Thursday, February 14, 2019

LifePlace Retreat and Event Center : The Place For Your Special Events

With our busy life in the city, a time of tranquility is sometimes what we need. My family was able to experience the beauty of nature during our stay at LifePlace Retreat and Event Center.  We spent our night in the cold weather of Alfonso Cavite.  And woke up with the sweet dew of the flowers around us.

LifePlace Retreat and Event Center is piece of heaven on earth. This place is definitely a breath of fresh air! They provide a relaxing environment committed to bring service in view of a quality life thru its events and activities.

The Sanctuary

I fell in love again and had a love at first at the Sanctuary. I should have seen this place before I got married. The interior design was so lovely. Perfect for solemn wedding ceremony as most bride would wish to have.

The Welcome Lounge

From the entrance you will see the beautiful lounge of LifePlace. It will welcome you with huge LOVE wooden signage. I Love it!

The ANG family had a great time at LifePlace. We love the cold breeze at night time. Our daughter reminded me of her wish to live in a calm place like this.

The Cabanas

You can see from a distance the elevated Cabanas.  It has attic over the ceiling with fan provided if in case you feel hot at day time. The rooms are surrounded with beautiful native capiz windows. They have comfortable beds, pillows and blankets as well.  And happy me, the bathroom is separated from the toilet that comes with bidet. I am very particular when it comes to washroom area anywhere I visit.

You can gather your companion for a night of chatting under the stars with the bonfire to keep you warm in the super cold night.

Meditation Garden

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The Gazebos

If you will visit for a day tour, you can stay at the gazebos. It has nice tables and chairs where you can sit back and relax after the activities. 

Together with our team, United Bloggers Philippines celebrated our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving party with all the generosity and hospitality of LifePlace.


Lifeplace Retreat and Events Center


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