Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Unplanned Photo shoot of my own Sistah Thea

THEA, The Model
I am a frustrated photographer, if there’s any chance of capturing moments or object, I really grab such opportunities.  Today, I did my job as personal photographer to my younger sister, Thea.  Originally, she has a schedule to have a photo shoot with a so called Professional Photographer.  Unfortunately he did not act as one. It was already 4 o’clock as they agreed upon, no photographer arrived.  No text message or Facebook private message was sent to my sister. I wonder where professionalism went…

Now, as a loving and supportive big sister, I did my part to encourage my baby sister and continue with the original plan of having her photo shoot session.  I grabbed the car key, my ever reliable Flash 2 Alcatel Mobile Phone and my Canon Camera. We went to Circuit Makati, which is a new favorite place for hanging out with family or friends.  In short, we’re able to stick to the plan!

Sometimes, people are not sensitive enough to make a commitment even for a short term agreement.  I don’t know why a simple act of courtesy seemed so hard for some to give to those who deserve it.

Well, life must go on and we have to move on.  And a photo shoot happened for a reason….

The "My Puson Hurts" posing

The "Oh, I forgot something pose"
Model: Thea
Concept: Outdoor All Black
Venue:Circuit Makati

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