Wednesday, February 20, 2019

5 Things Filipino Moms Worry About

Motherhood is an amazing feat. We look at a mom and wonder - how does she do it? Although the casual observer sees Wonder Woman, the Queen of Multitasking, we often miss what they do not let us see: their internal struggles and daily worries. 

Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment shampoo reached out to mommy netizens (mothers who are active online or keep a blog to chronicle their motherhood journey) to find out the biggest concerns Filipino moms may have today. 

The tribulations of motherhood

Being a mom is definitely not a walk in the park. Mommy Iris of the online blog Pinay Ads shares that as a first-time mom, she was worried about how to do everything properly. She says, “My worry is if I can do it (motherhood), especially as there are no books to guide us. You can’t really learn it properly until the baby arrives. (Ang worry ko is if I can do it, kasi syempre there are no books naman. Hindi mo naman mapag-aaralan agad unless andyan na talaga yung baby). Both she and Mommy Gracie of Tipid Mommy agree that research is a good way to overcome this. “It helps a lot to read online articles, learn from experienced moms and from mom friends, both online and offline,” shares Mommy Gracie.

Raising well-rounded kids

All moms want their children to grow up as model citizens. Mommy Donna of Everyday Adventures wants her son Jayden to learn the value of excellence. “I know that I myself am a hardworking person, so I want him to grow up the same way (Kasi ako, alam ko sa sarili ko na I’m a hardworking person, so gusto ko ganun din siya paglaki),” she emphasizes. She also wants him to learn how to treat people kindly and be gentle to all kinds of people.

Academic pressures

The first day of school is not just nerve-wracking for the kids, but for the parents as well. For Mommy Gracie, the first time her son, Zee, entered school, she and her husband were worried about how he would do. But as she saw how much he flourished in his learning environment, she felt a little more at ease. As for Mommy Iris, whose daughter Sammy is three years old, she shares that finding the balance between learning and play is important. “At our house, when we play, there’s still learning. For example, colors, numbers, (Dito naman sa house ‘pag naglalaro kami, mayroon pa ‘ring halong learning. Kunware colors, numbers),” she recalls. 

Interacting with other kids

As children grow older, the more they feel inclined to playing outside, exploring, and meeting other kids.  Sometimes, these interactions affect the children’s character, which is why Mommy Adae of Adae to Remember worries that her daughter Abby will meet kids who could be a bad influence to her. She says that a way to overcome this is to talk to the kids and tell them right away that what they are saying or doing is wrong. This is a sentiment that Mommy Reylen from Made it Through Mum also resonates with, especially if she feels that her kids will imitate children who disrespect their parents. “But I’m not that scared,” she admits. “Here in our household, they know how to respect others (Pero hindi naman ako ganun katakot. Kasi dito sa bahay, alam naman nila. Sanay silang rumespeto sa iba).” 

Health risks

Like any mother, Mommy Mhaan of the blog Mommy Rockin’ in Style is always worried that her son, Cloud, is not getting the sufficient health resources he needs. When kids go out to play, the chances for exposure to various diseases increase. Mommy Mhaan is afraid that Cloud will get injured or contract diseases like dengue, flu, or head lice. “I’m doing my best, but sickness is inevitable,” she laments. She says that it is important to use the right products and take the right steps to easily reduce the health risks that the children are exposed to.

Head lice is one of the many unforeseen health risks that children can obtain. Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo is the perfect solution to eliminate both head lice and your worries. It is recommended to use Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo twice a week for two weeks for treatment of head lice. 

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