Saturday, April 10, 2021

Getting Your Dream Home Amidst Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit most people all over the world. It has been a year now since this nightmare shocked us all. We almost thought that it was over, yet it’s still lurking and crippling us to continue with our normal life.

The continuous surge of number of deaths and cases of covid-19 here in our country affects most of the economic growth. Establishments were forced to close again for another season of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Only essential businesses remain open to supply for people’s basic needs. Such as foods, grocery stores, hardware and pharmaceutical companies.

With this, real estate business was somehow affected, as the pandemic changed people’s priorities. Now to stick with your original long-term plan, to get a new home during the pandemic, can be a big leap of faith. While some industries are closing, people losing their jobs, people dying and many fears and all uncertainties in life, how do you see yourself with your “getting a new house” goal?

It may still be timely to pursue your goal of buying your new place. If the pandemic will still continue, it's important to stay in a comfortable place that you can call your own. The option of work-from-home or online schooling setting has been a struggle to many, specifically, to those who have a “not that cozy home”. Maybe sharing a room with the siblings or roommates, small place like a studio type without divider. With things like that, what you can definitely think of is to find a spot where you can do your thing.

There are still good reasons and ways to pursue our “new home goal” in the middle of this pandemic.


I had a quick chat with my neighbor friend who’s in a well-known real estate developer in our country. I candidly asked her with my question in mind. “Can you give me at least 3 reasons to still buy a new home despite this pandemic”?

 And I got a speedy response, she gave me 3 

PROMOS – stretched payment terms than the usual

2.    NO BIG CASH OUT – applicable to pre-selling properties

3.    CONTINOUS APPRECIATION BUT NOT HIGH percentage like the usual

While searching online on the latest status of real estate in the Philippines, I came across this news from CCN, This would be a game-changer for the Philippine residentialsector as it would make housing more affordable for the lower- andmiddle-income sectors and likewise create a housing boom for many years tocome,” LPC explained.

This can be a sign. 
I myself also have a set goal of getting our own dream house. If not  this year, probably in the following year or so. My friend's answer to my question was so practical and encouraging.  I just need the right people to put this  thing into action to get my dream house.


It's very simple to say, I'll buy a new house now. But I thought of my priorities. Maybe no more small purchases every crazy midnight sales or weekend sales. Because if you will notice, binge buying from online or actual shops can still empty our pockets. 

Stop dissipation, and start setting your priorities straight, considering that
buying a new home will cause you a real amount of money.


There’s no such thing as “perfect time”, because when you say it’s the perfect time to invest on a new house, you will only expect everything to run smoothly. It’s a fantasy. Fears and realities are two of so many things that we need to face boldly this trying times.  If you have stable income and knows how to budget, the time is now.

The economy of man will surely tell it to your face that it is impossible. But if you will ask me, I would rather believe in the economy of God. All things are possible to those who believe.

There’s no perfect time, but we have our perfect God.


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