Tuesday, October 27, 2015

NIDO 3+: #Laking Amazing Challenge

24th of October 2015
The Whole Afternoon

She's reaching for the pink fruit up there!NIDO 3D Art located @ Glorietta 4 

Telling Mom to look up and see God's wonderful creations!

Trying to see the constellations aroundNIDO 3D Art located @ Greenbelt 3 

My Princess, waiting for her Frog Prince...

The sun might hurt her eyes, but not her joyful HEART!
NIDO 3D Art located @ the Alabang Town Center activity ground


Thanks to NIDO 3+ #LakingAmazing Challenge! 

ABI'S Experience!

My daughter got so excited seeing kids coming while waiting for everyone to complete our group. She met new friends and had so much fun!

She grew up with cameras around her. Posing here, there and everywhere! She's used to that, well trained by yours truly.  At first she was hesitant to go down and lie down on the floor even the 3D arts looks nice and real.  The truth is, she's not actually used to gaming on the floor except on our own bedroom floor. Scared to get dirty. So I encouraged her to try and convinced her that the floor around are also clean.

Finally, she got the hang of it and was able to capture some photos of her with the 3D installation designs.  It was an awesome experience for my daughter to meet new friends. Being a homeschooler, it gives her the freedom to explore and mingle with as many people around.

#LakingAmazing things can happen to our kids when we allow them to play, explore and learn on their own, especially outside the comfort of our own home where they are exposed to a much bigger world.

It is a fact that outdoor activities gives them endless new discoveries and adventures, but the concern of the kids being more exposed to harmful bacteria that can limit their growth and development is another thing...

Here's the GOOD NEWS dear parents!

NIDO 3+ offers the best Nestle Research.  It is the only milk brand with LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS, millions of live good bacteria that helps build your child's bodily defenses.  This unique probiotic can be found in every glass of NIDO 3+ along with other nutrients (DHA,ALA,LA,Folic Acid, Taurine, Vitamins and Minerals) to make sure they gets complte nutrition for their proper growth and development.

What else can a loving mom ask for a milk like NIDO 3+? 

My daughter is a NIDO kid! She liked it very much since it is not so sweet compared to other milks she have tasted.  After tasting Nido milk, she already found her favorite!

Another good news!

You may still visit the NIDO 3+  #LakingAmazing 3D art installations in Glorietta 4, in front of Starbucks and Timezone, Greenbelt 3 Cinema, and Alabang Town Center activity ground. Let your child have #Laking Amazing experience too! Capture the moments that they will cherish as they up.

NIDO 3+, trusted by many moms!

Abi & Mami

                                                                                                                                         Much Love,

                                      Mommy Adae

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