Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cooking Demo by Chef Vicky Pacheco

My love for cooking is something that will always stay in my heart.  I think I got this interest since I was a child. I would always sneak to the kitchen just to watch my Dad do his cooking.  My favorite Aunt also encouraged me to try cooking.  She inspired me a lot, that I should cook with your heart.

I may be a Super Mom as what my daughter calls me, but when not in the mood for cooking…my answer is to eat out! Exploring different restaurants is actually one of my favorite things. I get to eat new food and at the same time, I also get ideas of what to serve my family. 

I got so excited upon receiving an invitation from my former schoolmate, blogger friend Joy Mendiola of .  A cooking demo at The Maya Kitchen, the one located at the 8th floor of Liberty Bldg. Arnaiz Ave., San Lorenzo, Makati City.

The cooking demo by Chef Vicky was so light and informative. I could say that she’s the Speed Chef! Why?  She moves swiftly! Can you imagine, showing five dishes in just 2 hours. That is something so amazing for me.

I learned five new recipes from Chef Vicky today.  And to name it, Flatiron Brisket, Manhattan Fish Chowder, Pizzaiola Pasta, Pomelo Orzo Salad and Chicken Piccata. Everything’s so good to my tummy. And seemed so easy to cook!


 Pizzaiola Pasta &  Chicken Piccata
The Food Tasting Plate
"Urban Comfort Food, Hot Off The Griddle"

Chef Vicky Pacheco is the Executive Chef and COO of 1771 Group of Restaurants

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