Monday, March 4, 2019

HAPEE KIDDIE TOOTHPASTE : Prep Up Your Kiddie’s Bag!

Hey mom and dad, are you too busy to prepare your kids school bag? Having a preschooler or a toddler in tow while at leisure ceases to be a challenge when you have lifesaver items in your bag. Whether it is for daily school routine, class fieldtrip, or play dates with friends, it is important to have your kid’s bag filled with essentials.

Hapee Kiddie toothpaste talked to mothers, preschool teachers, and other child-rearing experts, including celebrity mom and oral healthcare advocate Chesca Kramer, to find out what they think are a kid’s bag must-haves for hassle-free kiddie adventures.

Mobility Feature. The kiddie bag must be a lifesaver itself, especially for school. Lift the burden off your kid’s shoulders by using a stroller bag instead of a backpack. This would help keep their posture straight and back pain-free from all the heavy books and school materials they have. “Get one with their favorite characters so that they would be encouraged to go to school and study,” shares Ms. Celine Dy Buenaventura, former pre-school teacher and now proud mother of five. She recommends an upright stroller bag over the horizontal one for easier maneuvering, especially during dismissal time when fetchers flock the gates.

Snacks and Water. Toddlers’ appetite knows no limits; they tend to get hungry every now and then. “I make sure I have something available that is on-the-go and not messy to keep up my son’s energy and good mood. I also make sure he is always well hydrated,” shares mompreneur Christine Li of Make sure that they have a spill-proof jug so that they can drink without worrying about spillage.

First Aid. Kids will always be kids and part of their growing up years is to have bumps, booboos, and wounds. “My staple first aid is a travel-sized ointment for multipurpose use in case of situations like rashes, dryness, itchiness, or insect bites,” mompreneur Christine Li also shared. The first aid kit should also contain band aids for quick fix on wounds they get from all that playing, as well as a card with the contact details of parents in case of emergency.

Playtime Kit. With all the playtime they get and the polluted environment that they may face, it is important for the kids to look and feel at their best. “To get rid of dirty pollutants, my kids’ bags always have a hand sanitizer or alcohol. Bringing an extra shirt in case play time gets intense and sweaty will be useful, along with powder and a roll of tissue for messy moments, so that their bodies can cool down and stay fresh,” says blogger mom, Lanie Lluch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

Oral Care Kit. Chesca Kramer, oral healthcare advocate for Hapee Kiddie, shares that she makes sure her three kids, Gavin, Scarlett, and Kendra, have their oral care kits in their kiddie bags wherever they go. This contains a colorful toothbrush and a tube of their favorite Hapee Kiddie anti-cavity toothpaste. “When all the kids were still in traditional school, I made sure they bring an oral care kit with them always. By doing this, we teach them the importance of taking care of their teeth so that they can smile and interact confidently,” shares Chesca. Hapee Kiddie toothpaste not only contains kid-safe levels of fluoride which can help fight off dental cavities, but also comes in different fruity flavors that kids love. 

Once they have their kiddie bag with all these essentials, kids are now ready for adventure and the many experiences and fun that come with it. At the same time, moms can be worry-free having all these must-haves in one bag.  

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