Sunday, November 6, 2016

Experience cooking The Maya Kitchen way

Last Saturday, I got to experience a live cooking demo with Chef Vicky Pacheco of 1771 Group of Restaurants.  Thanks to Mommy Joy of for inviting me!

Learning never stops…At age 40, I still wish to learn more about life, especially about cooking. I have been married for eight years and there is no doubt that it is so true that “The way to his heart is through his tummy”.  My hubby would appreciate it more if I serve him my home-cooked meal than the commercial food around.  With that, it gave me more reason to learn new things, new styles, and new recipes to give him delight.

I learned to cook by watching my Dad and my Aunt.  Yes, I only watch and I do not follow their recipe. I watch them and then I do it my own way.  I love experimenting when it comes to cooking.  I could put this and that together and make a special meal! I guess it goes with the blood too…We are a family of Chefs…hahahahaha! Self-proclaimed Chef!  My daughter calls me “The Best Chef Ever”.

Chefs are one of my favorite persons in the world! I love it when I meet new friends who also happen to be a Chef by profession. I learn from them for free!  But if you do not have a Chef friend, do not be sad… The Maya Kitchen is just right in the heart of Makati where you can also get to meet and watch talented chefs who do cooking demo for beginners and even moms like us. 

Here's the feel in a classroom again, not as teacher this time but as a student. Well, a teacher should not stop from learning too. All this I need pass on to my daughter who also love cooking. I even saw grandmas sitting at the back...No age limit for learning new things!

What can I say? Five interesting recipes in 2 hours ! An afternoon of so much learning with Chef Vicky. 

The Chef and the Wanna Be Chef

Learning is fun and cooking as well! You may visit The Maya Kitchen and get the experience from the basic to the most complex cooking. 

Foodies and aspiring chefs like me can enjoy a hands-on culinary adventure learning the fundamentals of nutritional cooking and baking with The Maya Kitchen!

About The Maya Kitchen

Since 1964, The Maya Kitchen continues to share to everyone the PASSION for the Culinary Arts. From its beginnings as a recipe-testing laboratory for the company’s actual products, it is now a pioneer in the local industry, with a rich professional background of almost 50 years. 

Learning at The Maya Kitchen gives any startup cook or baker an edge as the school is constantly upgrading its courses to meet global standards.

Creating culinary stars since 1964.
Class Schedules:
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Company Overview
Can’t cook to save your life? Sharpen your culinary skills with a certificate or lifestyle culinary course at The Maya Kitchen and emerge as the ultimate chef.
The Maya Kitchen offers:
• One-day Lifestyle Courses
• Certificate Courses
• Kids Kitchen Courses

Liberty Commodities Products:
• Maya Cake Flour
• Maya Original Hotcake Mix
• Maya Complete Hotcake Mix
• Maya Chocolate Hotcake Mix
• Maya Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix
• Maya Butterscotch Brownie Mix
• Maya Decadence Fudge Brownie Mix
• Maya Decadence Devil’s Food Cake Mix
• Maya Decadence Yellow Cake Mix
• Maya Oven Toaster Banana Cake Mix
• Maya Oven Toaster Chocolate Cake Mix
• Maya Oven Toaster Chocolate Crinkles Mix
• Maya Oven Toaster Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix
• Maya Oven Toaster Butter Cake Mix
• Maya Oven Toaster Rice & Wheat Flour Cake Mix (Bibingka Mix)
• Maya Cornstarch
• Maya All Purpose Flour
• Celebrations By Sharon (Party Cupcake Mix, Banana Cake Mix, Fudge Chocolate Brownies, Choco Crinkles)

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