Tuesday, July 12, 2016


More than a year now since the first time we traveled to City of Pines as Ang Family. And to be honest, this is just my second time to visit Baguio.  My first time there was for a YMCA Students Conference back in high school, to represent our school. That was a real long time ago. I noticed, a lot has changed here....

My daughter had a wonderful experience in this cold place...She got to try strawberry picking, and she can't forget about it. She wish to stay there for more days, but we only went there for my half day work to facilitate team building.



The ANG Family

Now that our daughter's no longer a toddler, we can now travel more often than before. No more baby stuff to carry and less worries if our baby can adapt to places we go. Read more of our future family adventures as we travel around...more photoblogs in the future!

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