Thursday, April 22, 2021

Is Queen Hadassah Pregnant?

Hadassah is our very first legit pet. Why? Because the first time we tried having one, I think a couple of years ago, only lasted for 4 days and we gave it back to our friend owner.  It was a decision made by me and my daughter. During that time, we did not see that much support from my hubby. That made it easier for us to let go of Oppah (AsPin).

While Hadassah, an American Bully, technically was acquired my hubby, he's the one who got Hada.  At first me and daughter was so hesitant to take care of her because she's bigger that Oppah. She somehow looked scary.  But, as time goes by, we got to appreciate and love her every day.

Why American Bully?

We never knew anything about American Bully. We were just one day got surprised that a puppy was delivered to our doorstep. Shocked and somehow felt excited the first time we saw her. We discovered that ambulls are not how they are named they are. To my amazement, they are not bullies, they're truly sweet loving dogs.  They may look unpleasant at times, as how others see them, but they are naturally beautiful. 

What is the meaning of "Hadassah"?

We wanted a name from the Bible, we thought of  Queen Esther.  But sounds so familiar already. So we googled the Hebrew name for Esther, it gave us Hadassah. There's something with the name that's why we decided to name our AmBull, Queen Hadassah. We love the character of Queen Esther that made us use her Hebrew name. 

Today, Hadassah's big tummy turned 55 days. So early this morning she had her x-ray. Thought we're already going to have babies.  Unfortunately, the doctor showed us the result and found no babies inside her tummy. It was explained that it is possible to have an abortion on the 20ish days of her pregnancy. The baby capsule might have died and was absorbed by the mother dog's body. That made her body felt that she was still pregnant. How sad.  We were so careful and did not allow her to run around for almost 2 months hoping that she was already pregnant then. 

We must patiently wait for the right time. The good thing now, we can bring her up the rooftop to enjoy her company again. Because the false alarm pregnancy made us so anxious to let her make big moves. We only placed her in her cage and did not allow her to make crazy moves, that's for 2 months! 

This afternoon, Hadassah got to enjoy again going up the stairs to the rooftop. With all the excitement to run freely again out from her cage. It's such a joy seeing her run and walk around the place. Hadassah is back to make us chase her every time she shows her poop signal. A simple joy not everyone can understand.

Mommy & Hadassah

I never thought that I could learn to take care and love a dog. Because I was never a dog or pet person.  Maybe because it was not time yet. Now, I can say that I'm a dog lover.

I read somewhere " The more I meet people, the more I love my DOG"...

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