Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mommy Gamer : Level up!

Tired Mommy Hands taking a break for online gaming. Isn't it a level up stage?

I remember my addiction in Farmville, I think back in 2009. Enjoying planting, harvesting crops, livestock and planting again. Just a repeat cycle. During those days, I can't go a day without visiting my virtual farm to see my growing plants, fruits and vegetables good for harvest time. But for some reason, I stopped, partly due to my workload as a working mom with a toddler.

And from last year's covid-19 pandemic, the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) made me reconcile with some of my old habits. Planting, for example, I was able to plant again and focus on my urban gardening since we can't go out that much. Plus mobile phone gaming during free time.

Recently, I discovered a website with free online games where I saw some online games similar to my old favorite games when I was younger. Believe me, it was awesome finding it, actually addicting. My husband even caught me playing and started calling me a "gamer" and even teasing our daughter not to disturb me or I might lose the game. 

I'm still a responsible mom though. I only play after dinner and just for a short time as I have tones of never-ending chores at home plus my side jobs. I'll just share with you my top 3 favorite games. You may check them out, I found my games not that stressing unlike other games that can ruin your day and your mood. 

1st Favorite

Call me old school, I still love TETRIS! My last memory of this game was with my simple Nokia cellphone. And that's quite a long time. Now with my android cellphone, it's easier to play it this with blue light. Honestly, my moves was kind of rusty already. Just need some time to play again and again.

2nd Favorite

If you can remember Saga or Galaxy attack, it look the same, though this is now the modern look or version. NEON Invaders. It feels good shooting the flying or moving objects above you. I don't know, I enjoy every shooting.

3rd Favorite

BRICK OUT may look familiar, but I could say that this is the most challenging yet my most favorite game so far. Something new but I really enjoy the thrill of catching the ball and not allowing it to fall by the use of the paddle. The sound of the game makes it more exciting to continue and continue breaking the bricks.

I found my occasional gaming a way of relaxation. At least I don't have to spend much in my gaming time, except for the battery of my cellphone. Good thing with this free online games from there's no need to download to eat up my memory space. That's a good news!

Warning: Gaming is addicting, better set a specific time or schedule to enjoy your online/virtual gaming without feeling guilty, especially for moms like me. Of course, kids and family first. 

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