Wednesday, July 13, 2016


July 2016, Manila, Philippines – As a family-oriented nation, Filipinos put a lot of weight on a child’s upbringing at home. This is the very reason why others are quick to judge parents for every hair that’s out of place, for every mismatched pair of socks or for every tantrum thrown in public places. We witness these things as outsiders, and we automatically associate a child’s unfavorable appearance and behavior as a point against their moms and dads.

As a believer of strong Filipino family ties, Tang knows that we are defined by what happens at home because #WeAreHomeMade. Further, Tang urges you to say #NoToParentJudging and challenges everyone to rise above any judgement.   

Tang believes that we are defined by what happens at home. As parents, you do your best to form a home filled with love, warmth and freshness, and those will always matter more than any kind of judgment.

To push these points and provoke audiences nationwide, the campaign launched a video that will make you rethink your thoughts and judgment against others. Watch the video campaign from this link:

Have you ever judged a parent? Have you been judged as a parent? Share your stories of #WeAreHomeMade and how we can say #NoToParentJudging.

Find out more by following Tang Philippines online, where you can also share with us your stories:

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