Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Bagaholic and the Viro bags by Brown Tree Crafts

Before I got married, my fiance asked me if it's really necessary to have matching bag and shoes. Of course, my answer was YES!  No discussion or bargaining happened.

I remember, the time I started working, that’s the time when I also started giving in to my “bisyo” of collecting bags and shoes. I don’t know, bag to me is something special. Maybe because I always bring one everywhere I go.  I have bags for formal events, casual and everyday bags and some “my own style” bags.

I must admit that I am your Bagaholic type of a woman. But I am not the one who spends much for my bags. I even have bags from Divisoria Mall where I got some nice Hongkong bags for only Php 200 each! Like me bringing home 5 stylish bags for the amount of Php 1,000 only.  But, I think it was like 15 years ago and I still do have the 2 of my most favorite bags out of 5.  I also have branded bags which are mostly gifts from good friends and aunts. I don’t really mind the brand of the bag as long as I see it nice and light. Lately, I’ve been buying some bags online since my hands are full with all the stuff I do as an all-around super woman.

One Sunday morning, my family and I got to finally visit the Legaspi Park Sunday Market in Makati. The last time I’ve been there I think, while I was still pregnant with my only daughter. It’s like 9 years ago.  Actually, the main reason why we went there is to find our Himalayan Lamp that was on sale.  We found it and got one for our room.

The bonus part there, I got attracted with the red bag that I saw from a stall with other colorful and one-of-kind bags.  I found it beautiful and light.  Yes, I prefer light bags but still with good quality. This one passed my requirements.  It's called, VIRO bag!

What is Viro Bag?

Viro bags are made of Viro fibers,  it's all woven, an all-weather bag that are non-toxic, recyclable, pest free and can even stand the test of time.  

Viro Bags by Brown Tree Crafts,  it's UV & weather resistant, non-fading, washable and durable, non - toxic and eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, free from defects of cracking, peeling and breaking! 

The Viro Bags

Exactly one week today, my green VIRO bag's been with me every where I go. It's a classic type of bag for me. This one will never go out of fashion. I bring it wearing  jeans, shorts and even with dresses. Such a dainty bag that I can carry almost everywhere. Sure it is one good kind of an "Everyday Bag."

See more of Viro bags at Legaspi Park Sunday Market, Makati City

Ms. Rose Castillo
Meet the owner of VIro Fiber Bags 
B4 L12 Valencia St. Camella Homes
Muntinlupa City
Call 0917 626 0002

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