friends and spend some quality bonding time while having meals here. The wide selection from the menu can definitely accommodate anyone's cravings.  Let's admit it! We all have different tastes and preferences.  And going to a restaurant serving different variants of food can help satisfy everyone's choices.

I now have my three favorites that I’ll surely come back for.

No. 1
Chicken Feet Dimsum

I’m a number 1 fan of this exotic choice. And I’ve been in the look-out for the best chicken feet in the metro and finally the search is over.  Thanks to Let’s Chow for serving me these beautiful feet that taste so perfect. So tender and flavorful!


No. 2
Pad Thai
This one is another winner! The clear noodles cooked with chicken bits, tofu, shrimp, grated peanut, spring onion, beans sprout and sprinkled with seven spices can waken up your sleeping appetite.  Once you tried it, you’ll definitely finish it to your satisfaction.

No. 3
Fried Chicken

I must agree, this savory chicken is truly the ultimate favorite. I love how the chicken was fried, not oily at all yet still tasty even without the sauce. An order of this goes with fried sweet potato.

Take a look at their choices of Dimsum

Other finds in the Menu!


After a sumptuous meal, there's always a room for desserts! Let's Chow offers Bingsu, Korean shaved ice dessert, their version of our Halo-halo. It comes in three variants Mango and Caramel Syrup , Strawberry Sundae, Ube-Macapuno. Lastly, the big servings of Halo halo.


The FOODIE meets The CHEFS
Behind Let's Chow's kitchen are the amazingly talented chefs! Head Chef Edgar Gamus from the upper right, Executive Sous Chef Albert Flores from the upper left and Executive Chef Shinsaku Hosono. They also have Chef Boy Logro as their celebrity chef consultant.

Let's Chow Rice and Noodle Haus
GF, Makati Cinema Square, Legazpi Village, Makati City
4th Floor, Food Court Area, NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City  

Accepts: Functions, Events, Reservations and Delivery
For Reservations, please call:

You may also visit

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