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Who says motherhood is just a piece of cake?  Motherhood is a 24/7 job.  A mom is always on call when it comes to her family, with neither holidays nor overtime pay. Being a mom is a challenging feat, but the stress and difficulties are always worth it. Knowing that her children are safe, happy and loved is enough reward.

Mom's main goal is keeping kids away from harm at all times can be a challenge however. Whatever kids are doing, it is inevitable for them to fall down or bump into things. As much as it pains mothers to admit, that is a great part of their learning process. But it’s also good to know that there are ways to keep children safe, whatever they do.  

Mommy Delamar hosted the program
Last October 26, Wilkins Distilled Water, as part of moms’ Circle of Trust, invited moms from the media to join an intimate but interactive brunch where they learned do-it-yourself safety hacks from other trusted expert moms using materials that are easily accessible from their own homes.

From the tips below you will learn that a quick visit to a hardware store or the nearest supermarket can save moms from a nerve-wracking trip to the hospital. Here are just some of the tips shared with the moms during the Wilkins event that you yourself can try at home:

1.  Scout the Territory. The first step is to take a child’s eye view of your home. Get down on your knees to see for yourself what’s within reach, what looks tempting, and what could be dangerous for your kids.

2.  Cushion Sharp Edges and Soften Up Corners. Invest on furniture edge guards and corner protectors; foam pipe insulations for instance are easily available at hardware stores. When your child starts running around the house, you’ll be thankful you brought that extra protection.

3.  Keep Window Cords Up High. Loop and tie window cords to keep them out of reach of children, but not too high that you can’t lower the shade all the way down.

4.  Duct Tape on Power Outlets. Cover reachable openings with duct tape or band aid to avoid the risk of electrocution.

5. Keep Doors Unlocked. Prevent kids from locking themselves in the room by covering the latch. A securely taped cardboard would suffice for this. 

6. Temporary Tattoo. When leaving the house, write down your phone number on your kids’ arms so that people could easily reach you if your little ones get lost.

7.  Know your First Aid. Always keep a first aid kit handy, whether you are at home or traveling with your kids. Know the alternatives too. Here are some: for minor burns, vinegar can ease the pain and prevent blisters; paste made out of baking soda and water can maker splinter removals less painful; and coconut oil can prevent infection in small cuts and can sooth sunburn.

8.  Monitor What They Eat. Always prepare clean, fresh and healthy food that is consistent with your child’s balanced diet. Make sure all ingredients and utensils used are properly cleaned as well. Kids might be hesitant to eat vegetables and fruits, but with proper presentation – lots of colors and shapes – you can be sure that your kids will finish their food.

9.  Drink Only Safe and Clean Water. Moms’ most trusted and pediatricians’ prescribed brand is Wilkins Distilled Water. It follows an international quality control system and uses only state-of-the-art equipment in packing and sealing its products to ensure clean and safe quality water.

 10.  Emergency Master File for Your Circle of Trust. We all have our most trusted support group, people we know we can count on when it comes to taking care of our kids. This includes grandparents, siblings, the best friend, yaya, pediatricians, OB/GYNS, teachers, among others. Keep their contact details and other vital information in one master file in order to reach them quickly in case of emergency.

For more info on how to keep your family safe, visit the Wilkins Facebook page at facebook.com/WilkinsDistilledDrinkingWater today.

                                                                           Much Love,

                     Mommy Adae

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