Friday, July 7, 2017

Ditto's Friday Paella Night

Yes! Thank God it’s Friday! Gimmick night, Paella Night for the foodie bloggers of United Bloggers Philippines.  It was a night well-spent with like-minded people.  Those precious moments that I always love to see, the foodie bloggers come together sharing sumptuous meal and catching up with some stories to share.

Despite the heavy traffic on Friday nights, I really appreciated the effort of my fellow bloggers to make it to their commitment with my super short notice invitation. Good thing, Chef Ditto prepared his best two kinds of Paella for our time of feasting.

Paella Valenciana is the common Paella that we usually see and order in the restaurants. To me, this is my number one favorite.  Aside from the beautiful and colorful look, the flavored rice topped with fresh prawns, squids, chorizo, green peas and bell pepper makes a perfect combination of an effortless meal. You can have paella as stand-alone meal for a quick party and simple gatherings too. 
While the Paella Negra is for more of the adventurous foodies who would not mind having black (squid) ink while eating this one. Though I also love this because there are generous toppings of white tender squids.

Paella is actually one of my favorite Spanish dishes.  It’s my special complete meal on the plate. Why? It has everything I wanted, the flavored sticky rice, squid, prawns, chicken, pork, chorizo, green peas, and many more.  
Before we started pigging out with Paella, we got to learn a short story behind Ditto’s Paella Valenciana & Paella Negro.  It’s a family heirloom dish that was passed down to many generations.  With sensitive taste buds and unmet expectations from the wannabe Paella restos, Ditto made a decision and a big step to follow his grandfather’s Paella recipe.  That has soon become a craze after sharing to his friends.  He then opened his kitchen, rather his Paella to the public for special orders.
Ditto also shared how he made his Paella different from the others.  He personally goes out early in the morning to the market to get his fresh ingredients, especially the meat and the sea foods. That is why he only accepts at least a day notice prior to delivery date.  He sees to it that he serves the best Paella in town.
The Paella Night Happened!

Special meals are best shared with the people you love.  I definitely love this bunch of crazy foodies.  Cheers to more foodie adventures UBP!

 Good food + Good Company = Happiness!

Have a taste of the Authentic Spanish Paella, a traditionally slow-cooked, without shortcuts, over a glowing hot charcoal fire. A recipe handed down for three generations, overflowing with the freshest premium seafood.

Ditto's Paella Valenciana and Paella Negra are available at the same prices:

Small feeds 10 (P6,000)...
Medium feeds 20 (P8,000)
Large feeds 40 (P10,000)

Call 0918.96.DITTO (34886)

or 0917.5191.777

Ditto’s deliver!

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oscar clark said...

Its versatility and rich combination of ingredients make it a great option for bringing people together over a delicious and visually appealing dish. It's wonderful that you all got to enjoy such a special meal and have a memorable time together. Can you share more pics on Gb whatsapp?

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