Thursday, July 20, 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why I Go For Online Car Registration

Do you know that around 6,000 car registrations happen in a day here in our country?  Looking at the consistent traffic flow on the road, do you still have the energy to spend for renewing your car registration and grace the enormous traffic in the metro?  If your answer is Yes!, then, you continue reading my thoughts.
How long does it take to process a car registration renewal?  Unfortunately, it can consume your entire day just to finish it.  Here in Philippines, we are all becoming so busy with our lives.  A working mom or a stay-at-home mom like me can still be seen on the road driving and attending to so many needs.  As a mom, I work on the side while my family is my first priority.  And going to government offices for me is not my favorite thing, and I guess not anyone’s cup of tea as well.

If we have been modernized or let’s say have been westernized in so many ways, why can’t we do this simple and efficient process that they have been doing? 
Here’s my Top 3 Reasons why I would rather do online car registration:
1.       SAVES TIME
a.       No need to leave the comfort of my home instead of joining the traffic jam.
b.      I can do other things at work/home than go out.  I have tons of work to do at home that never ends. I need TIME.
a.       No need to give suhol or bride to government workers who will entice you to rely on their ability to do the Superman work for you.  So sad that LTO was identified one of the most corrupt government agencies in our country.
b.      No chances of spending for snacks, snacks, snacks because of the long waiting hours…
a.       I can spend my left energy from work to my family or friends at times.
b.      I can still have the energy to do more for myself too.

My top 3 reasons why I go for online car registration may sound so petty to others.  But my time, energy and resourceful can’t simply be replenished.  It takes blood and sweat! 
But hey, Senator JV Ejercito is already working on this.  Last May of this year, Senator Ejercito filed a resolution urging Department of Transportation through the Land Transportation Office to conduct a study for the establishment and implementation of motor vehicles with the end in view of providing effective and efficient public service for a progressive land transportation sector.

Yes! We are gearing towards online registrations!  We can soon avoid the traffic, the fixers, the modus operandis, etc.

And Yes to integrity, accountability, proper management of public property! Yes to prevention of graft and corruption in Philippine government.

Looking forward to a better and brighter future of our beloved country, Philippines.


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