Friday, June 17, 2016

Top 7 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves Homeschooling

While having meal with my daughter, I thought of asking her why she loves homeschooling.  I have read many articles of moms giving their reasons why homeschooling is good of which most of us homeschooling moms agree.  Let’s hear it straight from a child’s point of view.

Just to give you a background, my daughter was able to experience traditional schooling.  Unfortunately, she had some bad experiences.  One of which is her always getting sick every now and then.  She gets cough and colds at least 3 times in a month during school days.  My daughter was also diagnosed with Asthma, also one of the main reasons why we choose to homeschool her.

1.       No one to disturb or destruct me while working.

2.       I won’t have a bad teacher.

3.       I don’t need to wake up early and go out every day.

4.       I don’t get bullied.

5.       My teacher cooks for me and gives me healthy food and snacks

6.       Because my mom is my teacher and she is better than all the other teachers

7.       I don’t want to leave my mom every day and I want to spend more time with my mom

My favorite among her answers was in #7.  I believe that our children will grow fast real soon and would definitely have their own interest in life.  For me, spending more time with her and showering her with love, respect and Godly principles in life will soon make an impact in her being. 

I have heard a lot of stories, the kids who are now adults thanked their parents for homeschooling them before college. They now excel and face the world with confidence.



Homeschooling may not be for everyone, but it is the best for us.

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