Sunday, July 10, 2016

My iSkin Experience : Ultrasonic Face Contour & Diamond Peel

After attending Couple's Seminar with my Hubby, we decided to visit iSkin Center. It was a rainy Saturday, but the rain stopped the time we reached the place. From the outside, you can see through the glass wall the beautiful style of iSkin. And upon entrance, we received our welcome drinks! They are so accommodating!
Ms. Angeli & Ms. Gina, Wellness Consultant

The Clean and Spacious iSkin Center
I am not actually a fan of facial stuff. I don't do much on my face. Even so lazy to stick to a daily routine. No beauty regimen at all. And at my age, never have I experienced diamond peel. Why? Because from the sound itself...peel, it already gave me a fright. I was scared that peeling my face will hurt badly. 

Now, that fear's gone! With this Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel, I can make it a habit to have this at least once a month to keep my skin glowing and more younger looking. 
1st Step
Cleaning with facial massage
2nd Step :
Face Contour

This is the most relaxing part for me
3rd Step
Diamond Peel

This is the painless way to peel 

Ta dah! After the treatment, here's how I look now! Fresh from the oven! hahahahahahaha!

I felt a relief, my virgin facial skin got its first diamond peel without any hurt. It was even so relaxing. I can see that my face is now cleaner and softer than before. Leave your old looking self and be ready to see the youthful glow through your face.
ME with Ms. MAU, the Aesthetic therapist
Friendly Ms. Mau, explained to me step by step, how the treatment will go and how it is done. It's very important that you also have an idea what the therapist is actually doing to you.

I'm so happy to learn that iSkin focuses on the natural, and the latest in medical aesthetics, where science and technology intertwine to deliver guaranteed results with no downtime. 

iSkin only uses the latest and innovative aesthetic treatments, it opens doors for limitless opportunities and growth, bringing you the confidence, courage and the inspiration you need to thrive during life’s transitions. 

iSkin is here for Youth, Beauty, Well-being and Perfection.

About iSkin Aesthetic & Wellness:


We are an authentic brand offering a wide array of treatments. We guarantee visible, relevant and real results.


We know beauty. We love being beautiful and is passionate about staying that way. This ideal we share with empowered individuals, both men and women who know what they want and pursue its fulfillment.


We believe in the never ending pursuit of self-improvement. We seek perfection and push through all limitations.

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