Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5 Reasons why give Flavours of Matanzas a try

Rainy season is here, most of the time we would wish to eat something to satisfy our hunger, specially this cold weather. Then you craved for something to eat and you suddenly thought about your budget...Oh, that's really sad. But I have a GOOD NEWS! 

Check out these meals, just within your wallet's reach! 
Creamy white sauce pasta with sauteed Hungarian sausage only for this reasonable price can also be good for sharing depending on your appetite. My little girl can finish this plate! 

Flavours of Matanzas serves the ALL DAY BREAKFAST, and this hungarian sauge can make you really addicted once you tasted it with fried rice and and perfect sunny side up egg. 
I bet you are still in search for the best tapsilog in town. Well, the search is over and I'm now giving you a hint where to find it.  Here at Matanzas St.! The tapa is so Walang Kasing Sarap talaga! The beef got justice with this tapa meal! It's tender and tasty, you'll definitely ask for extra rice with this one.

This is my hubby's number 1 favorite from their menu! A taste of Italian dish, beef shank in tomato sauce, olive oil and blend herbs and spices, served with side vegetables and steamed rice. No need spend at the fine dining if you can have it here. The beef's so tender like it melts to your mouth. I am telling you, you will keep coming back to this place you tasted this one.
If you do not have enough time to travel specially this rainy season and your taste buds just asked for something to make you warm... Well, this one is a WINNER! Tagaytay-style bulalo soup with beef shanks, corn and other fresh vegetables served with white steamed rice. A real taste of Tagaytay Bulalo! Actually, way much better! This is my fave here. I remember having a long term cravings for bulalo in Makati area. I got tired and almost forgot my cravings because with the 4 restaurants that I've tried, they all disappointed me. And this TAGAYTAY BULALO of Flavours of Matanzas just satisfied my cravings and search for the best bulalo close to our place. You should not miss this one.
NATCHOS @ Php 92

Abi with Tita Cindy D.
This two loves goofing around! They enjoy each other's company. As you can see, Cindy's photography skills gets tested whenever they are together. 

It's a homey place to dine in. It is not really the usual Karinderia around. A garage that's connected with the garden that was converted to an eatery. They also offer steaks, buttered fish and other meals that you can order from a pricey restaurants. But this time, with affordable price range. They even serve wine to compliment your meaty meals.

Flavours of Matanzas also serves one of my favorite brands of ice cream, the BIG SCOOP! Of course, my daughter grabbed the opportunity to taste all the flavors they have in the freezer.

Now, I'll give short but sweet 5 Reasons why you should give Flavours of Matanzas a try.

1. Their food are good! My daughter said "The food there are yummy".
2. The prices are wallet-friendly and so reasonable.
3. It's like you are in a fine dining restaurant, having fine dining menu in an open area. 
4. If you are from Makati area, you can get there in few minutes, just close to Cash & Carry.
5. You get your money's worth and your tummy's satisfaction!

A great place to bring your family or friends for dining adventure and company. Me, as a food blogger, I always want to go to fancy restaurants, but I also have appetite to explore other dining experiences. 

By the way, you may also place your special order for delivery at least a day before for their preparation. You can have Spanish food, Italian food, Asian flavors, Mexican food, locale delicacies, etc...

3303 Matanzas St. Palanan, Makati City
219.9861/ 0908.7425920/ 0917.6792635

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