Friday, July 28, 2017

Get ready for Sabrina's Kitchen Season 7 this August

Everyday food preparation is one of the toughest jobs a mom like us usually plays.  And I must admit that every day is not the best day.  There are times of “lazy mom cooking” day.  But there's Sabrina's Kitchen to rescue your day!

Get excited as the beauty queen rule her kitchen again to another level of good food and dramas. I met this wonderful women, I think a year ago. I got stunned with her pleasing personality. During the recent media launch of Sabrina’s Kitchen,  she did a quick cooking demonstration of 4 dishes plus 1 healthy smoothie drink.
Morocan Inspired Salad with Cumin

Gourmet Sandwich with Curry
Champorado with Cinamon

While cooking, Sabrina never fails to share her beauty tips.  She uses olive oil to her face after bath while still a little wet; it gives her a natural moisturizer. Now we know, olive oil is not for the kitchen only but also good for our beauty regimen.

I’m sure you have noticed Sabrina’s necklace, a fashionable glass bead necklace by the Talaandig tribe women. She bought this in support of the Marawi refugees. For those who want to purchase, the necklace is available at the Hineleban Cafe. The media launch happened at Hineleban Café San Lorenzo, Arnaiz Ave.  Hineleban is a cozy place to dine and sip some hot Arabica coffee on this kind of rainy season.
Ms. Renee Araneta Perrine, a good friend of Sabrina and founder of Hineleban Foundation
In support to Hineleban Foundation (, for every bag of Hineleban Coffee purchased, the foundation plants one forest tree at a time. With your visit and an order of Hineleban coffee, you get to support the foundation and local farmers of Bukidnon.

Waway Linsahay Saway, Sabrina’s good friend, made us listen to his Filipino Ethnic music. Waway is not only a musician but also an artist and a good chef. It was an afternoon of foodie learning experience again with the ever gorgeous  and always young looking, Sabrina Artadi. 
Claudia, the owner of Hineleban gave her toast to Sabrina’s Kitchen Season 7 with Bambanog (Bamboo Lambanog version). Cheers to more Sabrina's Kitchen seasons!

Catch Sabrina’s Kitchen, now on its 7th Season! It will be aired on August 13, 2017, GMA News TV, 10am-10:30am.  Get your kitchen come to life as Sabrina leads you to haft an hour of actions and dramas.  Say goodbye to boring kitchen.  Sabrina is not a chef by profession but a chef by heart!  This time, Sabrina will share more of easy to cook healthy meals, the lazy way but with love...hahahaha! Ti Amo, Sabrina!

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