Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Keep your home safe from dust and allergens with the Electrolux 2-in-1 Allergy Ergorapido Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The new Electrolux Allergy Ergorapido ZB3314AK vacuum cleaner is here to make your home allergen and dust free with an upgraded allergy filter, improved dust-pick up and increased battery performance. 

The Ergorapido Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner by Electrolux, a Swedish brand that has pioneered vacuum cleaner innovations globally, continues to impress as it receives updates that help make homes allergen and dust free.  

Among its most exciting features is its upgraded allergy filter, which can capture 99.99% micro-dust particles and allergens, and a new nozzle sealing system for better pick-up of fine dust, pet allergens and bacteria.

You can also clean for longer with the new Ergorapido. It comes with an improved high-performance lithium turbopowered battery for a longer running time of up to 50 minutes and a self-standing and charging stand. Simply grab it from the charging station and get started. When you put it back in the station, it automatically starts to charge so you always have it ready for action.   

The Ergorapido’s ergonomic design also makes cleaning easy. It has great maneuverability with its 180° Easysteer function that lets you swivel around corners or under tables. Its cordless and lightweight design also makes it easy to reach nooks and crannies and to vacuum walls and curtains. 

It also comes with a detachable hand-held unit allowing you to keep shelves and tables dust free, plus a motorized power brush with a wide nozzle great for picking up large crumbs and optimized for generating strong suction. DustSpotter LED Lights make sure you don’t miss a speck of dust in dark corners.
Stubborn hair and fibers that always get stuck on your vacuum brush can now also be removed with no sweat - the BrushRollClean feature gets rid of them with a push of a button.

The Ergorapido vacuum cleaner also comes with a variety of attachments tailor fitted to your every cleaning need, making it truly multifunctional.

Treat your cushions to a deep clean with the BedPro™ Mini attachment for effortless mattress cleaning and the Upholstery nozzle for sofas and car seats.

If you need reach, there’s the flexi hose and the long crevice nozzle which cleans the tightest nooks.

For people with allergies, pets or even just those with sensitive noses, the new generation Electrolux Allergy 2-in-1 Ergorapido ZB3314AK can turn your home into the dust-free paradise of your dreams. This affordable vacuum cleaner costs only P11,995.00 (SRP) and is available in leading appliance stores nationwide.

For more information on Electrolux and its products, visit www.electrolux.com.ph and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram..

Electrolux shapes living for the better by reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences, making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. As a leading global appliance company, we place the consumer at the heart of everything we do. Through our brands, including Electrolux, AEG and Frigidaire, we sell more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 150 markets every year. In 2018, Electrolux had sales of SEK 124 billion and employed 54,000 people around the world. For more information go to www.electroluxgroup.com.ph.

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