Friday, July 28, 2017

Life begins @ 40 : My Special Birthday Celebration



Last August 12, 2016,  I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. It was almost two months before my 40th birthday.  I have always wished to make my 40th birthday a celebration that is so fabulous since I never had one since I was a kid.  But then, I remember, it's better to make a difference to others who are less fortunate.  So I decided to contact a home where I can share my special day. I do not really celebrate my birthdays, I am usually the one making preparations for my family's birthdays.
They said life begins at 40 and that made me promise to myself that from then on, I will try my best to celebrate my birthday with something that can make an make a difference.
I may have looked physically deformed with the left side of my face, but I know that my heart was in its perfect shape filled with happiness with my family and friends who supported all the way to make this happen.
To God be the Glory!

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