Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Why do I love Blogging?

Some years ago, I remember writing my thoughts and experiences through my personal blog. If I can remember it right, that was back in 1998.  My blog then served as my diary. But for some reason, I totally stopped and even forgot my password.  On 2015, I came to realized that I can give blogging a try since I’ve been a freelancer and a stay-at-home-mom for quite a long time. 

Entering the blogging world for real was a new thing for me.  It made a huge difference in my life. It opened doors of opportunities and so many "first" thing experiences. Here are some of the things I enjoy in blogging.


Giving reviews on certain brands comes with products or services that I get to try and experience. Though sometimes, they pay in cash or in gift certificates. One of my favorite things was my eyebrows done by an expert.  It was an awesome experience having not to worry of putting on eyebrow make-up when I wake up in the morning.  

Aside from that, I really appreciate food products and household materials.  We also have the perks to go to the first dibs of a newly opened restaurants, movies, musical plays, products or establishments and more. Product and food reviews are my first two favorites. In food blogging, I enjoy seeing my followers reacting and posting the food I posted, why,  because out of their curiosity. Collaborations with established brands really pays. That's where we could make money from blogging. But that's not all brands do that, x-deals also works with collaborations. Still a win win game. As long as I enjoy the products and the people I work with, pay can be just a secondary concern.



Surprisingly, the blogging community in our country was already growing the time I entered the industry.  I then decided to create my own group of bloggers who I have worked with and spent days and nights attending special events like launching of new brands and products.

The United Bloggers Philippines, celebrates annual Thanksgiving of fellow bloggers of different niches with the support from brands that we work with. We always look forward to this once a year event where we get to enjoy each others company with all the singing, dancing, games and exciting raffle prizes provided by the brands as their token of appreciation to our work.

Thanksgiving Parties of United Bloggers Philippines


With Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

With Chef Carlo Miguel

My only daughter get to enjoy meeting and having special activities for kids as a privilege for Mommy Bloggers with children.

I made friends. Plus, meeting celebrities, chefs and some prominent people that you only get to watch on the screen, news or movies come alive. Yes, it feels good to personally see people that you’ve never met before. 

Taking a selfie/duofie/groupie or two and posting right away to my social media handles, that’s the most enjoyable part in attending and covering an event for blogging.


This is one of my favorite things in blogging, attending events and dressing up like a celebrity. Because it means, photo opportunities and mingling time with the brand ambassadors and officers. Plus joining social media contest during the events really spice up the occasion. Guess what, I already won many times.

I'm one of the winners for the Best Hat/Head Dress at a virtual party


Travelling widens our horizons. We learn and discover new things.  And that's what makes blogging a lot more fun. Going to places I’ve never been before, isn't that exciting?  An out-of-town staycation to explore a new place for me is a breather from my daily routine. Amazing adventures to enjoy with fellow bloggers and at times with my family as well. I could say that travel time is a real life education to my homeschooling daughter. Her classroom is the big world outside the box. 

At Camayan Beach Resort


With all the shower of blessings from blogging, I found a way to reach out to other people who are strangers to me. Followers supports me and so I give back by sharing through giveaways. As an influencer, it's not enough to just take and take, it's also important to give. I do it on random days or occasions, such as holidays or my birthdays. And I really feel good doing it out of love.

Blogging is actually a special thing to me, an avenue where I get to express my thoughts and even my emotions at times.  But most importantly, I have learned so much from all my blogging experiences. Trying new things, places, products and making bold honest reviews can be the challenging part.

In the blogging world, meeting new people and maintaining a good relationship also takes time and effort. Good thing, I love dealing with different personalities and I get to use my Psychology major background in understanding them. It’s not that easy, but it’s worth it.

I remember attending an open market event of food and stuff. With an intention to buy a refreshment from one store, the lady vendor recognized me as a blogger and mentioned that she remembered me from other events. She offered me a free drink and was so happy to see me again. What a feeling. People remember you as a blogger, as an influencer.

Another lesson, like, keeping a schedule and a calendar to be able not to miss an event or deadlines for an article or two. Honestly, blogging keeps me on my toes.  Professionalism is also practiced in blogging. It's also a serious thing that others might have missed to understand.

Blogging gives me an opportunity to invite or encourage my readers and followers to try new things or ideas from the campaigns that I do support and I believe in. I enjoy the thought that this journey leads me to eat, love, travel and pray more. As life is short and we really have to enjoy living our life to the fullest.

Being an influencer is a life-changing experience for me, knowing that having the ability to express myself and my passions also entails responsibilities and accountabilities as well. And I'm loving it. My main goal is to write to make a difference.

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Marie Manalo said...

Im proud of you ate of how far youve gone in blogging. Thank you also for sharing your blessings and experiences. All the best!

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